Monday, August 20, 2012

"Little Grandad"

ooh, look Mummy's got the camera out...

Oh, this is my new hat that Nan and Grandad Felix got for me.
I can see you mummy!
Cool dude!

French beret style
Can I have the camera? It's shiny!
Let's get this off again
That's better
Happy 8 months old today, Jaiden!

Friday, August 17, 2012

quick update

It's hot here. Well hot for us, and muggy and not cooling down at night. It's making me get back into my want to wash all the things phase again!

I soaked a bunch of JJ vests and bibs in biological washing powder (i usually use non-bio) and soda crystals (caustic soda). It was great, whitened the whites and got out the stains, including some that had been on there since the days they were used by Sophia! Tomorrow I'll be rummaging around to see what else i can soak!

I also made some of these breakfast burritos.
I did quite big tortillas and think i over filled them, but I've got six in the freezer and ate one today (I used less than the recipe suggested - i just did it with what i had). Next time i think I'll use smaller tortilla wraps, and put a bit less in, but what I've got in the freezer would be filling enough to eat one for a meal.

Uh, we're doing ok. JJ is now climbing stairs! This afternoon he followed Soph up and almost got to the top before i even realised he'd gone up. There's now a dining chair on its side to block off the entrance! He also likes to try to stick his arms down inside the toilet if he gets the chance. I'm sure he'll be walking before we know it....

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

we're here!

Soph's has tonsillitis and or hand foot mouth disease (a virus that is less that than it sounds!)

JJ's now most likely got a virus that's making his ears bother him (lots of ear tugging)

We're surviving as best we can...

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A brief glimpse into our crazy

It's 9.13am. I'm watching a little bit of BBC breakfast news and information about the Olympics.

Sophia and Jaiden are playing with her singing microphone. Sophia loves it cos it makes noise and it's a microphone. Jaiden loves it cos it makes noise and rolls along the ground (other favourite toys - empty coke bottle, not so empty coke bottle (removed before it got tooooo shaken up!) an empty plastic beaker....)

It's pretty noisy, but they're both happy for now. Unfortunately we need to go and get washed and dressed and on with our day in a bit. I think we'll just stay here for a little bit longer and enjoy the sibling unity!