Thursday, June 20, 2013

Soph Feeds Goats!

We went with a friend and her daughter to a local 'garden centre' which also has an animal area. 
('garden centre' cos it seemed to sell anything and everything)
The girls had a fantastic time feeding goats 
(food available for 20p a handful from a little machine)
And JJ missed all most of the fun by being fast asleep. 
Chicken photographed especially for Bren

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday midweek mayhem

Why hello there, have you all enjoyed your vacation?
You weren't on vacation? And I wasn't on vacation. So why the long blogging break? Yes, you there in the back? Any ideas? Nope. Ok, let's just move along now then.

Life is plodding along here. We had 3 babies born within my circle of friends last week, so I've been busy assembling rotas to feed them, thanks to my "Meals for New Mums (and dads)" scheme I decided to set up to bless them with food, knowing how blessed we were when folk brought food over when we had tiny small babies. Ok, so mine were never that small, but I grow 'em big apparently.

Jaiden has more and more words everyday. And his cheeky personality is just shining through. We'd had a couple of nights where he was awake for aged in the night, so last night Menard got him up abut 9 and changed his nappy, and both Soph and JJ slept through til half 6 this morning, so that was a success, I'd say.

We need to get dressed in a bit and head out to meet a friend this morning, and this afternoon I've got small group which a friend has set up for mums with littles. The 3 pregnant ladies were all a part of that group, and still are, except now they're mums with littles too!