Tuesday, November 03, 2009

sniffles and snuffles

Now obviously I've hit a fundamental problem if I were try to do NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) as I didn't post on the first! However I am trying to write more on my blog now life's beginning to settle down a little.

This is for several reasons, firstly I like writing, and I'm constantly thinking of things that I want to say on here, and if I'm only posting once or twice a week, I've forgotten most of those things by the time I come to write. Ok, so maybe that means you don't have to read so much of my drival, but, and this leads me on to my second point... I want to remember the little things from these early days. Already it's going so fast, and details are beginning to fade. I know when I was younger I wanted to hear lots of stories about when I was a baby, and if my blog will help me to remember those stories for Sophia, then I'm all for it. Obviously there will be things that won't go on here as it's a public forum, but lots of the little things can.

Sophia's still got a cold. She spent a lot of last night coughing and sniffling and sounding like she was trying to cough up a fur ball. As it's pretty yucky again outside, I think we'll just be staying in most of the day, with perhaps a quick blow in the park or a pop to the shop up the road for milk and bread. She doesn't seem too unhappy today, it's just me that's in distress seeing my baby snuffle and sneeze. (And actually I'm doing ok, I think it's Daddy that's most concerned, but then he did have to go to work and leave us).

Sophia's developed a couple of new cries in the last few days. They have elements that sound like 'ai' (as in rain), 'ee' (as in beech) and 'i' (aye). We're now two fifths of the way to teaching her the names of the vowels ;)


Elly said...

don't you mean three fifths?

Debs said...

Yes, i do.
I never said we'd started maths yet!

Kathleen said...