Sunday, June 28, 2009

I think I've turned into one of those baby bores

I sometimes feel like at the moment all I can talk about is being pregnant, babies, and things like the need to wee at all hours of the night and day. I guess I'm conscious of the fact that I'm one of the first people in my group of friends to be pregnant, and I'm sure they must get bored of me talking like that. But it's almost like the words come out of my mouth before I have a chance to filter them!

So what else is going on in my life, other than baby stuff? I'm enjoying work, but looking forward to the summer holiday - about 4 weeks to go, I believe. My little sister is getting married in the summer, and my big sister also has some exciting stuff going on in her life at the moment. I am still loving being married, and it feels like we've been married forever, but in a good way! Last night we had a barbecue, which involved my wonderful husband tending the barbecue while standing under a golfing umbrella in a thunder storm!


Pixie's Purpose said...

Some how I can picture M grilling under the umbrella. :)

Mary deB said...

I'm sure the ability to bbq in the pouring rain is a Dad thing.

Deanna said...

Enjoy this time of talking about being pregnant! Who cares if they're bored! lol If they say anything about it just let them know that it will be all too soon when the discussion turns to 'when the baby poops' 'what color the poop is' and other fun bodily function conversations that we ALL as new moms inevitably talk about!