Tuesday, May 30, 2006

new car

Our friend checked out the car, and he's said it looks ok. There were a couple of things he's mentioned to the man at the garage who will have them sorted out by Friday (checking break-pads, and side light bulb) when we go to pick it up. We left a deposit today.

So it's my new car, it's another Micra, and it's PURPLE. How cool is that!

food shopping and car hunting, what a day!

We're off to Sainsburys shortly to do our food shop. Hurrah!
And then this afternoon we are taking a great friend of ours to go back to look at a car we looked at on Saturday. Since he knows a lot more about cars than me and my mum, we're hoping he will either give us the go ahead, or say 'no, don't touch it with a bargepole'. (But also hopefully not the latter). I don't really want to say a lot more about it until we've spoken to him, so upate will come later.

Oh, and also today, a very BIG happy birthday to Kathleen's beautiful son Nicholas :-)

Friday, May 26, 2006

evening all

I'm writing this while talking on MSN to HP, so apologies for any major typos. Just thought it was really time I put a bit more on my blog.
On Tuesday I was able to get off to Cambridge in time to see N. In fact I was able to get there a bit early i order to chat to her mum about stopping working with her. Since then I also saw N yesterday and this afternoon, but that was my last session. I'll miss her, in fact all of them, as I've got to know her and her family really well over the last 6 months, but it just seemed the right time to stop.

Today at school it was the end of multi-cultural week, and as the climax we had a (really long) assembly where everyone showed all the stuff they'd been making and doing over the week. It was great fun, and although it was long it had a few classic moments, and it ended with yr 6 Salsa dancing!

Afterwards I was trying to print off some of our class photos in the computer suite and for some reason, because of the program I was using, it wanted me to install the printer I wanted it to use to print them. I would have been fine with that, only none of the printers actually have their names on them, so when confronted with a list of 'magnesium 5' and 'gold 2' etc I had no idea which to pick. I chose one at randon, and nothing happened (so far as I could see). The second one I chose came out in the computer room, but was such a bad printout that I tried one more time. Again nothing came out on any of the printers in there, so I went back to class to tell Antonia that I gave up, but when we got in there we discovered on the classroom printer there lay one of my printouts. Somehow I actually managed to pick the printer in our out of all the 20 or so printers in the school. Goodness knows where the other copy I tried to print went. Hopefully I didn't confuse anyone else too much.

I've probably got other stuff to say, but can't remember what it was. Sorry it the printer story was boring, it amused me, but that might just be my sense of humour. If it did you'll have to amuse yourself looking for sill typos, or just go and read someone else's blog. I suggest Kathleen's or Bekki's.

Right, there it is HP, it's up now so you can read it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

cars cars cars

Yes, yet again I'm having to post about me and cars. I don't seem to have much luck with them at the moment. Before you all panic, no I haven't crashed my mum's car.

But, it did have a totally flat tyre within two minutes of leaving the house this morning. It can't have been that flat when I got in, else I would have seen it, but driving on it ovbiously didn't help! I drove pretty much round the block trying to find somewhere I could pull in to check what the weird noise was, and ended up on the road next to the park. I phoned Mummy and then school to let them know I wouldn't be in for a while. Mummy came over, and together with the help of a man who came out to see if we were ok, managed to take off the old tyre and put the new one one.

Unfortunatly when we drove up the road to go and put some air in the spare tyre we'd just put on, the car was really juddery, so we knew it obviously wasn't on right. Luckily there's a tyre place just up the road, so we've taken the car there. They've had a look at it, and say they should be able to tighten it up properly, and also put a new tyre on the one that we've taken off. Anyhow, that's not going to be done till at least 11 o'clock, so I've rung school to say I'm not coming in today (I was only meant to be there 9-1 today, so by the time it's fixed it would be worth it, as it takes at least half a hour to get there). I will, however, hopefully be seeing N and A this afternoon as previously planned. We'll have to wait and see what the garage man says...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The International event arranged in honour of my birthday

It is tradition for me to celebrate my birthday, in part,by watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Over the last, perhaps, 10 years I have had some sort of party or sleepover where I invited my friends to come over and watch it with me. Other obliations include discussing and rating each entry using score sheets as designed by me (TV guides are very helpful in that they usually include a list of the order the countries will perform and the names of the performers and song titles) and each picking out our own favourites.

