Friday, March 31, 2006

conjunctivitis and cracked ribs

I've got conjunctivitis, at least I'm fairly sure that's what it is, I'm going to the doctor at 4pm to confirm it and hopefully get something to treat it with. I don't have cracked ribs though, that's the boy that I work with at school. Let me explain.

At playtime he fell from the climbing frame and landed on his left side. Because he is French it was a little tricky for us to work out exactly was hurt, but luckily we have two fairly fluent French speakers who were able to come and help (I can generally understand more than I can actually say, and we get on ok till things go wrong and he starts saying more technical stuff and speaking more quickly). To cut a long story short, he was complaining of pain when he spoke and when he walked, and said it felt like the bones were rubbing (sorry to any screamish people reading this). He loves school and although he was in pain we persuaded him it might be as well for him to go home as the afternoon lessons were going to be PE and then clearing up the classroom and moving things round - neither of which he would be able to do very easily. So we rang his parents and his dad came and picked him up. So we don't actually know if he has cracked a rib or not, but they will take him to be checked out by a doctor.

After he had gone, the class teacher told me I might as well have the rest of the day off as my eye looked really nasty. After she had said that we actually discovered that anyone with conjunctivitis shouldn't really be at school because it's quick highly contagious, so that was double reason for me to come home.

I'm in GC at the moment, but after I see the doctor I'm heading back to London for the weekend. We are going to a barn dance this evening and have lots of other stuff planned for the weekend as well. Including an early morning church prayer meeting tomorrow, followed by a women's prayer breakfast. I'll write more about all that later in the weekend (peut-ĂȘtre).

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

wasp update and other thoughts

I meant to say in my wasp post that the bump was Imogen falling off her chair, but that there hopefully isn't any lasting damage, either to her or the chair.

I love being back in London. It's just so different to the village (GC) where I live in the rest of the time.
London is loud (we live just off a main road).
GC is really quiet (if one car comes up our road in the night it's a lot).

London is bright, even in the night.
GC is pitch black when you wake up in the night and try to feel your way to the bathroom.

London is where my family is.
GC is where Imogen is (not that that's a bad thing, but just different)

Oh, our house in GC has been really hot recently. I reckon all that heat that seemed to disappear for the last few months has finally decided to re-emerge from below the floor boards, and heat up the house. We've turned the heating right off and still it seems to be hot. I'm reluctant to open my window at night at the moment after the wasp incident, so I'm not quite sure what we'll do next. Certain parts of the house remain cool so hopefully this doesn't forecast a horrendous summer with a boiling house, but time will tell.

Is it just me, or are cliches more readily available when you're writing a blog post than at other times. (Blame my trail of thought on recently reading the Thursday Next seris by Jasper Fforde, see Bekki's blog for more stuff about him. The books are a bit odd, but fantastic even when reading them for the fifth or so time).

Right, enough random thoughts for this post. I may be back later with some more :-)

and all that jazz

I'm at home in London for the evening. I came to meet HP's boyfriend who is staying for a few days. I'm not sure he quite knows what to make of HP and me when we get together. Somehow all my silliness is unleashed, and we set each other off into giggles! He seems alright though, and he needs to know what he's letting himself in for by associating with this family :-)

I sometimes wonder who is the real me. I'm so different in every situation that I'm in. Whether it's at school, at home with my family, in my house with Imogen (that's my housemate, I got tired of referring to her as my housemate, and thought it was time she had a name!), or when I'm on my own. I suppose most people probably feel similar in that everyone recats to different situations in their life in different ways. If I do ever get married I would want it to be to someone that I can be silly and serious with. That may seem obvious, but I'm sure there is a side of me that normally only my family might see.

The title of this blog refers to my 'having a song for everything'. Particularly when I'm with HP and Bekki any word in conversation can spark me off to sing a song either with that word in, or that the word reminds me of. It's great fun, especially like when we take a word and try to come up with as many songs as we can with that word in. We're quite a singy family. When we were younger and went on long journeys (like to visit Grandparents) we would play games like the song alphabet game, where you think of a song beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


We've had another wasp situation in our study the last couple of days. My housemate was on the phone in there late Sunday evening and I was in bed when I heard a loud scream, a bump and a slammed door. It transpired that a huge wasp had suddenly flown out and scared her.
And before anyone starts commenting on 'girls and how they're wimps' I'll jump ahead to say that when I looked at it I saw that it was huge.

