Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

On Friday I was looking forward to going to the housewarming barbecue of a friend of ours. On my way home from school I stopped at the supermarket to buy some sausages, lemonade, and a couple of ingredients I needed to make little cakes. When I got home I immediately got going with baking fairy cakes, so that they'd have a time to cool and I could ice them before we went out.

I spent some quality time with Menard and then iced my cakes. I showered and put on my favourite maternity dress. My friend arrived, and we finished setting off and got into her car - M wasn't coming because he had a training meeting at church to go to. We followed the directions I'd written down from the invitation on facebook, and we made it to the house. It was pouring with rain, but we managed to park right outside the house. We commented on the lack of cars, but figured it was because we were still fairly early, and that the rain might have put people off. (I knew that the guy has a garage, and had told us he'd be barbecuing in there if it was raining, so we knew it wouldn't be called off).

We got out of the car and went to ring the bell. I had the box of cakes and my lovely friend had the sausages and lemonade. We stood there for a while, wondering where everyone was. No one came to the door and we rang again. I think I commented that maybe he couldn't hear us if he was out tending the barbecue.

We stood there a bit longer and it began to dawn on me that no one was in. That maybe we'd made a mistake. I stopped and thought and it occurred to me that actually I had a feeling the date on facebook was a number in the 20s, and although I'm not very good at keeping track of the date at the moment, I know that school breaks up on the 22nd. I admitted to my friend that I might possibly have the date wrong.

We got back into the car and I tried to call a couple of people to confirm the date. I couldn't actually get hold of anyone who could tell me the date, but it was becoming more and more likely that I'd made a mistake. At this point I must stop and admit that my friend hadn't actually had a chance to look at the invite on facebook, so was just following my information, therefore it was entirely my fault that we'd turned up at the barbecue a week early. Once we'd begun to admit to ourselves that I must have got it wrong, we couldn't stop laughing. The fact that I'd even baked cakes and got a bit dressed up just added to the hilarity.

Having driven back to my house we looked up the event on facebook, and it is indeed taking place on the 24th. We cooked the sausages and had sausage sandwiches followed by fairy cakes and accompanied by lemonade for dinner. They were very good.

My excuse for the entire occurrence is 'Pregnancy Brain', and that's all I have to say about that!

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