This year was slightly different, in that as I was in London it was just me and my mum and dad watching, but I still had a piece of paper to write down my comments, and I picked my personal favourites. I liked the Lithuanian entry for its sheer cheek (see lyrics), and the German entry because it was just so unexpected, and when they went to Germany for their votes, they guy giving the results was dressed to join in with the 'country' theme.

I had hoped to include some photos from parties past (esp 2004), but my quick photo hunt has only unearthed some from last year which my friends would kill me if I put on (weird red eyes, bad hair days, weird angles, etc). I'll keep looking...

My best Eurovision party was probably 2004 when we (one of my housemates at the time and myself) invited people by giving them invites that were made to be the flag of a particular country. Each person then had to come with some food from that country to share with everyone. And boy did we have an interesting selection of food! HP stayed up in Cambridge with me, and together we were... hmmm... actually I'm not certain. Germany I think, because we made German apple cake. But I think we also made pizza.. oh yes, it had German salami on it :-)
[Also, HP and I went shopping for stuff for it at the huge Tesco at Bar Hill, which was another exciting thing for me, cos as previouly stated, I love going food shopping).

I guess the only appropriate way to end this post would be to say thanks for all my friends that have shared my weird obsession with me over the years and humoured me by coming to me parties; and also thanks to Terry Wogan for his hilarious commentry, without which the Eurovision broadcast to the UK would be much poorer.

starting the week as I will try to go on..

..by actually posting things on my blog.

The last two posts were random 'test' things I found from a link from a blog I looked at this afternoon. Can't remember which one - I'm quite good at following links from blogs by people I know to totally random ones. I decided to post the results because I thought that they probably had some truth to them (I'll let people who know me comment on that).

We still haven't found a car. To be honest other stuff has come up these last few days and the car hasn't really been my top priority. I have, however, spent a fair amount of time talking with friends and family about life in general. I'm not going to be more specific than that, but although I still don't really have a clue what I'm doing after July, I think I'm probably a bit happier in myself about life in general.

This week I'm going to be staying in GC with Imogen on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I've got a really full day on Tuesday, including a meeting in the evening right up in Cambridge, and it would just be silly to come back to London afterwards. And then having checked with Mummy that it would be ok to kidnap the car for one night, I realised I wouldn't actually see much of Imogen on Tuesday, so it would be good to stay till Thursday.

I'm not sure how busy the rest of the week will be, depending on decisions I need to make as to whether I ought to continue working with N, or if it would be better for me and her if we called it a day. I've really loved working with her and her family, and definitely won't want to totally lose contact with them, but feel it might be time to stop, for a number of reasons.

Sorry, this post is being rather vague about everything. What can I not be vague about? I enjoyed my birthday last Thursday, and (as I've admitted it to the children I work with, I might as well also admit it to you all), I'm now 24.
I also ejoyed watching the Eurovision song contest, but I think I'll save that for a post of its own later in the week.

also this

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I'm a bit bored, and this is something I found

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

sleep and football

I've just managed to spend the last 45 minutes watching football. I really don't quite know how it happened. We watched another programme from 7.30-9 (it was a murder mystery, right up my street), which my dad was watching too, with an occasional flick to check the score (0-0 for most of that, so we clearly hadn't missed much). But then when that finished I flicked over to ITV so that Daddy could watch the rest of the match. Now he isn't into football hugely, but likes to watch it now and then, especially if it's a final or something.

I, however, would be the first to admit that Idon't know much about football. I do get the offside rule (although I wouldn't be able to explain it to anyone), but that was probably helped by the bit in 'Bend it like Beckham' when the dad is explaining it to the the mum. Anyway, I had to ask someone the other day (can't actually remember why I wanted to know) how long the footy season is. And I know it was a final today, and it was in Paris, and that Arsenal and Barcelona were playing, but it occured to me that I'm not actually certain what of. Not the world cup, I know that, cos that hasn't happened yet.