We couldn't really do anything about it at the time - I was too sleepy and she was too hyped and stressed out about it. So Monday evening when we got home from work we asked our neighbour (the one with a gun that shot the rat) to come and help us. Basically neither of us is keen on wasps and we knew that if we tried to go in (we'd had the door shut) it would take us forever. The problem was that it wasn't anywhere to be found. So we had to do what we needed to in the room as quickly as we could and then shut the door and leave it.

This morning my housemate had to come in here to get some papers to take to school (she's a teacher) and the wasp was sitting on the pile! She went to ask our neighbour to come and help us, and his wife told us he'd be over when he was out of the bath (this was 8 in the morning, so fair enough!). In due time he came over and we waited outside while he did it - we heard a few thwacks and then it was done. Hurrah!

Hopefully that will be the end of the wasps (although he did have to rescue us from two queen wasps on one day back in October). Oh, and he said this one was a queen wasp as well. He's offered to come back and fill in several holes in the airing cupboard for us, which might be the way that they are getting in.

Friday, March 24, 2006

this is post number 38

I've not been doing well with writing on here lately. I seem to have time to catch up on a few favourite blogs, but never to write on my own. I'm off to work in about 5 minutes, so this may have terrible typos becasue I don't have enough time to read back through what I've written.

It's really wet here - rain, rather than any plumbing accidents, but still a bit dark and miserable looking. Hopefully the kids at school will get a chance to have a break outside rather than having 'wet play' and being in under our feet and getting all hyper.

Gotta go. More soon I hope. Oh, I've having a 'performance management meeting' with the headteacher today. Which sounds scary, but it's really jsut a chat with the head to see how things are going (or so I get the impression that's what it will be, and what I'm hoping it will be..)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I was here, now I'm gone

I so meant to take advantage of being back with the braodband, but somehow time slipped away, and now I'm off back up the M11. It's been a lovely weekend, babysitting, being silly with my sisters, church all together, and the chance to cuddle a couple of beautiful babies. One of them was a tiny 6 day old girl, and the other a 6(+?) month old boy (can't remember how old exactly).

And now I must be on my way so that I get back before I fall asleep!

Oh, and I really will try harder at blogging over the next couple of weeks.


is a word that I just learnt. It means 'act of ejecting through a window'. So obviously a word that you'd need every day! We were doing the crossword, and that was a clue. My little sister and I hadn't got a clue, but everyone else in the house seemed to know.

BTW I'm at home in London - HP was back from uni this weekend and Bekki came down yesterday as well, so we've had fun being all the family together.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


I had a bit of a lie-in.
I dusted and tidied my bedroom - doing lots of filing I've been meaning to do for ages.
I hoovered the whole house (although I didn't do the dining room, so that's not strictly the whole house, but it didn't need doing because it doesn't get used so much as the rest of the house because we've been eating in the other room lately)
We are having homemade pizza for tea. Yummy :-)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

cough still here

I spoke to my mum on the phone yesterday and one of the things I told her was that I had a cough. A bit later in the conversation I coughed and that prompted her to say "yes, you have got a nasty cough". It makes me smile when I hear that. It doesn't make the cough better, but it's one of those mummy phrases that I hear once in a while, and it shows that she loves me.

Talking, in a way, about noises (well, a cough is a noise) does anyone else have noises or sounds that you really like? For example, the sound of metal scissors cutting fabric on a wooden table definitely reminds me of when I was younger, listening to my mum making things, like clothes for us. I think I come from quite a creative family, as anyone who has read my sister's blogs or seen our living room wall will realise(explanation of that to follow at some point). I love cooking, even if it's just making the dinner day in day out (I tend to do the cooking in our house and my housemate washes up!).

Hmmm, the last paragragh seemed to have evolved from one thought to another totally different. Too tired to go back and sort it out. (yes, it's only 9.30 in the morning, but I haven't had breakfast yet, so I'm not properly awake). Please let me know if you have any favourite sounds.