Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Almost New Year

It's nearly 2010.
I aim to be back properly in the very near future.
Sophia enjoyed her first Christmas. We did too. We're still all a bit under the weather, but hopefully on the up.
So much happened in 2009 that I can't wait to see what 2010 will bring.....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All still alive

I've barely switched on the computer in the last month, let alone written any blog posts. We are still alive, and doing ok. Sophia is now 11 weeks old, and we're gearing up to our first Christmas together. In the meantime we're all suffering with a nasty nasty cold that we're hoping won't linger too long. Sophia has the most heart wrenching pitiful cough you ever heard.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Here's looking at you kid

This is a typical Sophia face!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I know I haven't been around much lately, but I had a horrible stomach bug which started on Tuesday night, and then Sophia got it. She's on the up, but still pretty clingy.
Anyway, enough of all that. You'll certainly forgive me when you see this, taken this afternoon (6 weeks, 3 days)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Things I've learnt

in the past 5 1/2 weeks.

It is possible to go through 4 or 5 complete outfits in half an hour if you and your baby try hard enough.

Sophia's party trick is to wee in the two seconds between removing the old nappy and putting on the new.

A microwave steriliser is a great idea - just 5 minutes and you're sorted. Fantastic if you've forgotten to get the bottle ready for the next feed and your daughter is screaming.

If you have a few friends who've had babies already it's unlikely you'll have to buy any baby clothes if they're as generous as our friends have been. The same goes for baby equipment - I think we've only bought a buggy and things like nappies. And even then lots of people have bought them for us.

Olive oil from a pharmacy is great for the dry skin that newborn babies often have.

Baby nails are sharp, and I really need to buy some nail scissors.

Muslin squares are great for wiping up milky sick and are thin enough that they dry quickly when you've washed them.

It's easy to while away time just sitting staring at my daughter, marvelling at how amazing she is.

Having a baby really does change your life forever, but it's totally worth it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One month

Dear Sophia,

You are now one month old. Actually, due to internet issues (Daddy was changing our internet to a new wi-fi system) and lack of time you're actually more than a month old - you're five weeks old today.

Already you have grown and changed in so many ways. Looking back on photos from the first few days you looked so small and scrunched up, and now when you stretch out you're long enough to kick things off the end of the changing unit. In fact we may stop changing you up there soon because you're so wriggley.

I never knew that having a baby would be like this. I've known for years that I wanted to have children, but the reality is so much more than all the ideas. More tiring, more painful, more challenging, but so much more rewarding. Your daddy and I are just overwhelmed sometimes by how much you've changed our lives, but also how much we love you.

As I write this you're staring up at me from the moses basket. You're kicking your legs and waving your arms - I joke that you're doing semaphore. Your kick is very strong and sometimes we find that you've pushed off from the end of the basket and are trying to head for the other end! Actually, you're so long that I wonder just how much longer you'll fit in the basket before we have to come up with other options. At the moment you sleep in your crib in our bedroom at night and in the moses basket in the living room during the day. When you're awake and lying in the basket you love looking around, so I think a bouncy chair might be a good idea to allow you to look around more.

The midwife came on Saturday, the day you turned one month, and finally declared that you'd put on enough weight for them to discharge you. It's be a bit of a rollercoaster month. Most babies drop weight in the first week or so, and anything up to 10% is considered ok. You lost around 600g, which was more like 16% so we needed to add in formula top-ups as well as my milk, to help you put on weight again. Tracey, our midwife, was a wonderful support and in my opinion went above and beyond her role to support us as we looked after you. She also helped me as I struggled with mastitis. I think we've had three extra trips to the hospital in the last month - who'd have thought we'd be back there so soon after your birth, but hopefully we won't need anymore visits for a long time!

In the first couple of weeks everything seemed like a sleep-deprived blur. You woke a lot at night, and we wouldn't have survived without the support of people like your Nana and Grandad and Aunties and Uncle who stayed over at various times, or visited and let me and your daddy sleep while they looked after you. Once we got you on the formula you settled into a better sleeping pattern - meaning that you actually slept! And now you tend to go down to bed around half eight or nine and sleep right through until two or three in the morning. Sometimes it's even as late as four. We get up for a feed, which still takes us about an hour, and then you settle again until seven or eight. This morning you slept until nine and I actually got to have a shower before you woke up. That's sheer luxury, and I don't expect it to happen very often.

I couldn't have survived the past month without your daddy. He's been a rock of support, even at times when he's been more tired than me. And I must mention how fantastic he is at cooking and cleaning. I'll have to get him to teach you cleaning skills when you're older, because he's better at it than me, and a lot tidier!

We've also been really blessed by our extended family and people at Jubilee Church. So many people have given you presents that I sometimes wonder if you have more clothes than me and daddy together! Luckily most people listened when I asked them to go for things in bigger sizes. Your legs are very long and you have big feet (taking after your mummy) that mean that lots of the newborn babygros we have for you are already too small because they squish your toes. I've got a bag hanging on the back of the door in the spare room to put clothes in as we discover you've outgrown them.

I'm amazed by your eyes. The day you were born they were a vivid blue, but I noticed that even by the next day they'd started getting darker. They went darker and darker, but kept a blue outline, that looked like someone had outlined your eye in blue biro. Today I look at your eyes are they are a beautiful deep brown, sometimes looking so dark you can hardly see the pupils in the centre, but there's still a blue line around the outside. You were born with hairy ears and they're still hairy. You also have a lot of hair that you were born with, but shows no signs of falling out, despite lots of people suggesting it will. It started off pretty straight, with just a hint of curls at the ends, but now more and more it seems to be getting curlier. When we bathe you and wet your hair it goes into beautiful little ringlets.

You're now sat on my lap, trying to help me type as you wave your arms around. Daddy complains that you've already managed to bop him on the nose with your waving arms as he cuddled you. You're wearing mittens because your nails are pretty sharp and we still haven't got around to buying any nail scissors. Last week you scratched yourself on the eyelid, and although its healed, you have a lot of dry sore skin on your face and we don't want it to get any worse. Every time we change you we put a little olive oil on your face, and about once a day we oil you all over. That makes you extra tricky to hold as you're such a wiggler already and the oil makes you slippery!

Auntie Hannah will tell you that mummy is good at giving people strange nicknames (case in point, I currently call her Chicken if we speak on the phone!). Mummy's given you lots of nicknames. In the early days I called you a little frog because of the way you would lie with you legs up in the air, bent like a frog's legs. I call you my little sausage, and when I wrap you up in a blanket to go to sleep you're my little sausage roll! We also call you Little Miss Squeaky because sometimes you can sound just like a creaky door. You also squeak when you're waking up to tell us you're hungry - it's as if you want to warn us you'd like to be fed, but you're not actually ready to wake up yet. Ideally I think you'd like to just feed in your sleep, or at least that's what you seem to suggest since you fall asleep on me almost every time I feed you.

You have a lot of aunties (related and honorary), and I'm sure in the future you'll have lots of fun with them all. At the moment they mostly just argue over who gets to cuddle you the most. You've got to spend time at Nana & Grandad's house and with Nan & Grandad and auntie Yvonne. I think they'll spoil you like crazy as at the moment you're the first grandchild on both sides!

I'm looking forward to the next month with you and I'm sure we'll see you smile for the first time soon - there have been times that we've been almost convinced you were really smiling at us.

We love you Sophia Louise,
love Mummy

Showered with gifts

Recently I was, or rather we were lucky enough to be involved in the Fall 2009 Etsy Baby Shower. This is an event organised by etsy members for etsy members, and since I was pregnant and then had Sophia while the event was going on, we qualified to recieve presents from some lovely Etsy sellers.
The event was organised by Jessica from BuggaLove and Deniz from DecorativeLabels and I figure they deserve a couple of links here on my blog for all their hard work, so please so check out their etsy shops.
I'll be blogging to show off each of the gifts we received and to share links to the shops the gifts came from. Please check them out too, if at least to admire their handiwork, because they deserve some attention!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

sneeeeezy day

I'm too busy sneezing to think of much to say.

