Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thinking thoughts

the page is blank and empty, waiting to fill up with text

the thoughts don't come right away,

they linger in the mind

and on the fingertips

waiting to be uttered,

pondering, thinking, wondering

what next?

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Milk for Sophie

Hm, baby looks thirsty

This is tricky, how does Mummy manage?

Ah, here we go, milk for baby

Friday, February 11, 2011

As requested

Eating lunch is such hard work

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

today thus far

Yesterday I popped into Morrisons after an afternoon of bits and pieces, including visiting auntie Yvonne (my sister in law, and Sophia's auntie). I didn't find much on the fridge reduced shelves, although I did score some chicken drumsticks for 99p (reduced to more than half price) and a couple of patties which can be frozen, and which Menard can take for his lunch to work.

However, on the fruit and veg table I found tons of apples. I came home with two packs, each of 45p, so a total of 90 pence. One bag was fairly small red apples (unlabelled) and contained about 20 apples! The other was mixed larger apples and had about ten. I'd say that's a score!

I also found a bag with three butternut squashes for 45p and a bag of little carrots for 45p (pretty much everything was 45p!)

This morning I have stewed some apples to put in little pots and freeze - I take one one pot of fruit every day and mix it into Sophia's porridge for breakfast, this gets fruit into her, and cools the porridge down quicker!

I made apple muffins with a recipe I found at All Recipes (and used that particular one cos I had all the ingredients, well sort of. I used all granulated sugar instead of a mix of caster and soft brown, and I didn't have any icing sugar to put on the top). They turned out really nicely, and gave me an excuse to use my new silicone muffin cases which Bekki gave me for Christmas. I used the circles and the stars and they worked brilliantly. Hurrah! My waist line will thank me for not eating them, although I tasted one with Sophia to check how they turned out, so some are going to my friend with a fairly new baby (about 5 weeks old now I think) and some have been frozen and M will take them to work as part of his lunch.

I also cut up lots of apples and froze them, to be turned into stewed apple or apple cake or something at a later date. I have 6 large apples left, but I'm all appled out for the time being. I'll do something with them either later today or tomorrow.

Meanwhile Sophia was having all sorts of fun. Drawing on her leg with biro, eating apples (bites out of multiple apples, thanks darling!), playing with plastic pots out of the 'safe cupboard' in the kitchen, putting washing (and an apple) in and out of the washing machine, etc etc!

I've also cleared up the kitchen and done what felt like endless washing up, we've watched builders out the window (who were coming to sort out the mess they made when they decided to paint the building in the rain) and Sophia's been fascinated by the shadows their ladders made against the window blinds. Oh, and we hoovered the living room to pick up all the bits of apple Sophia had showered it with!

I've probably done some other stuff too, like writing this blog post. But now it's time to stop writing and change a stinky nappy, and shower and exciting things like that, so we can head out to see Lyndsay and baby later on.