Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today's been pretty productive. I was inspired by 31 days to clean - Having a Martha house, the Mary way's September challenge to get started in my kitchen (although I actually haven't done the challenge of cleaning out my fridge and freezer, but I have done lots of other things. I know it's not yet September, so it's ok, but I figured best to start while I'm motivated!)

Anyway, I've made an approximation of this pumpkin and sweetcorn risotto recipe, which I'm sure I've linked to before. Only this batch had butternut squash and carrot, and chickpeas instead of sweetcorn, and Red Leicester cheese instead of mozzarella. I've also assembled a potato and leek 'thing' (technical term there) which in a while will have warm milk poured over it, and be popped into the oven along with pork chops for dinner.

I did a mammoth batch of washing up, cut up and froze some apples and rhubarb from my in laws, picked up and tidied up the ground floor of the house, and also done various things online. Seems pretty productive to me :) Oh, and a second load of washing is in the machine too. Now I feel about ready to collapse in a heap. I reckon that'd be allowed though, don't you think?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pies all over the place

I made chicken pie this week too. Super simple, just a crust on top, not a base as well, like the fruit one had.

Inside I made a packet up powder chicken soup up with half the amount of liquid suggested in the instructions (that way you get a lovely thick sauce).

Meanwhile I sauteed some leeks and cut up some leftover roast chicken into small pieces. I mixed the chicken and leek into the soup sauce and heated through (my chicken was frozen).

I poured the mixture into my pie dish and popped the crust on top, cooked in a hot oven (about gas mark 7/22oC/??F!) for about 18 minutes. (I know that's precise, I'd have left it for twenty, but Soph had a melt down and needed some attention, so I took the pie out then, rather than leaving it in and letting it burn!)

Next up, once I've bought some sausagemeat, is sausage pie! Also, I have photos of the apple and blackberry pie somewhere on the computer, so I'll share them once I've found them!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I venture into making pie

I've never made pie by myself before. Probably partly to do with the fact that my dad is a celiac and has to have a gluten-free diet, hence eating pastry doesn't necessary come at the top of the priority list, even though we did made a lot of other stuff from scratch including cakes, bread and biscuits for him.

Anyway, I know other people make pies all the time, and I read a post on 'The Path to Frugality' which spurred me on to deciding it was time to conquer pies.

So today, I made pie. It was apple and blackberry. I think that ideally I would have had more pastry, as what I did have turned out a bit thin. I also have a feeling that filling will be a bit runny. And I'm not convinced that I cooked it quite long enough. But I made pie! All I have to do now is summon up the courage to cut into it and eat some!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I may say that too much...

I think we say "aren't you lucky to have a biscuit/juice (rather than water)/a treat?" to Sophia quite a lot, I've realised.

The other day when we were packing up to come home from holiday she found the box of food with a packet of crackers sticking up. She pointed to them and asked for "biscuit?". When I told her no she added "lucky?"!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Holiday fun

We've had a lovely week in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales. Obviously it's been difficult hearing about events back home, but I think we've managed to relax and enjoy ourselves. The weather hasn't been great, but who says that a walk on the beach in high winds isn't as fun as going on the beach in the boiling hot sun?!

Sophia's discovered the enjoyment of ice creams and of throwing pebbles into the sea, not to mention picking up stones and pebbles to take home with her (we've tried to limit her, and I reckon the majority of the stones won't make it back to London!). She's also done a lot of walking, given that she's only 22 months. The only problem sometimes is convincing her she needs to have her hand held, or let us at least hold on to the reins. One of her favourite words has got to be "naughty", which she uses to express her dislike of us doing something like holding onto her reins!

Photos to follow once we're home.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Oops I did it again

Guess what I've gone and done, guys?!

We went and drove to the other end of the town we're staying in, to near the harbour, and were going to go down on the beach. I got out of the drivers seat and walked towards the boot (trunk) of the car, and somehow turned my ankle over and now I'm sat at home with ice on it, barely able to hobble to the loo and back when i need to go!

I'm hoping that ice and rest today will allow me to be able to drive tomorrow. We've got to drive about 3 hours tomorrow to my grandma's house where we're staying over to break the journey, as we did on the way here too. It's my left ankle, so i need that foot for the clutch to change gears! We've really got to leave here tomorrow and get to my grandma's, but if that does it in, we would have the option to stay on there another day or two if need be. Problem is it's only me and my mum who drive, and we have two cars, so we both have to drive! So please pray that i can get it to a position that it's possible for me to drive tomorrow.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Pray for London

There are ongoing riots and looting all over London and other areas of the UK. Loads more details all over the internet. The most important detail I want to say is please pray. Pray for London, pray for peace, pray for an end to this senseless violence, pray for unity.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Enjoying the sunny weather

Danielle says that in a week or two we can pick her pears. I'm very excited :)

I've been getting lots of washing done while the weather's actually been warm!

Not much else to report. Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The joy of siblings

Earlier Sophia was cuddling up to me as she gradually woke up from her afternoon nap (It's confusing when you wake up somewhere different to where you were when you went to sleep!). Little bean decided he was unimpressed and decided to kick her as hard as he could.
Clearly sibling rivalry starts early!