Earlier I put Sophia up on my shoulder to burp her but she was so desperate to keep sucking that she got a hold of my ear to suck on! Her breath really tickled.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We made it out the house

Yesterday we stayed in all day cos we were both a bit under the weather, however by the end of the day I was feeling a bit emotional and stir crazy. Today we're out (I'm writing this at my mum's house) and I'm heading off to enjoy it. Back tomorrow, possibly!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

sniffles and snuffles

Now obviously I've hit a fundamental problem if I were try to do NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) as I didn't post on the first! However I am trying to write more on my blog now life's beginning to settle down a little.

This is for several reasons, firstly I like writing, and I'm constantly thinking of things that I want to say on here, and if I'm only posting once or twice a week, I've forgotten most of those things by the time I come to write. Ok, so maybe that means you don't have to read so much of my drival, but, and this leads me on to my second point... I want to remember the little things from these early days. Already it's going so fast, and details are beginning to fade. I know when I was younger I wanted to hear lots of stories about when I was a baby, and if my blog will help me to remember those stories for Sophia, then I'm all for it. Obviously there will be things that won't go on here as it's a public forum, but lots of the little things can.

Sophia's still got a cold. She spent a lot of last night coughing and sniffling and sounding like she was trying to cough up a fur ball. As it's pretty yucky again outside, I think we'll just be staying in most of the day, with perhaps a quick blow in the park or a pop to the shop up the road for milk and bread. She doesn't seem too unhappy today, it's just me that's in distress seeing my baby snuffle and sneeze. (And actually I'm doing ok, I think it's Daddy that's most concerned, but then he did have to go to work and leave us).

Sophia's developed a couple of new cries in the last few days. They have elements that sound like 'ai' (as in rain), 'ee' (as in beech) and 'i' (aye). We're now two fifths of the way to teaching her the names of the vowels ;)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Random Thoughts

My baby girl is almost 4 weeks old. This was taken at 3 weeks exactly by the lovely Sarah C who came to visit us last Wednesday.

Apparently for me it's all about pillows. When I was pregnant the thing I used most was probably the L shape pillow that I used when I was sleeping. I'd stick one prong between my legs and the other went under my bump to support it. Now Sophia's here it's all about my breastfeeding pillow. It's a sort of C or half moon shape, and although I'd probably never have bought it myself, having been presented with it by some lovely friends (who also gave us lots of other baby equipment and clothes!) I use it all the time. I even take it with me if I know I'm going to need to be feeding Sophia in someone else's house!

One of the things that's really blessed us has been all the food that people have prepared and brought round to us. There's nothing like just having to pop something in the microwave for a few minutes, but knowing that you're not eating junk, but something that's been lovingly homemade from scratch. We've also been blessed by all the people who've shopped for us and continually supplied us with important things like toilet paper and tissues and fresh fruit and vegetables. Not to mention all the gifts we've been given for Sophia - I'm sure she now had more clothes than me or Menard.

We're battling the damp in our flat. It's hard because combine a baby and several wet days, and you have to dry your laundry indoors (because there are some days where she can manage to get through 4 outfits in half an hour!) Add to that things like wardrobes being built against outside walls, without any extra panelling inbetween which led to a wardrobe full of mildewing clothes, and it's a bit of a nightmare. We've got a dehumidifier, but it's only little and we're so aware of the electricity it's consuming.

Sophia's suffering from her first cold. She's been a bit snuffly for a few days, but when she woke up yesterday she was sniffling and snuffling on every breath so we stayed home from church - it was also pouring with rain, so we were quite happy to stay home in the warm. She's a bit better today, but still very clingy, if a baby can be called clingy. And talking of clingy, she's very firmly telling me that it's time to pick her up again, so I'd better go.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

In case anyone is worried

I know that 3 weeks after giving birth is still early days. I guess what I mean at this stage is taking hold of my eating habits. I've eaten a heck of a lot of junk in the past couple of months - late pregnancy and early days, and I need to break the habit of wanting to reach for a chocolate bar or something equally bad for me, and instead be reaching for a pear or an apple when I'm desperately hungry and trying to grab a snack.

I know that if I don't take a hold of those habits now, I'm going to find it even harder to get going when I'm actually actively trying to lose weight.

BUT, I'm also getting lots of rest, drinking lots of water, and sleeping when I can (which isn't often in the day, cos Sophia has a nasty habit of cat napping for only 10 minutes at a time!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taking control

Sophia is three weeks old today. It's time to start taking control of my weight again.
I'm blogging again at my personal weight loss blog, and also at One Weigh or Another.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Early Days

A few photos from the very first day, in fact from the first couple of hours.
And one from today - blending into the buggy!
She's yelling for a feed, so I don't have time to comment anymore. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Go to bed sleepy head

My beautiful baby girl is actually sleeping better, only waking for one feed a night. She lost a lot of weight in the first 10 days or so, so as of last weekend we've been adding in formula to top her up. It was a hard decision for me to do, because I've always known that I wanted to breastfeed. I am still breastfeeding, but we're adding in formula after some of the feeds, and in particular the evening and night feeds.
Since we started them she's been sleeping so much better, only waking for one feed in the night, and sleeping for between four and six hours at a stretch.

However, while we were still being woken up at least 3 times a night, or woken up for long stretches of time, there were several things that I did or said which illustrated just how sleep deprived I was. Unfortunately the lack of sleep has also made me forget all but one of this things I planned to write in this blog post, so I'm only able to share that one...

I made a cup of tea for Menard. It was only when I stopped to wonder why it was taking so long for the teabag to make the water turn into tea, that I realised that although I'd filled the kettle, I hadn't actually boiled it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In the middle of the night

I go walking in my sleep.

Not a proper post, just checking in to say we're alive. My baby girl is two weeks old now, I have no idea where that time went, all the days just seem to blur together!
It's been a tough week, I've had mastitis and Sophia lost a lot of weight - more than the expected 10% of her birth weight. Things are settling down a bit, and I think we're on the up.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One week old

Sophia Louise is one week old today.

The very first evening at home
Tiny hand, day 4Here's looking at you kid
She's got hairy ears!
And her feet are big like mummy's!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

She's here!

Tiny's here.
We're all doing great. Totally exhausted, but great.
She doesn't have a name as yet.
She was born at 3.33am on Wednesday the 7th, weighing 8lb 2oz.
We love her more already than we ever thought possible.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


D being 'due date'.
Things might be happening a little around here. Certainly not labour yet, but signs that it might be on the way. Tiny's at least reminding me that he won't be staying in there forever. We'll keep you posted.

Monday, October 05, 2009


I hab got a cold and a sore throat and earache. The doctor says it is just a virus (thought it best to get checked out, just in case).
I feel a bit icky. Tiny can stay put for a couple of days, and I'll snuggle down with a duvet on the sofa. I think Menard has it too, but he's still gone to work this morning. Hopefully we'll both get better soon.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Tiny here. I've got to stay in a bit longer so that mummy can disprove all the old wives tales about ways to bring labour on. Although she says she's not convinced by the castor oil idea, so we might give that one a miss.
I'll be out and about soon, but in my own time. We'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I will follow him

follow him wherever he may go.
My bump's taken on a life of its own in the last couple of weeks. It's at its biggest, and I'm acutely aware that I'm following it around anytime I go anywhere. Tiny's certainly making his presence felt, as no doubt he will in an entirely different way once he's actually here in person.
In the meantime, I'm just getting increasingly uncomfortable and so ready to have this baby. Please come soon, Tiny.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

one more river *

One week today. Well, till the due date anyway. Who knows how many actual days it'll be. As HP said in a text to me yesterday, it could be a couple of weeks, or it could all kick off in the next half hour!
Hopefully it won't be in the next half hour, cos I can smell something delicious cooking, and I'd like to still be feeling like tasting it once it's cooked (My wonderful husband is cooking curry. Yum!).

This afternoon I actually started packing my hospital bag. Well, actually there's stuff piled on my bed, but it's actually there, not just ideas in my head or in my notebook! I will start putting things in the suitcase, but that's currently in the wardrobe and it's booby trapped under something else, and if I try to get it out by myself there's bound to be trouble. But yes, we have stuff. Lots of stuff, ready to be packed in the suitcase. It's definitely better than yesterday's 'start'!

