Sunday, June 28, 2009

I think I've turned into one of those baby bores

I sometimes feel like at the moment all I can talk about is being pregnant, babies, and things like the need to wee at all hours of the night and day. I guess I'm conscious of the fact that I'm one of the first people in my group of friends to be pregnant, and I'm sure they must get bored of me talking like that. But it's almost like the words come out of my mouth before I have a chance to filter them!

So what else is going on in my life, other than baby stuff? I'm enjoying work, but looking forward to the summer holiday - about 4 weeks to go, I believe. My little sister is getting married in the summer, and my big sister also has some exciting stuff going on in her life at the moment. I am still loving being married, and it feels like we've been married forever, but in a good way! Last night we had a barbecue, which involved my wonderful husband tending the barbecue while standing under a golfing umbrella in a thunder storm!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bump pics - 24 weeks

I feel huge. And it's only going to get bigger! To put these photos into perspective, and I feel I need to, this is a top I bought when I was in the States last year, and which I had slimmed out of - in fact, it swamped me. Now, however, it's fitting pretty snugly again over the bump!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An update from Tiny

Mummy's got to that "I feel and look very pregnant, and I've had enough. Shame there's over 3 more months of this" stage, so she's asked me to write an update.

I'm happily kicking away most days and nights, and recently discovered that kicking Mummy's ribcage provides me with endless amusement. I'm still enjoying my cheese and crackers, but a slightly old and bendy specimen put me off carrots for a while. Or maybe it's just that Mummy remembered that she doesn't really like raw carrots, and wonders how she managed to eat 5 in one day.

I heard Mummy say yesterday that she felt hot, big, tired and grouchy, and it seems like these may be sentiments that will last, especially if the hot and muggy weather continues. I'm happy in here, but apparently weather out there is a lot more changeable than in here.

Mummy wants to go take a nap now, so I'd better go. I'm sure I'll be back again soon especially if Mummy continues to be brain dead. (She blames me for keeping her awake at night, but all I want to do is play)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

All About Tiny

Tiny is coming up for 24 weeks old. Tiny weighs more than a pound and a half and is about eight and a half inches long from crown to rump.

This week Mummy's bump has definitely 'popped' causing lots of people to comment on how pregnant she looks all of a sudden, and yet still allowing for some people to think she doesn't look very pregnant yet ("It's your height, you carry it well and it hides the fact your pregnant". Causing Mummy to wonder if people just think she got fat again).

Tiny may be a boy or a girl, according to a number of old wives tales - bump size and position, Mummy's cravings, and a whole lot more!

Tiny has reduced Mummy's wardrobe to a bare minimum, but Grandma took Mummy shopping last week and found a few nice maternity tops in Mothercare. Mummy has also been given some maternity clothes from a friend at church, which which she is very grateful.

Tiny has a number of nicknames including Tiny, mini-me, baby bump. Tiny's Mummy and Daddy have a few names up their sleeves for when Tiny is born, but nothing set in stone as yet. They think that meeting Tiny in person will help clear up that decision (aside from the fact that obviously they want to give Tiny a gender appropriate name, they also want to get to know Tiny a little more and discover a little more of Tiny's personality).

Tiny's Favourite hobbies

* Bouncing around on Mummy's bladder.
* Causing Mummy to have heartburn.
* Kicking and moving around to wake Mummy up in the middle of the night.
* Causing Mummy to completely forget things like sending birthday cards, what she went into a room for, and for words to totally escape her on occasion.
* Listening to Daddy talking to me and kissing Mummy's bump.

Tiny's Favourite foods
* Burger in a bun, with fried onions.
* Ritz biscuits with cheddar cheese.
* Anything chocolatey.

Monday, June 08, 2009

sleepy sleepy

My baby is a nocturnal footballer.
That is all I have the brain power to say at the moment.

(yes, I know I need to get used to it, and it's good practice for the future etc etc!)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

not dead

just busy living life. And having issues with internet connection. Probably won't be sorted out for another week.