But somehow I sat and watched it for 45 minutes. And it wasn't even to 'admire' the looks of the players (as I know some people do). I mean, at one point I said the one with the long frizzy hair and the not yellow shirt (playing for Barcelona, although Arsenal weren't wearing red, which confused me for a while) looked like a girl. I did realise soon after that he looked a bit like a girl in the school I was in last summer, but still.

I think I was just amazed just how seriously they were taking it. It was raining, for goodness sake. I spent both my playtime and lunchtime breaks at school today out in the playtime playing dodgeball and sticky toffee (we're keeping a close eye on some of the people in the class because there's been complaints from parents about bullying) and it was grea fun. But I didn't care who won - in fact we came up with all these rules that basically meant if someone was got out, they weren't actually out afterall (that was what it boiled down to anyway!). I just wanted the kids to have fun. But I wouldn't have been out there in the rain - that's dedication.

At this point I ought to say to Kathleen that we have had rain today, so I take back the comment about her stealing it :-)

Actually, also at this point I ought to just stop and decide I'm not going to understand why I sat and watched the football, and I ought just go to bed. I think the game is over now, but don't really care who won. Arsenal were 2-1 down when I came upstairs, so it was probably them, but I'm not really bothered, and anyway one of the boys will probably tell me tomorrow at school.

Oh, and it's my birthday tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tired and a bit grumpy too (sorry family, thanks for putting up with me)

I'm soooo ready for bed. I've been meaning to blog more lately, but time just goes when you're doing things like trying to find somewhere that is still available to go on holiday, and looking for ads for cars that are the same as yours was, but cost more that the insurance people have offered to give you. (The first part of that was actually the hardest. Not only was my car a limited edition colour, it also seems to have been a fairly limited edition model. Or maybe it was just so great that noone wants to sell it once they have it.)

I wrote a comment on Kathleen's blog on her today's post (tues 16th may) which was about as long as a proper post, so you can go and read that it you want to. Well, you should go and read her blog (once you've finished reading this post) anyway because it's great.

Right, so this evening I have been surfing the net finding adverts for cars, and then writing the letter to said insurance peeps to go with the ads. And also filling in, and finding an envelope for the v14 (maybe 16, I've just sealed the envelope so I can't look) form that I've filled in to go back to the DVLA to reclaim some road tax money.

This week at school (and last week as well, actually) we've been doing lots of different SATS papers, and there's a few more to go. So I feel I ought to give Antonia (the teacher I work with) a big cheery hello since I introduced her to blogs, and mine in particular the other day. In fact this will be a test to see if
a) she remembers what a blog is,
b) she can remember the web address for mine.

Right, off to bed methinks.

Oh, it wasn't all bad today. I had a lovely card from some people from my church is Cambridge that just made my day, and made me feel really loved. So a big thank-you to them.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

no school today

Well, for me anyway. I guess everyone else still went, otherwise no-one would have been there to answer the phone when I called in sick this morning. I didn't sleep that well, and my throat and ears were hurting horribly, and my glands were like ping-pong balls (or so the doctor said, but I'm jumping ahead) so I didn't go into school today. Knowing how good I am at getting throat infections etc my mum and I decided it might be as well to get it checked out at the doctors. After all, I'd been ignoring it for a few days and it had got worse not better.

So I rang my doctors in GC and they were able to give me an appointment at 11.30 this morning (although it was actually in the link surgery in the next town, cos that's how it works somehow, but I wasn't complaining). That was good because it gave me chance to work up to eating some breakfast (once the paracetamol kicked in it was easier to swallow) and the drive up from London. (Did I mention that I'm currently in London cos of having to use Mummy's car to get to work. I've been here for nearly 2 weeks now, with a short stay in GC in the middle so that Imogen could see that I really was still alive).

After the doctors and calling in at my house in GC to pick up yet more post from my insurance company, I went to the garage where my car is\was being kept. - I'm not really sure how the tenses should work in this case. It was my car, and possibly still is until the insurance people take it away from the garage which, since they aren't doing anything to it, is basically just a holding place for it. Anyway, I picked up all my stuff from it, mostly tapes and boxes of tissues, with a torch (and nothing else beginning with t, so that ruins it really) and some other bits and bobs. This time I went prepared - I took the box that they'd given me at the garage in GC when I had to empty out my first car. There was less in this one though, probably because it had had less time to get full of junk!