* I was going to title this 'one more week' but that somehow reminded me of a line from a song, which is how it ended up being 'one more river'. That may make no sense to anyone but me, but I get it, so that's ok.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Still pregnant - 8 days til due date

I'm still pregnant. Contractions come and go, but since they're not developing into anything I've told them that I'm ignoring them until they decide to shape up properly and get on with it.
Not a lot else to report. I've written the list of things to take to hospital, that's a start, right?!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Showered with blessings

Tiny and I were well and truly showered on Sunday afternoon. A couple of friends organised a surprise baby shower for me, and Menard was in on the surprise too. A bunch of crazy but lovely folk invaded our home for a couple of hours, bringing fantastic decorations, yummy food, and lots of presents for me. It was lovely cos my Mum, Menard's Mum, Yvonne his sister, and my sister Bekki were all there too. A great combination of friends and family.

I didn't take any photos, but I know Bekki and a couple of others did, so I'm sure they'll appear online at some point...!

(Our net's been down for a couple of days. Well, I say down, what I actually mean is we need to buy a new top-up voucher for it. This is written at my Mum's house, but hopefully we'll have the net up and running at our place again soon).

Friday, September 18, 2009

More photos

HP's hen party, 25th July.
Yes, I have pants on my head!At HP and Steve's wedding, 15th August. Check out that bump! And my wonderful purple shoes :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A few photo highlights from the year

Progression of bump:
At our wedding, 5th April. Not much of a bump, indeed I'd lost weight in the week leading up to the wedding, so the dress actually fitted me less well than it had the week before.
Outside the registry office, May 30th. Definitely the beginnings of a bump. I'd bought this dress the week before in a charity shop, and only wore it the once. By a week or so later it no longer fitted!At my cousin Pete's wedding, 8th August 2009. Wearing the dress I'd worn to his older brother's wedding back in summer 2007 which was pre-weight loss. I'd been intending to try to sell it on e-bay, but it's coming in handy again as it goes over the bump!
At HP and Steve's wedding rehearsal, 13th August. I was worn this dress/top and trousers so many times. In fact, if you asked someone who saw me a lot over the summer to predict what I'd be wearing the next time they saw me, if they said this outfit they'd probably be right about 90% of the time! (Obviously I washed it lots too!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

List writer extrordinaire

As anyone who knows me could probably tell you, I love writing lists. I am a list writer. Whether it's a shopping list, or a to-do list, or a packing list, I love it. There's something about taking a fresh piece of paper, and a pen, and organising thoughts into a logical process.

Some of my lists have become famous, or at least immortalised, within our family. There's my shopping list, which is a tick box sheet of things that we regularly buy, laid out roughly in the order that you encounter each product as you go round the store. It's saved on the computer, so every couple of weeks my dad prints out a few more, and they sit on top of the freezer. That way as soon as someone thinks of something that needs to be bought, they can tick off the item, and when my mum goes shopping, she knows at a glance what needs to be bought. I think I need to steal or reinvent the list for me and Menard to use too, cos it is a handy way of keeping track of the fact you're out of beans or sugar or soy sauce, without having to make sure you tell everyone verbally six times.

Then there's the holiday list. It started off as pen on paper, but later also got transferred to the computer. It was the list we'd use as a reference point when we packed to go on summer holiday together (so again, I'm talking about me and my sisters and parents). Each year I'd update it, taking into account the location we'd be staying, and for how long, and all those sorts of things, but the basic backbone of the list remained the same.

So yes, I love writing lists. I wrote lists for my wedding, I wrote lists for HP's wedding. I even wrote a list for HP (or rather in consultation with her) to help her know what to pack to take on her honeymoon.

I've said all that to ponder the question, why have I not made any physical lists to do with having Tiny? Sure, there are many lists going round in my head all the time. Things like what we need to buy/make/get ready for Tiny's arrival, what I need to get for me before Tiny arrives, what I need to take in my hospital bag, even what to put on a birth plan etc etc. But I've yet to actually put pen to paper on any of these.

I think part of the problem is that I am the sort of person that does things at the last minute. All my best essays at university were written as all-nighters the night or two nights before they were due in (as were my worst pieces of work, but for the sake of argument we'll just talk about the good stuff!). Our wedding was planned in two and a half weeks, we had to just get on and do it, and we did. But, the thing about Tiny's arrival is that it could happen tomorrow (or even today, although it seems doubtful, given that I haven't really noticed my bump drop, which suggest Tiny isn't very engaged as yet), but it could also not happen for another month. Babies are considered to be full term when born any time between 37 weeks and 42 weeks. Yesterday I hit the 37 week mark, which means the end's in sight, but it's not near enough in sight to motivate me to write lists!

I can't cope with the anticipation. Tiny may be born this week, it may be another few weeks. I don't know. And the not-knowing stalls me into inaction. It's almost as though once I've done something, like pack my bag for hospital, I won't have anything left to do. So I don't do it, cos that means I can still have something on my mental to-do list. However, I can't leave everything until I'm in labour, which means I need to take myself in hand. Which means actually writing some lists. The most obvious of those lists that need to be written at the moment is knowing what to pack in my hospital bag. I've got several different suggestion lists from a number of sources, and I plan to consult those, but I'd also like those of you who've ever been there and done that with the whole giving birth thing to weigh in with your suggestions. Pretty please!

Also, as a slight aside, I look at some of the lists and think "heck, that's a lot of stuff", so I'd also like to know what you actually packed your stuff in. Is this a pull out the holiday suitcase type of event, or a couple of rucksacks, or what? (I know at the end of the day it doesn't really matter what you take and what you take it in, it'll just be comforting to me to know what other people have done!)

Oh, and yeah, it appears I'm blogging again. I have got some belly pics from the course of the pregnancy that I want to share at some point, but I really need to upload stuff from my camera - it currently still has photos from our wedding way back in April on it, not to mention all the other stuff that's happened since!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Back to work AGAIN

Tomorrow school starts again and I have to go back to work. I have no idea where I'm gonna find the energy to survive it, but at least I only have to do 7 days of it, and then I'm off on maternity leave.
Being realistic, I'm likely to be scarce around here again for a bit, but I'll be back again once I'm done, hopefully!

Monday, August 31, 2009


It's just struck home to me that after all these years reading Mum/Mom blogs, I am a blogger who's going to be a Mum! Ok, so talk about stating the obvious, but remember this is the girl who can freak herself out by forgetting that she's pregnant when she wakes up in the night, and then get a shock catching sight of the BUMP* in the mirror.

I'm still working on what exactly I'll be sharing on here. It's one thing blogging about myself, it's another blogging about others like Menard and Tiny. I don't think I've crossed the line yet, but I'd also rather stay the right side of the line, while also sharing with the many many friends I've made in the blogging and online world. It's a tough one, so bear with me!

* written not in capital letters just didn't convey the size of the bump well enough, hence BUMP!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The afternoon nap

is here to stay.

My husband knows me more than I'd sometimes like to admit. Especially when it involves his saying words like "Debs, go have a lie down, you know you're tired". Somehow those words desperately make me want to fight against sleep, to stay awake to prove my point, that I'm right, and no, it's not tiredness that's made me go all grumpy and slightly spaced out, and just sit in the chair and stare into space and.... But he is right. He's so right. And for the last two days I've reluctantly admitted that, and gone to lie down. And today I didn't wake up for another two and a half hours. I really did need that nap!

I have no idea how I'll survive going back to work this week. School starts again on Thursday, and I'm working until the following Friday (so seven days). I've already warned Menard that I'll probably be horrible to live with, and that I imagine it'll be similar to when I started the job - I cam home and went to bed, my parents woke me for dinner, and then I went to bed again! I have a feeling he's going to be taking a lot of the household load for the next couple of weeks, but I guess it's good practice for when Tiny's here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A history of cravings

The first was burgers. Not just any old burgers, mind you, none of that McDonalds or Burger King ickyness with all their weird extras like mayonnaise. No, preferably a barbecued burger, in a bun, with plenty of fried onions, and nothing else.

