Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If I were a butterfly

Three reasons for today's post title -
1. Last time I saw my housemate (before I came home to London to be ill - I suppose that should really be coming home to get better) she wanted the words of this song to use in her class for the next day.
2. The children in my class have been writing 'explanation texts' writing about the life cycle of a butterfly, which made me think of this song.
3. We sang this song today in assembly, which is the first time I've sung it in school for years. (In fact, it makes me think of SMUFF (St. Mary's Under Fives Fellowship) which I went to when I was little.

Talking of memories from when I was little, I first remember learning about Chinese New Year at nursery - I vividly remember all being given red envelopes, and being taught to say 'kung hey fat choi' (that may not be spelt right) which (according to a site I just found) means 'May prosperity be with you'.

Anyway, what I was actually going to say today was that I'm feeling better, although not totally better yet. I went back to work yesterday, which wore me out, but it was good to be back and see everyone again. Hopefully I'll manage to survive 'till the end of the week.
No joy yet on the car front, but I'll let you know how that goes.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday evening

Well my car is officially dead and I am officially ill. Yesterday we drove back up towards Cambridge and went to the garage. I signed my car over to them to be scrapped, and rescued all the bits and pieces out of it. It's amazing quite how much can be in a car without you realising - all the tapes, boxes of tissues, pens, a torch, my road atlas, the list goes on. I felt quite strange afterwards - either down to the fact that I was saying goodbye to my first car, or that I was ill.
Then we headed to the doctor who told me I have an ear and throat infection and gave me antibiotics. I've started taking them, and possibly felt a little better today, although to be honest not a lot yet.
And then this evening we saught the advice of an old friend of the family and started our search for a new car. I'll let you know how that goes...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's not fun being ill

I'm at home in London. My mummy came and rescued me from Cambridge last night as I was feeling so poorly. I'm still feeling ill, but at least I'm at home and in a warm house. (my house back up the M11 is not renowned for its warmness).

My car is still in the garage. I asked them give it a look over to see if it has any chance of passing its MOT which has to be done in the next month.
And the news is not good I'm afraid - in fact, too many things need doing for me to list them all here... so it looks like it's time for hunt a new car now. I say 'new' but what I actually mean is new to me.

I'm having confusion over its and it's. I know that 'it is' = it's, but I'm confused over the whole 'belonging to it' business. Perhaps when I feel better it'll all come back to me. Also, I'm very good at composing sentences in my head and then realising I don't know how to spell the words. (for example, in this blog I couldn't remember how to spell 'renowned', and had to check. Not convinced I've got it right now though).

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tell me why I don't like Tuesdays

First of all, Happy Birthday to HP. She's 19 today. However did she get to be that old?

This week so far has been mostly being ill and stressing about my car. I started the day feeling poorly and with a car without a working drivers seatbelt. I end the day still feeling pants, and with a car in the garage awaiting further attentions from the nice garage people.
Vaguely on the up-side, I have a rather bizare, but also fun ride home yesterday evening from Tesco in Great Dunmow with my car on the back of a truck (I was up front in the cab with the driver).

Hopefully things will be on the up soon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

bloging more

I've been asked to blog more, so I'm trying. It's just that my life never sems that exciting. But I'll just have to bore you if you insist...
Today I went on a course for teaching assistants working with EAL children (children with English as an additional language). It was quite interesting and encouraging too - I think I'm doing the right sort of things with the child I'm working with, so that's good!

This afternoon I got to meet my doctor for the first time. That means he can now start prescribing all the medicines I need to take. I get to go and pick them up tomorrow. It's my first experience of a village doctor's surgery and it's quite strange. You don't have to take the script to a pharmacy because they just do it all in the same place. Ok, for some people that may not be all that strange, but for someone that's always lived in big cities up till now it is a big deal.

This evening we discovered that the drain outside (that our kitchen sink drains into) was getting blocked up, and our neighbours had seen a rat eating the bits in there. So we had the dubious pleasure of clearing it out. We've also decided to try to get a plughole sieve thing to stop food getting down the drain. So if anyone knows where to get one please let me know :-)

Finally a belated happy birthday to S for last Sunday. Just thought she might like to see herself mentioned in print! (not sure if this counts as print, but I know what I mean)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's almost Friday

I'm muchly tired, and very glad that it's almost the end of the week. Not that it hasn't been a good one, I'm just ready for a day that I don't have to get up and go to work. Hurrah for weekends! Although actually I am working on Saturday, but only for a couple of hours, and not quite so early as on other days.

What have I done this week? Some highlightsa - I popped back to Walthamstow on Monday to pick up a few bits and pieces, and then in the evening I went to witness Bekki signing her new contract. On Tuesday we had sausage casserole for tea (quite clearly the highlight of my day). Wednesday evening we were tidying the house up because today (Thursday) our landlord was popping round to do something. And that just about sums up my week so far, or at least the non-work related bits of it.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's Thursday today

Or so I've finally realised. I spent most of the morning convinced it was Wednesday. Probably partly down to the school term starting on a Wednesday - I'm working as a classroom assistant in a primary school at the moment.

I've been going to write my next blog for days, but never quite known what I want to say. But today I decided I'd better just write - It's my life after all.

I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow. Somehow I forget how tired you can get working in a school, and it's handy to have a shorter week to ease in gradually. On Saturday I'm helping Bekki (my big sister) make her official move to Cambridge. She's been living with me for a few days, but can move into her house this weekend. And HP (my little sister) is back off to uni, so there'll be lots of mad packing gonig on. But by Monday everything should be back to normal.