Saturday, May 09, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

I had fun on the farm. Of course I've been sneezing and streaming ever since, and my eczema got a bit worse too, but I think it was worth it.

This afternoon I've been baking fairy cakes, cooking chili con carne, and singing along to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack at the top of my voice. What funner way to spend an afternoon?

I really need to get back into the habit of taking photos. And once I've got back into that habit I need to sort out with my hubby how to get photos off my camera and onto this computer, and then I'll be able to start posting them again. It feels ages since I posted any pictures (although I guess it's just ages since I posted anything much!)

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Just want to say I miss you!!!!!!!!

I can't think about it too much or I'll start to cry. Seriously.