Next came chocolate spread. I couldn't get enough of the stuff. I think I killed that craving when I bought the biggest jar of nutella I could find. There's nothing like having a large amount available to kill your craving. I am, however, still addicted to most things chocolaty.

Around this time I also had a brief flirtation with fruit. I'd sit with my chopping board, knife, and a big bowl right next to the fruit bowl, and chop up at least one of everything in there, and then crunch and munch my way through the lot.

Next came the one that most people probably know about - ritz crackers and cheddar cheese. This has probably lasted the longest of my cravings, but I think I'm finally over it as I sat down with a little pile of them the other day, and didn't even make it through the initial pile (whereas previously I could easily go back for a second or third helping).

At some point jelly babies also became a particular favourite. I wasn't fussy, the supermarket own brand ones were almost as good as the original Bassets jelly babies, although I think the Sainsbury's one tasted better than Tesco's. It was probably the Tesco's ones that put me off them again. I could still happily eat a jelly baby or two if they were offered to me, but I would no longer want to scoff the whole bowl.

And now, with only a few weeks to go, I'm back on the fruit and veg kick. That's partly cos I woke up the other day with an ulcer on my tongue, and realised I hadn't eaten much fruit and veg for a few days, and that I was feeling a little run down. It's also connected to me finally finding counter space for our new juicer to stay out, and not have to be put away and then taken out again anytime you want to use it. So whether this is strictly a craving, or just me attempting to get my diet back on track a little, I reckon I'll be sticking with the fruit and veg for a while. Or I will be once I've stocked up again - right now there's only one apple in the fruit bowl, and quite a lot of carrots slowly dying in the fridge. Time to go shopping, methinks.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This post is powered

by very little sleep, and I actually feel quite woozy. However, I'm determined to meet up with my friend Hayley in town for an hour or so. Once I get home I'll be heading right back to bed.
Hopefully at some point soon I will find time to be at home and not asleep, or sleepy, but actually write something proper on here. No promises though, or only that I'll be back eventually. Sorry!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sneak preview

Wedding went well. Still recovering from all the excitement. This is me and Tiny in the bridesmaid outfit I wore. On Saturday I was 32 weeks and 4 days, I think.
More to follow once life's calmed down a bit.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey everyone

We haven't had internet in my house since Friday (we need to buy a top-up voucher) and HP & Steve are getting married on Saturday. A combination of those two factors have kept me away. However, once this weekend is out the way, I'll be back, I promise!

Monday, August 03, 2009

31 weeks and other ramblings

I'm 31 weeks pregnant. That's scary. It's gone so fast. I've been pregnant all year (literally), and so many things have been squeezed into that year. It's funny how time can do that - feel slow and yet fast all at once.
So far this year I've started a new job, got married, moved into a new flat, and lots of other more minor events too. In less than two weeks HP will be getting married, and within 12 months of my getting married, Bekki will be too. That's a lot of events for one family.

I have a master list for things that I want/need to do before the baby arrives. And I've even managed to tick off a few things (fix in tax return, finally request for our wedding gift vouchers to be posted to us..), but the problem is I keep thinking of other things that need to go on the list. I guess as long I keep tackling, and put some fun things on there too, it'll hopefully all get done in the end.

I'm so not ready for this baby to arrive, and yet at other times I feel I'm just ready for it to come out now. Tiny's been 'cooking' so long, surely it must be nearly ready?! I'm also looking forward to not having to empty my bladder so often at night time, and not needing six million pillows to get me even a little bit comfortable. I'm definitely looking forward to meeting Tiny in person.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The example of Mary

Now I have no intention of turning this into a superspiritual "I've got all the answers" type of blog, cos, well, for a start, I certainly don't have all the answers, and there's nothing worse than pretending that you do, if you don't.

(Brief sidenote, I think doing better and getting there with my recovery from swine flu, however, I'm also aware that it seems to have brought out the rambling 'write extra long sentences' side of me. So if you find yourself losing the plot of what I'm trying to say, it's probably because I've gone off on a ramble rather than any fault on the your part).

Anyway, what I am trying to share with you all is some of the thoughts I had on Thursday night when M and I were reading the beginning of the gospel of Luke. The gospel starts off with Luke explaining why he wrote it. I know I've read that before, but it struck me again what a logical person Luke was. He set out to write the book in a way that was logical, that followed through and didn't jump about, and I really like that. It's the way that I try to be when I'm writing. Ok, so with all this ramble it can be hard to see that, but I do generally have a rough idea of where I'm headed and the logic behind it. Honest! Although actually, I wasn't going to write that paragraph about Luke, it just happened, so maybe I've still got a thing or two to learn from Luke.

Next Luke writes about Elizabeth and Zechariah, the parents of John the Baptist. M and I also discussed quite a bit about John the Baptist, and what he was like, and how he got his following, and things like that, but again, I'm not intending to stop and talk about him for long either. (See the title of this post, and you'll hopefully see where I'm trying to go).

Thirdly, Luke writes about Mary. Now, the funny thing is that we didn't actually read this bit, or not to start with. We read up until about verse 25, and it's in the next verse that it starts talking about Mary. However, we have a slight advantage, since we know how the story goes, and I admit I'm the sort of reader whose eyes slight further down the page to take a peek at what's coming next. Hm, I'm rambling, let's start a new paragraph.

Verse 26 starts with telling us that the following events (Mary being visited by an angel) took place in the sixth month of Elizabeth's pregnancy, and I thought "hey, that's like me". We started talking about what it would have been like to be pregnant back then, and boy was it different. (I've just been thinking on that even more as I type, and there are more differences than I can even begin to list, but I'm trying hard not to get distracted).

At first I was thinking that Elizabeth went to visit Mary, and was sympathising at what that must have been like, after all the roads weren't necessarily very good, so it meant travelling by foot or donkey, or something similar, and judging by how tired I've been recently (swine flu aside) it would have tough. Then I realised that I'd actually misread, and that Mary was the one to visit Elizabeth, and that seemed fairer. Until I thought back on my first days of pregnancy, the ones filled with constant nausea and so much tiredness. In the early days of my pregnancy and new job I used to come home from work and go to sleep, my parents would wake me for dinner, and then I'd go back to bed. Choosing to travel anywhere would not have been on the top of my priority list.

Actually, I did travel to Cambridge for the day with my Mum early on in the pregnancy, and I can still remember now quite how dreadful I felt. We stopped halfway there (halfway through a one hour journey!) because I thought I would be sick, and when we actually arrived in Cambridge I was horribly and terribly sick. To cut a long thought short, travelling at the stage of my pregnancy was not fun, and I can't imagine it was much fun for Mary, however long the actually journey was for her.

And then, fast forward towards the end of Mary's pregnancy. Again, we were cheating a little, cos this doesn't happen until chapter two, but it was just a natural continuation of our discussion. Mary has to go with Joseph to Bethlehem to take part in a giant census of the Roman Empire. Now, looking at my life again for a second, I know that M and I decided we'd be decline the invitation to one of the weddings we were meant to be going to this summer, because it's so far away and would mean a lot of travelling. And that would only have been when I was 7 months pregnant, and was really only a few hours either way in a car. It could have been do-able if we'd really tried, we just decided we needed to be sensible (given that the following two weekends after that we have family weddings to attend).

I can imagine that if I were Mary, and my pregnancy was getting on a bit I would have begged Joseph to let me stay at home, while he filled in the census for me. Ok, so I'm a bit shaky on whether that would have actually been possible, but still, I'd have given it a go. (As my friend Danielle is often reminding me, there's only so long you can actually use the excuse "I'm pregnant", so you have to make the most of it!). But no, there's no mention of any sort of moaning or discontent from Mary, she just gets on her donkey, and off they go.

Mary amazes me, through all stages of her pregnancy we see her happy and rejoicing, willing to do as God asks her. Ok, so we don't get to read her pregnancy diary, but Luke still paints a pretty good picture of her. (And he was a doctor, so presumably had an inkling into what it would be like for a woman who was pregnant at that time). As M pointed out, think of all those pregnancy hormones raging through her body. I think M is just about getting used to me and my tears, tears which can fall that the slightest provocation, but I'm sure I don't always make it easy for him to live with me. I get fed up with all my crying sometimes, and I know he does.

