Friday, November 13, 2009

Things I've learnt

in the past 5 1/2 weeks.

It is possible to go through 4 or 5 complete outfits in half an hour if you and your baby try hard enough.

Sophia's party trick is to wee in the two seconds between removing the old nappy and putting on the new.

A microwave steriliser is a great idea - just 5 minutes and you're sorted. Fantastic if you've forgotten to get the bottle ready for the next feed and your daughter is screaming.

If you have a few friends who've had babies already it's unlikely you'll have to buy any baby clothes if they're as generous as our friends have been. The same goes for baby equipment - I think we've only bought a buggy and things like nappies. And even then lots of people have bought them for us.

Olive oil from a pharmacy is great for the dry skin that newborn babies often have.

Baby nails are sharp, and I really need to buy some nail scissors.

Muslin squares are great for wiping up milky sick and are thin enough that they dry quickly when you've washed them.

It's easy to while away time just sitting staring at my daughter, marvelling at how amazing she is.

Having a baby really does change your life forever, but it's totally worth it.


HP said...

You know that when I have a baby, you will be my fount of all knowledge!! So you better remember these important things and remind me cos I'll be useless!!
Love you.

Kathleen said...

oh, remember it all! They grow so quickly. Before you know it she'll be five and you'll wonder how she got to be that way.