Monday, November 02, 2009

Random Thoughts

My baby girl is almost 4 weeks old. This was taken at 3 weeks exactly by the lovely Sarah C who came to visit us last Wednesday.

Apparently for me it's all about pillows. When I was pregnant the thing I used most was probably the L shape pillow that I used when I was sleeping. I'd stick one prong between my legs and the other went under my bump to support it. Now Sophia's here it's all about my breastfeeding pillow. It's a sort of C or half moon shape, and although I'd probably never have bought it myself, having been presented with it by some lovely friends (who also gave us lots of other baby equipment and clothes!) I use it all the time. I even take it with me if I know I'm going to need to be feeding Sophia in someone else's house!

One of the things that's really blessed us has been all the food that people have prepared and brought round to us. There's nothing like just having to pop something in the microwave for a few minutes, but knowing that you're not eating junk, but something that's been lovingly homemade from scratch. We've also been blessed by all the people who've shopped for us and continually supplied us with important things like toilet paper and tissues and fresh fruit and vegetables. Not to mention all the gifts we've been given for Sophia - I'm sure she now had more clothes than me or Menard.

We're battling the damp in our flat. It's hard because combine a baby and several wet days, and you have to dry your laundry indoors (because there are some days where she can manage to get through 4 outfits in half an hour!) Add to that things like wardrobes being built against outside walls, without any extra panelling inbetween which led to a wardrobe full of mildewing clothes, and it's a bit of a nightmare. We've got a dehumidifier, but it's only little and we're so aware of the electricity it's consuming.

Sophia's suffering from her first cold. She's been a bit snuffly for a few days, but when she woke up yesterday she was sniffling and snuffling on every breath so we stayed home from church - it was also pouring with rain, so we were quite happy to stay home in the warm. She's a bit better today, but still very clingy, if a baby can be called clingy. And talking of clingy, she's very firmly telling me that it's time to pick her up again, so I'd better go.


Ang said...

Oh Debs, Sophia is just gorgeous. Hope you're doing ok. See you soon I hope. Love Ang xxxx

Kathleen said...

She is so beautiful! And she looks so warm and cozy in that photo. Have I mentioned that I'm glad you have a girl? I love reading about baby girls. Also, babies can absolutely be called clingy. I remember baby colds. They are no fun. Andy would have had me feed him all day, but he could only manage a few mouthfuls at a time before needing a breath... not fun. I hope she feels better.
Also, the reason she has so many outfits is that she goes through them so quickly!