But Mary faithfully followed God's plan for her. By travelling to Bethlehem and giving birth there, Jesus' birth was fulfilling prophecies made about it years beforehand. I wonder how much of that she realised at the time, or whether it was more of a blind faith. These are questions I guess I'll never know the answer to, or at least not on this earth, but this I do know, my present circumstances have given me a little more insight into Mary's life, and also a lot more respect for her, and the role she played in giving birth to, and raising Jesus. Here's to Mary.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Recovering from Swine Flu

It all started last Saturday evening. We waved goodbye to the friends who'd come over to dinner, and within about 15 minutes I had a horrible stomach ache, and the (seemingly endless) digestive issues had begun. (Trying to be as delicate as I can about this!).

I didn't sleep at all well that night, what with several visits to the bathroom, and the high fever which made me believe that I was two trays of fairy cakes (aka cupcakes) which were topped with squirty cream. I had to stay totally still and not move a muscle or else the cream would collapse, and that would be the end of the world. (It all felt very logical at the time).

On Sunday I spent much of the day in the state of gentle delirium, and sweating out the fever with the help of paracetamol. By the end of the day I was running out of clean pyjamas, and I'd also had a long and in depth conversation with my teddy bear. (Again, it felt perfectly logical at the time, and I wasn't really aware that I was doing it). We rang the out of hours doctor in the afternoon, and after a number of calls I was rung by a doctor who after listening to be symptoms told me that it pretty much sounded like swine flu, and since I'm pregnant and an asthmatic they would put me on the medication for swine flu. I wasn't given tami flu, instead I had relenza (think that's how it was spelt) which is an inhaled alternative, and would not cross the placenta line to the baby. I sent out my flu buddy, aka my husband, to pick up the drugs for me, and stayed in bed. I think that evening I did make it out to the sofa (with a duvet) to watch some TV, but that's about the extent of my movements, apart from regular trips to the bathroom.

By Monday I was feeling pretty weak and feeble, well, I should say still weak and feeble, as I'd been feeling like that all the previous day. M had to go to work, but my friend Danielle popped around to see me, as did my Mummy. I think I may have tried eating a piece of toast at some point that day, but it didn't stay in me very long.

By Tuesday my temperature seemed to be back to normal, but I was very weak and woozy from the lack of food. That day and the next passed in a blur of watching television, trying to keep up with the fluids, trips to the bathroom (do you sense a theme?!) and naps.

Thursday, hm, that was yesterday. I was feeling well enough to strip the bed and wash the bedclothes and a bunch of towels on hot washes. I also ran the dishwasher and went round cleaning all the handles in the house with my dettol (anti-bacterial) spray. After that I collapsed in a heap. I managed to ate a few pieces of dry toast, and had some mashed sweet potato in the evening. My stomach had a mini-relapse, but I told it not to be such a sissy, and persevered with eating (but only small small amounts of bland things, aka dry toast). I considered getting dressed, but never quite made it.

Today is Friday. I woke up having slept reasonably well, and with no nocturnal tummy pains, which was the first time in days. It's now half eleven and so far today I've accomplished putting in a load of washing, eating some toast, and sitting at the computer for a couple of hours (oops!). This is the third post I've written (one of them will auto-post tomorrow). After I've finished writing this I will probably either take a nap, or at the least go lie on the sofa and stick the telly on. My stomach's been behaving pretty well so far, but my cough lingers on, and it feels like it's got the potential to get worse (meaning I'm a little bit wheezy, so I'm keeping an eye on my asthma), and I'm really tired and worn out, but other than that things seem to be looking up. My aim for the day is to have a shower and actually get dressed at some point. And probably go outside at some point - I haven't been out of the front door since Saturday.

Rach asked what were my symptoms. In brief they were stomach pain and diarrhea, headache, high temperature, cough, and at some points a sore throat. Although they're no longer testing to see conclusively if people have swine flu, I'm pretty convinced that that's what it was.

Sidebar links

I've been updating my links. I wasn't actually using several of the links anymore (due to lack of time online, blogs not existing anymore etc etc) so I've deleted a bunch of them. A few more may go, but I didn't want to be too ruthless and then regret it. So far I've only added one new link, one I found today. It's a blog I actually only found today, called Bake at 350, but I'd found it by such a circular route, and I loved the look of it, that I figured I might not find it again unless I added it to my blogroll.
(Remember that for a girl who's pretty much eaten nothing but dry toast, if anything, for nearly a week, the pictures on that blog were pretty attractive!!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm recovering from swine flu

and I've run out of pre-written auto-posted posts. So there may not be much on here for a day or two.
I'll be back when I'm better.
Oh, and Tiny waves hello. He's been kicking up a storm the last few days, which is great, but for the fact that it doesn't go well with belly ache and digestion problems!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The joys of third trimester grocery shopping

The bump is at the exact same level as the handle of the shopping trolley. Pushing the trolley with your belly works when you have a squishy fat belly, not so well when you have a firm pregnant belly.
(Incidentally, the bump is also at the same level as our bathroom sink. I've given up on trying to get any sort of lean in close-up look at my face for the rest of the duration)

Reaching up for items from the top shelf is increasingly difficult. Being a tall person, I've always been the one helping others out. I think I may have to start asking for help myself as these last couple of months progress.

Reaching for items off the bottom shelves is even worse. My left hip is hurting for some reason, and of course there's the back ache too. It's still just about possible to get down there, but I may soon just give up and cook meals according to what can be purchased from the middle shelves.

Going shopping while hungry is a huge mistake. This is a mistake when you're not pregnant, but I'm one of those "I'm hungry and I need to eat NOW" sort of pregnant people, and the resulting impulse buys are adding up.

Writing a list is always a good idea. There will always be impulse buys, but writing a list helps to eliminate some of those. And, more importantly, writing a list helps increase the likelihood that I will come home with that item. This is not totally fail-safe, for example last week I'd managed to lose the list before I'd even done have the shop. However, if you don't write something on the list, it's pretty certain that that item will be forgotten.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

On Friday I was looking forward to going to the housewarming barbecue of a friend of ours. On my way home from school I stopped at the supermarket to buy some sausages, lemonade, and a couple of ingredients I needed to make little cakes. When I got home I immediately got going with baking fairy cakes, so that they'd have a time to cool and I could ice them before we went out.

I spent some quality time with Menard and then iced my cakes. I showered and put on my favourite maternity dress. My friend arrived, and we finished setting off and got into her car - M wasn't coming because he had a training meeting at church to go to. We followed the directions I'd written down from the invitation on facebook, and we made it to the house. It was pouring with rain, but we managed to park right outside the house. We commented on the lack of cars, but figured it was because we were still fairly early, and that the rain might have put people off. (I knew that the guy has a garage, and had told us he'd be barbecuing in there if it was raining, so we knew it wouldn't be called off).

We got out of the car and went to ring the bell. I had the box of cakes and my lovely friend had the sausages and lemonade. We stood there for a while, wondering where everyone was. No one came to the door and we rang again. I think I commented that maybe he couldn't hear us if he was out tending the barbecue.

We stood there a bit longer and it began to dawn on me that no one was in. That maybe we'd made a mistake. I stopped and thought and it occurred to me that actually I had a feeling the date on facebook was a number in the 20s, and although I'm not very good at keeping track of the date at the moment, I know that school breaks up on the 22nd. I admitted to my friend that I might possibly have the date wrong.

We got back into the car and I tried to call a couple of people to confirm the date. I couldn't actually get hold of anyone who could tell me the date, but it was becoming more and more likely that I'd made a mistake. At this point I must stop and admit that my friend hadn't actually had a chance to look at the invite on facebook, so was just following my information, therefore it was entirely my fault that we'd turned up at the barbecue a week early. Once we'd begun to admit to ourselves that I must have got it wrong, we couldn't stop laughing. The fact that I'd even baked cakes and got a bit dressed up just added to the hilarity.

