Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Starting to count down

Ok, this is gonna be one of those list type posts that may interest you, or you may just want to pass by, but here it is all the same.

Things I want to do/buy/think about before Little Bean arrives...

Write Christmas presents list (who we're buying for)
Buy Christmas presents (probably lots on amazon using my swagbucks money. Yay!)
Wrap and label presents and leave in an appropriate place that they won't get forgotten about!

Wash and sort the clothes we've recently been given (I figure that with a toddler as well, there will be even more clothes to wash, so having more certainly wouldn't hurt, given I recall there were emergencies when we had to dry things double quick for Sophia to wear again)

Get out the clothes we already have and wash and sort them

Decide on the system for storing clothes etc in this house (last time around we had a lot of the clothes on the changing unit, given we have a climbing toddler, I'm not sure how well that will work this time around!)

Sort through Sophia's clothes and weed out what's too small. Put away/give away. Check she's got adequate winter clothing for the time being.

Look at my clothes and check I've got adequate for being pregnant as the weather gets colder. Buy some long trousers and more underwear! Including new nursing bras.

General Autumn deep clean to have an approximate level of clean to start off before the baby arrives!

Eat up current contents and defrost both freezers.

Buy/cook to fill up freezers with useful things

Parent's House
Go up in the loft (or send my daddy!) to locate all the baby stuff we stashed up there - including changing unit, moses basket, sling, play mats....

New breastpump
Breastfeeding pillow
Projector (Sophia's had a sad demise this week)

Sophia's birthday
Design cake
Make cake
Buy other food
Buy birthday present
Have party
Collapse in big heap!
Anything else I think of!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pitiful Potato Crop

I dug up my second crop of potatoes and got a pitiful amount! (So pitiful, in fact, that it didn't seem worth taking a photo unless I added some more of our homegrown carrots to the scene!)

I think the problem was that although I had banked them up, I'd left it too long to get round to doing that, and the potatoes were all only in that initial amount of soil. It's a good job both my parents and in laws have grown potatoes this year, so there are bound to be a few more coming our way!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick catch up

Today is one of those chill out sorts of days. I'm hoping for a nap this afternoon, although of course that requires Sophia taking one too! (or me taking her round to see Nan and Grandad)

Little bean's kicking away like anything at the moment. Think he's having a good day. We had to do the glucose tolerance test yesterday. Sophia stayed overnight with Nana and Grandad so that I didn't have to worry about getting her up early and getting us both ready and me to the hospital for 8.30am. I quite enjoyed just sitting reading for two hours, although I'm not sure I'm want to do that everyday! I'm seeing the midwife on Thursday, so should get the results then.

I had a telling off from Sophia this morning! I had put my feet up or her chair. She came over and pushed them off and then put on her sternest face, wiggled her finger at me and said "Leave it!". That's me told then.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Homegrown carrots

I put these ones in a stir-fry for dinner last night. They are a miniature type, but they've turned out pretty well, I think! There are more in the garden, I just pulled up what we needed

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I might have been in here more often this week, but for the fact that for 3 of the last 4 days Sophia and I have both napped for a couple of hours in the afternoon! Yep, I've decided, or maybe my body has, that it's got to that point of this pregnancy where naps are totally the way forward, especially while Sophia's still a willing participant in that plan.

So I think for the next week the plan will be as follows - by all means schedule to our hearts content for morning activities, but afternoons need to be sacred nap time! Well at least half the week anyway!

Things are moving along around here. Little bean's kicking like crazy, and oh yes, that's a bump for sure now! Sophia's getting so chatty now, although I don't always understand all the words she uses. And on that note I'm going to end this post cos she's come to try and help me type...!

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Sophia's sat over the other side of the room, in her hands she has an open instruction manual she found in a box, and she's "sing-sing", or singing, as we would say.

"window, door, round and round, all day long.... sing sing, mummies, daddies, So-sees bounces, all day long"

I love listening to her singing, and hearing the oddments of all the different songs we sing together coming out again as she makes sense of them, and just enjoys the sound of her own voice!