Friday, February 12, 2010

Good news my bloggy friends

My beautiful girl is doing thisSo I can show you some of the things we've been doing...

Trying out a new toy (inflatable ring from Auntie Yvonne for Christmas)Shopping for some new clothes for mummy (and taking naps in unusual places)
Lots and lots of smilingAnd generally just hanging out

Monday, February 08, 2010

4 months

Dear Sophia,

Yesterday you turned 4 months old. Already you have changed so much that I'm almost forgetting what you were like in those very early days. Recently a friend of ours had church had a beautiful baby boy, and it's funny to think that although when you're older the age gap will be almost nothing, right now there's a huge difference between the two of you. He's still at the curled up, slightly squished stage, and you're looooong and stretched out. You've been wearing the 3-6 month clothing since before you were 3 months old, and I don't think it will be too much longer before we have to move up another size in babygros, as you pretty much fill the ones you're wearing now.

Last Friday you had your first bath with a rubber duck, and you were fascinated by this new thing. You smiled and giggled as you tried to catch it with both your hands and feet. Your enjoyment confirmed to me the feeling that you'd take after your Daddy and happily spend hours in the bath!

The last few days you've been teething - Just about anything is fair game to be chewed upon, including your fists and clothes, toys, and the fingers or other body parts (arms, chins etc) of anyone who lets you. Unfortunately the teething is also turning you from being one of the most placid babys I know to being a cranky-pants a lot of the time. But when you think about it, what with the pain of the gums, and being tired from having disturbed sleep, it's no wonder you're not your usual happy self.

I love to call you 'my sausage' or 'baby girl'. I wonder how long you'll let me continue to call you those nicknames before you tell me to stop because "you're not a baby anymore" or "you're embarrassing me mum". At the moment you smile and even laugh when I call you my sausage or ask "who's the stinker?" and I love it. I love to stop and play with you. I love to see that smile of recognition when you see me across the room and think "hey, that's my mummy!". I've had the chance to look after lots of other people's children, but there's nothing quite as special as being someone's mummy.

I have to stop as you've woken up again and I suspect you'd like "a little something please mummy".
love from Mummy