Having driven back to my house we looked up the event on facebook, and it is indeed taking place on the 24th. We cooked the sausages and had sausage sandwiches followed by fairy cakes and accompanied by lemonade for dinner. They were very good.

My excuse for the entire occurrence is 'Pregnancy Brain', and that's all I have to say about that!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Not the best photos in the world, but might satisfy a little of the demands for bump pics!
Side viewFront viewM decided we needed a close up!

Life as an ex-fat now pregnant person

I don't think I realised quite how hard mentally I would find being pregnant. It's getting my head around getting fat again that I'm finding really hard. I've got the hang of the wacky hormones - I know that I'm liable to cry at just about anything, especially when I'm upset (and poor M is getting to grips with that too!) and I can't read half the articles in my pregnancy magazines without welling up with tears, but that's ok.

But what I don't think I've got the hang of is the fact that my body is changing, and changing in ways that I can't control. Before I got pregnant I had put some weight back on, partly from the bad sprain I did to my ankle last summer and the lack of exercise, and partly from slipping into bad habits. But I felt like I could still control it, I could get the weight back off if I put my head and heart into it. But now this bump is here and growing, and it's not going to get any smaller until after the baby is born.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I love the baby bump that I see. It feels good. Other times I look in the mirror and I just can't quite deal with the fact that my tummy is getting huge. I was weighed the other day when I registered with a new doctor, and I've put on about 20lb in 28 weeks (well, actually in about 20, since my booking in appointment, but anyway). I couldn't really get my head around whether that was good or not. On one hand it was less that I was expecting, on the other it sounded a huge amount. I did read in a book about pregnancy that on average people put on about 20lb in that same period, which was comforting, but I also know that I wasn't necessarily 'average' before I got pregnant.

What I need to do is accept the situation and live with it. I can work on eating more healthily and try to exercise more, but I can't really change the situation. Besides, I am pregnant and you put on weight when you're pregnant. There's a baby growing inside of me, and since it's getting bigger, my stomach will be getting bigger too.

I guess at the end of the day I'm probably always going to have issues with food on some level or other. I'm working on my self image, and it has improved beyond measure, but it's still unstable at times. I need to accept that I am growing a baby, and that that is a beautiful thing to be doing. There's a life developing inside of me, and it's really exciting. I'm sure I'll continue to freak out about it at times, but at least I'm aware of my potential to do that!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Our bathroom appears to be the location of the Ant Convention this year. We have a regular attendance of regular ants, with guest appearances of flying ants for the past two days.

I only have three more days of work left before the summer holiday. (And only ten in total before I go on maternity leave).

This evening I gave a beautiful performance of the results of pregnancy on my brain. The story may be blogged in full at a later date.

I would have taken some photos this evening, but M is out and I don't know the code to log on to his I-Phone! (Since I still haven't configured my camera with this computer, I decided that would be the easiest way to get photos online). Maybe when he gets home from a meeting I'll have a go.

I'm really tired. I don't know if it's how I've been sleeping, or just that it's nearly the end of term. I've had bizarre but vivid dreams the last couple of nights. Yesterday I woke up feeling really mad at M, and told me a while to realise that it was for something that he'd done in my dream. Last night I forgot I even had a husband, until I suddenly remembered and was trying to figure out where on earth he was when I woke up.


I'm 28/3
It's getting closer....

PS I have another long post to write, I'm just too sleepy to write it now (this was written ahead of time and set to post automatically by the wonders of the internet!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Names

So far it's safe to say that we don't really have a clue what we want to name this baby. If it's a boy he'll be given his Daddy's name as a middle name (since it's a family name which has been handed down a few generations), and we have a couple of vague girl name ideas, but other than that, we ain't got a clue!
Let's have a little reader poll...
(If you have children) How did you chose what to name your children? Did you look at things like meanings?
What's are your favourite names?
Do you think I'm having a boy or a girl? (Just thought I'd throw that out there, just for fun!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things WILL never be the same again

but I think I can deal with that.

If you'd told me a year ago what changes would be happening in the next 12 months I'd probably first of all laughed, then maybe cried, and finally probably totally freaked out. Those of you who know me in person probably know that a year ago it certainly didn't look like M and I would get things back together, my health was still causing me lots of problems, and I was pretty depressed.

I am so glad about the changes that have taken place, and I thank God all the time for how my life is shaping out. But I still have a mini freak out about it every once in a while. A couple of weeks back I went up to Cambridge to help Bekki to do some packing ready to move house. That night when I got home I had a big old sobbing crying freak out on my husband. It just felt like everything was changing in my life, and I needed the rest of my family to stay the same, but instead of doing that they were getting married, and getting engaged and all sorts of other life-changing events. I really wasn't trying to deny them their happiness, it just felt like I needed a little bit of stability, something to stay the same, and instead everything was changing, and changing BIG TIME.

I am happy for Hannah & Steve and Bekki & Rob, I really am. I love marriage. It's been just over 3 months for me and M, and I can't imagine anything else. It feels so natural, so right and so normal. I think it just continues to dawn on me, as and when things like this happen, that life doesn't stop. It goes on changing and evolving, families grow and develop, relationships change, things will never be the same again. But, and it's a big but, change doesn't have to be bad. It'll be exciting and different and at times downright scary, and I'm certain I'll have some more freak outs over the next couple of months. But, deep down inside, where it really matters, I know it's gonna be ok. God is good, and I can trust Him to never change. My foundation is secure, and I'm keeping my eyes on him. But keep the tissues handy, cos I'm sure I'll continue to need 'em.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My life is good

I've had a lovely weekend spending quality time with my wonderful husband. I don't want it to end, but tomorrow will come whether we want it to or not! I have to go back to work tomorrow, but it's not long now until we break up for the summer, 8 days in fact. And since I only will only go back for 7 days in September before stopping to go on maternity leave, the countdown to stopping work really had begun. (Of course, I'm going to have to go back at some point, but I'm trying not to think about that too much at the moment).

My ankle is mostly better. I'm still trying to take it gently, and it's probably not got quite the mobility and flexibility of the other ankle, but hopefully it'll heal up 100% soon. My bump is definitely getting bigger and affecting my sense of balance, but I'm doing my best to keep safe!

I'm almost 28 weeks pregnant. So going into the final three months. It's scary but exciting all at the same time. I'll get M to take some more bump photos for the blog soon!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Oops I did it again...

... last night I tripped over my own feet and twisted/sprained my left ankle. (One day I'm gonna learn what the difference is between a twist and a sprain. Or maybe I won't).
No yucky pics this time, I promise. For one thing it's nowhere near as bad as last time, or at least it hasn't started going all the pretty colours that it did last time.

I'm also sneezing lots. Think that's to do with helping Bekki pack up her stuff on Thursday (she moved house today. We were meant to help, but had to cry off cos of the ankle) and all the pollen. Hopefully it'll calm down again soon.

I'll have to take some more bump pics soon. I'm doing ok though, I guess. The last week of heatwave has totally wiped me out. Hopefully I'll catch up on my sleep in the next few days.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Go read

Bekki's news

Oh, and in other news. It is HOT here, I ache all over - combination of not sleeping properly and all the tossing and turning I've been doing. And everyone keeps telling me that my bump got HUGE.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I think I've turned into one of those baby bores

I sometimes feel like at the moment all I can talk about is being pregnant, babies, and things like the need to wee at all hours of the night and day. I guess I'm conscious of the fact that I'm one of the first people in my group of friends to be pregnant, and I'm sure they must get bored of me talking like that. But it's almost like the words come out of my mouth before I have a chance to filter them!

So what else is going on in my life, other than baby stuff? I'm enjoying work, but looking forward to the summer holiday - about 4 weeks to go, I believe. My little sister is getting married in the summer, and my big sister also has some exciting stuff going on in her life at the moment. I am still loving being married, and it feels like we've been married forever, but in a good way! Last night we had a barbecue, which involved my wonderful husband tending the barbecue while standing under a golfing umbrella in a thunder storm!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bump pics - 24 weeks

I feel huge. And it's only going to get bigger! To put these photos into perspective, and I feel I need to, this is a top I bought when I was in the States last year, and which I had slimmed out of - in fact, it swamped me. Now, however, it's fitting pretty snugly again over the bump!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An update from Tiny

Mummy's got to that "I feel and look very pregnant, and I've had enough. Shame there's over 3 more months of this" stage, so she's asked me to write an update.

I'm happily kicking away most days and nights, and recently discovered that kicking Mummy's ribcage provides me with endless amusement. I'm still enjoying my cheese and crackers, but a slightly old and bendy specimen put me off carrots for a while. Or maybe it's just that Mummy remembered that she doesn't really like raw carrots, and wonders how she managed to eat 5 in one day.

I heard Mummy say yesterday that she felt hot, big, tired and grouchy, and it seems like these may be sentiments that will last, especially if the hot and muggy weather continues. I'm happy in here, but apparently weather out there is a lot more changeable than in here.

Mummy wants to go take a nap now, so I'd better go. I'm sure I'll be back again soon especially if Mummy continues to be brain dead. (She blames me for keeping her awake at night, but all I want to do is play)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

All About Tiny

Tiny is coming up for 24 weeks old. Tiny weighs more than a pound and a half and is about eight and a half inches long from crown to rump.

This week Mummy's bump has definitely 'popped' causing lots of people to comment on how pregnant she looks all of a sudden, and yet still allowing for some people to think she doesn't look very pregnant yet ("It's your height, you carry it well and it hides the fact your pregnant". Causing Mummy to wonder if people just think she got fat again).

Tiny may be a boy or a girl, according to a number of old wives tales - bump size and position, Mummy's cravings, and a whole lot more!

Tiny has reduced Mummy's wardrobe to a bare minimum, but Grandma took Mummy shopping last week and found a few nice maternity tops in Mothercare. Mummy has also been given some maternity clothes from a friend at church, which which she is very grateful.

Tiny has a number of nicknames including Tiny, mini-me, baby bump. Tiny's Mummy and Daddy have a few names up their sleeves for when Tiny is born, but nothing set in stone as yet. They think that meeting Tiny in person will help clear up that decision (aside from the fact that obviously they want to give Tiny a gender appropriate name, they also want to get to know Tiny a little more and discover a little more of Tiny's personality).

Tiny's Favourite hobbies

* Bouncing around on Mummy's bladder.
* Causing Mummy to have heartburn.
* Kicking and moving around to wake Mummy up in the middle of the night.
* Causing Mummy to completely forget things like sending birthday cards, what she went into a room for, and for words to totally escape her on occasion.
* Listening to Daddy talking to me and kissing Mummy's bump.

Tiny's Favourite foods
* Burger in a bun, with fried onions.
* Ritz biscuits with cheddar cheese.
* Anything chocolatey.

Monday, June 08, 2009

sleepy sleepy

My baby is a nocturnal footballer.
That is all I have the brain power to say at the moment.

(yes, I know I need to get used to it, and it's good practice for the future etc etc!)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

not dead

just busy living life. And having issues with internet connection. Probably won't be sorted out for another week.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm on half term, which means I have a week off work. Hurrah!
My husband unfortunately doesn't get the week off, but he was off yesterday as it was may bank holiday. We had a lovely long weekend and lots of time in the sun enjoying ourselves. We've been to the park, and to Forty Hall, had a bbq, spent time with both our families, and watched some telly.

For the rest of the week I'm planning to spend some time catching up with some friends, and generally chilling out and not thinking about work. Lovely.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New post

on my other blog. It's more related to weight and shape and stuff like that, so I posted it over there, but go take a look if you want to.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

'Evaluating the boundaries'

or 'what do i blog for?'

It feels like I'm not really putting much content into my posts at the moment. I guess one of the main reasons behind that is that I'm mentally creating new boundaries about what is appropriate to blog. I'm newly married, I'm having a baby in October. Those things aren't a secret, but some of the day to day stuff is. Or if not a secret, more that it's personal, that it's not just about me, I live with someone else. More and more of my normal day to day stories are likely to include that person, and I don't want to push the boundaries of what to share and what to keep personal.

I want to keep blogging. I blog for lots of reasons. I blog because sometimes I just want to write. I blog to share news and information with friends - people I know in person, and friends that I've made online. I blog because blogging has become a part of my life. But, I don't want blogging to be my life. I don't want my blog to get in the way of my relationship with my husband. I don't want blogging to be something that pushes people I love away because they can't trust me to not write certain things about them.

So, while I try to figure out where the balance is, my posts may be a little shorter and less full than they might have been in the past. But one thing I know for sure is that for the moment, I will keep blogging.

We didn't win

or rather the UK didn't win, but they did a lot better than last years entry, and came fifth, I believe.

Anyway, all of that is hardly the point. The most important thing is that we got together, some of us dressed up, we had yummy food, and lots and lots of fun. Life is good :)

Tomorrow I've got my 20 week scan. M is coming too, and I'm very excited.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday night

is party time.

The time for girls to get together, eat yummy food, dress up in funny costumes, watch Eurovision and celebrate my birthday. (My husband is taking himself elsewhere for the evening!)

I'm really looking forward to it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I downloaded firefox

Finally I can open multiple tabs at once and chat on facebook. How could life be better? (You don't have to answer that!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


We've had lots of people over for lunch today, and now our fridge and cupboards are full of yumminess! We had a 'bring and share' and I cooked chili con carne and rice. Everyone brought lots of food, so there were lots of leftovers.

I'm sleepy now, but things are pretty much tidied up, so we can just chill for the rest of the day.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

I had fun on the farm. Of course I've been sneezing and streaming ever since, and my eczema got a bit worse too, but I think it was worth it.

This afternoon I've been baking fairy cakes, cooking chili con carne, and singing along to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack at the top of my voice. What funner way to spend an afternoon?

I really need to get back into the habit of taking photos. And once I've got back into that habit I need to sort out with my hubby how to get photos off my camera and onto this computer, and then I'll be able to start posting them again. It feels ages since I posted any pictures (although I guess it's just ages since I posted anything much!)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bits and pieces

I'm going to a farm tomorrow. I'm very excited. Actually, it's a school trip with one of the classes I work with, but I'm probably just as excited, if not more excited than the kids!
For a start, it's a trip. To a farm. How could that not be exciting?
Secondly, it means that we get a day out of the school building and the normal routine. That's the second one of those we've had this week (including bank holiday Monday)
Thirdly, well, I may have run out of reasons, but I think the ones I've already stated were good ones.

Tomorrow I'll probably see pigs, but that thought didn't stop me enjoying the yummy roast pork that my hubby cooked me for dinner. (Yes, he cooks. And cleans. No, you can't have him, he's mine)

This weekend we're having lots of people from church over for lunch (well, it's a bring and share type thing,but based at and around our flat). I've been counting the plates and cutlery to see if we have anywhere near enough. I think I may ask a friend to bring some of hers over. We have some more plates and other exciting things arriving tomorrow, because our wedding gifts from our John Lewis list will be arriving. should be fun unpacking and finding homes for it all. We've spent the last month saying "well, there's one on the list so it's not really worth buying another one" and surviving with what we've got, such as our really tiny frying pan (Thanks Lousie for giving it to us, it's been used pretty much daily ever since!)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I failed to think of a proper title for this post

The thing about not blogging for a month is working out what to write once one does start blogging again. Do I attempt to summarise the last however long since I last posted, or just pretend that there wasn't a gap, and begin with something random, as if nothing else had happened.

I guess the answer is to do a little bit of both. Since I last posted a proper post I got married (I know I've posted a couple of things since, but they don't really count). In fact, today is our one month anniversary. The wedding day itself was amazing - I felt everything a bride should feel! And I'm enjoying settling in to married life :)

I'm 18 weeks pregnant today. I haven't felt the baby kick yet, but I reckon I will any day now. I've got another scan at 20 weeks (on my birthday, what a great present!) but we've decided not to find out the sex of the baby, but to wait for him/her to be born.

I'm celebrating my birthday this year by having some friends over to watch the Eurovision Song Contest on the 16th May. It's all set to be a really fun, if rather mad evening.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I am now married

life is good.
We're working on setting up internet in our new place.
Hopefully I'll be back around properly soon.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm getting maried in the morning

ding dong the bells are gonna chime

Friday, March 20, 2009

You know that whole

getting married in May thing.
Well that's now April. Very soon in April, actually.
So I may not be around much at all in the next couple of weeks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'll be here when I can

but I'm spending a lot of time sleeping!
Back with more soon, I hope.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I miss blogging

I miss sharing the deep things and the silly things, the small insignificant things, and the huge ones.
Several huge things have happened in the last month or two, and lots of little ones too. In a way I don't really know how to begin talking about them.
Maybe I should just drop the bombshells, and then get on with blogging!
I have a new job, working one-to-one with two children (one in the mornings, the other in the afternoons), I'm pregnant, I'm engaged, and we're planning to get married in May. How's that for news?!

Monday, February 09, 2009

A bit busy living life

to blog it.
Back soon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday, while looking after the kiddos, we'd had two science lessons before 9.15am.

The first was biology. We came down the steps of the flat and found a dead mouse lying on the bottom but one step. Little Flower wasn't particularly bothered by it, she glanced at it, and then moved on. Little One, however, was transfixed. First of all he thought it was sleeping. He poked it with his foot, and rigor mortis had obviously set in, because the whole thing moved. Once he realised it was dead, he got quite upset. I had to make him move away from the mouse and walk up the road towards nursery.

We talked about why it was lying there, and how it might have died. I said that it was most likely that one of the cats that live nearby had caught it and left it there. When he heard that he was most indignant. "We need some big dogs to kill the big cats that killed the poor little mouse" was his response. I think it was one of his first real experiences with death, and I'm sure it won't be his last. By the time we came home from nursery the mouse was gone. I think a cat must have moved it, as I certainly hadn't, nor had the downstairs neighbour. Little One seemed to have forgotten about it by the time he got home, so hopefully I handled it ok, and haven't scarred him for life!

The second science lesson of the day was physics. After leaving Little One at nursery, Little Flower and I walked back down the hill. All of a sudden she got really excited and shouted "BIN LORRY". Now you must understand, seeing the bin lorry is a highlight of her day! We couldn't see the lorry, but we could certainly hear it. "Debbie! BIN LORRY!" she said a few times, but then suddenly started crying. "Bin Lorry gone. GONE!" she said, and she was right. The sound was getting quieter - I could tell that the big lorry was going up into the estate, and that we wouldn't see it, but I was impressed that she could tell that too. So there you have it, the science of sounds, and how they change depending on their difference in location, relative to the listener.

(You may be happy to know that later on the bin lorry came back to our side of the estate and Little Flower was able to shout BIN LORRY! to her hearts content, and to wave at it through the window)

Friday, January 23, 2009

This weekend

I am off to Bognor Regis for a church weekend away. I am very much looking forward to it.
I'll see you Monday!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is it wrong

to pretend that you wrote a blog post yesterday, so that when you write the second post in the same day, it works out even?!
Well, it's my blog, so I can do what I want. Teehee :)

Yes, DebbieBoo has a boyfriend. I'm sure she'll tell you about him sometime! (And with all the links I've been making to her blog recently, maybe she'll actually find time to write something on it sometime soon...!)

Last night I got to play pool. It was great fun. I've never been very good at that sort of thing, although I'm happy to do it for a laugh. I was playing with someone who's pretty good, and was able to learn quite a lot, so that by the end I was able to feel like the cue and balls were behaving like I wanted them to (at least some of the time, anyway!). I look forward to playing again soon, although my right thumb joint hurts a bit - I think that's to do with holding the cue, but hey, it was worth it.

Today I am hyper. Earlier today I was feeling a bit lacking in motivation, but it was probably more the fact that I was still waking up. I know I had some weird dreams last night. I don't remember what they were, just that they were weird! Anyway, I started listening to a couple of songs from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack (Elephant Love Medley & Come What May) which are the sort of songs I can't help but sing along to, and it made me hyper. After all, they're the type of song that I can't help but sing along to at the top of my voice, complete with arms flung out for emphasis. Combine that with the treadmill, and it's a whole body workout!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

M1 Fiasco continued

I arrived in Luton on the A6, and it all seemed pretty clear. I congratulated myself on making it that far, and decided that maybe this time around it'd be easy to get home. I was feeling a bit peckish, so I pulled over to a row of shops on the outskirts of the town and picked up something to eat. I forgot to buy anything to drink, but figured I'd just stop a bit further in to Luton.

But then, somehow it all went wrong. I was carefully following signs towards the M1. I got into Luton itself and it was all flyovers and seemed pretty grungy and not a very nice place to be. I decided I didn't really need to stop anywhere, I could just wait until I stopped at some services on the M1, or at worst, until I got home.

Suddenly, the signs stopped being so regular, and roadworks started appearing. There was a big sign with a whole bunch of information on that we passed pretty quickly. It said that there were diversions to get to the M1. Ok, I thought, and I followed the diversion signs. After travelling all over Luton (possibly twice), and out to the airport, and back again, I found myself on a road with a pretty bumpy surface. There kept being signs up telling me that speed cameras were in force, but never any signs to tell me what the speed limit was. I stuck to 30, given the state of the road, and that I was trying to follow the somewhat irregular diversion signs.

Then the was a 'End of Diversion' sign, and we were spat out onto a roundabout. I actually went around it at least twice, trying to get my bearings. I found I had the following options; M1 North, or a dark unappealing road to Harpenden. I couldn't even take the road I'd come on, because it didn't seem to exist going back in the other direction. Since I definitely didn't want to go North on the M1, I decided I was off to Harpenden!

It was a dark, winding, country road, and not particularly pleasant to drive along. I found myself following an AA patrol van, and I considered flashing my lights and indicating to try to get them to pull over and help me work out exactly where I was, but decided that given that it was pitch black outside, and I was in the middle of nowhere, I should just continue driving until I came to civilisation again!

I eventually reached Harpenden. I was getting really thirsty by now, and I realised I needed to stop and look at the map, so I pulled into a petrol station and stopped. I looked at the map, and also rang home to tell them I was lost, but that I thought I'd be ok. They reminded me that my cousin Emma lives in Harpenden, and told me her address, so that if I happened to spot that road I could call in and see her. I went in to the petrol station, got myself a drink and queued up to buy it. I said to the guy behind the counter that I was trying to get to London and had lost the M1. I asked if I continued on this road whether I'd be heading in the right direction. (I could see on the map that if I went towards St Albans that would be the right way. The man behind the counter looked at me although I'd escaped from the nearest loony bin (after all, I guess not many people wander in there saying they've lost the M1, and could he please direct them towards London, but not even mention the M1 whatsoever, or else!). He agreed that yes, I should just continue along that road.

As I continued that way I spotted the road my cousin lives in, and decided to take a quick detour. After finding somewhere to park, I knocked on her door. There was no answer, so I got her number from my parents and tried to call her. There was no answer, so I left a rather convoluted message on her answer phone and headed on my way again. (She texted me later that night to let me know she'd been out at the student bar, and hadn't taken her phone with her. If I'm ever in that area again I'll try to visit again, since I know now where she is. I can't say I ever want to be in that area again though!)

I got back in my car and headed on my way. I knew that I had to head towards St Albans, and I did. I was doing ok until I got there, and there were no useful signs. I was cold and tired and slightly overemotional. I was literally about to burst into tears when I saw a sign towards the M25 (the big motorway that goes round London). I think I may actually have clapped or waved my arms or shouted or something (much to the amusement of the people on the pavement outside - since I was sat in a traffic queue at the time!). Once I found that sign the drive home was pretty simple.

Well, kinda. I stopped off in Enfield because I was feeling really in need of a hug, and I knew that a group of folk from church were meeting a a pub there. I stopped in the car park and tried to give them a call, except neither of the girls I tried to call were answering. I went into the pub to try to find them, but they weren't there. That was the last straw. I headed home, feeling a fairly unhappy bunny, arriving there 3 1/2 hours after I left Bedford. But once I got home I took out my feelings about the M1 on my blog and on facebook, and that helped a lot.