Once I got home to London again I pretty much collapsed in a big heap. I'm not sure all the driving and stuff I've done today was quite was the doctor was intending when he took me not to go to work for a few days and just rest to get myself better. But about the most hectic thing I've got planned for tomorrow is to walk approx. 7 minutes to the bank to pay in some money, and of course back again. And if I'm really feeling energised I might fill in a V14 form from the DVLA in order to claim back the couple of months I've had got left on my tax disc.

And maybe a bit more blogging if I can think of anything to say, or most likely if I can't I could probably just waffle for a bit.

Update: Realised I hadn't actually remember to put that I've got tonsillitis and that the doctor has put me on penicillin. And I had to include that because I'd actually managed to both of those words correctly (and one of them without any help at all).

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

car update

This will have to be quick because I'm really tired, and am hoping that sore throat and nasty glands will disappear with early night and lots of sleep.

Anyway, back to the post of the post. My car is officially dead. The insurance company contacted me yesterday to let me know. I spent lots of this morning on phone to just about every department of the aforementioned (is that one word, or two, or even three? and it's probably spelt wrongly as well) company, and also the garage where my car is being held.

Tomorrow after school and seeing N in her playroom (the austistic girl I work on a home program with 3 or 4 times a week. The way I wrote that makes it sound like I set up the program, which is a complete lie. Basically her parents are running this program and I'm one of the volunteers who work on it with them) I'm going to go to the garage and say goodbye to Methuselah (huh, you didn't make it to 969 days, let alone 969 years. At least you lasted more than 969 hours (which is 40 days and 9 hours to be precise)) and also pick up all the junk that seems to accumulate in cars (as I remember from last time). Somehow the last sentence managed to include 4 sets of brackets and ne as long as a whole paragraph ought to be. I hope you got the just anyway.

On the bright side, the lovely sounding lady from the garage was very sympathetic and when I comfirmed it was the orange micra she said "oh isn't it so cute". So at least it will get to spend it's last few hours being admired.

Final thoughts - we have started looking for new cars (on autotrader on the net, it's great cos we already understand all the jargon from last time we were looking). So far we've decided to eliminate any things that's further away than a few miles (we trecked over to the west of London last time, and it's just not worth the hassle) and we've found two that may have potential - one red and one blue. I saw a beautiful one today. actually two. One was a lovely purple mirca, and the other was yellow, so I could win the yellow car game everytime (BTW HP you just lost the game didn't you?). Unfortunately they were both obviously owned and loved by their owners (I saw them while I was out driving, rather than on the web) so I'll just have to keep looking.

Just realised that this has been far from short, and really ought to stop writing drivel and go to bed. Will scream if internet decides to misbehave and not let me publish this, will scream even more if it also loses it. On second thoughts won't scream as will not be good for throat, will instead be very disappointed in the internet system (in that tone of voice that a parent or teacher says 'I am very disappointed in you, I would have ecpected better from someone like you).

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The reason I've not posted for a while (apart from the last two posts which I wrote today - sometimes it's all or nothing)

neither orange nor red
Originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.
Friday 28th April


Words that always make me stop and think when I try to write or type them are

Doctor and Computer

I never know for certain which of the two has an 'er' and which has an 'or' at the end. Trying to say them out loud doesn't work. Nor does writing both spellings and picking which one is right. If I think it matters, for example when putting them on my blog, I might even have to type them in WORD and use the spell-checker just to check.

I also can't spell 'assembly'. As i did in the post I wrote a few weeks ago, I always want to put an 'e' in between the 'b' and the 'l' (assembely). That's why I made myself leave the mistake in that post - to make me cringe everytime I see it, in an attempt to learn how it ought to be spelt.

I can now spell 'awkward' though, once I stopped trying to put a 'q' in it.

woof woof...

...went the computer.

About three weeks ago now we were walking home from the tube station and passed two huge dogs sitting outside Pizza Hut. This let to a conversation about the 3 big dogs that Bekki reckons live in our road. After a little thought she decided that the pizza hut dogs weren't the same as the ones in our road, but the conversation topic stuck, and for a lot of the way home we were talking about dogs. This included the very loud one my mum was sure lived in our road. She said she heard it some evening when she was in her bedroom. None of the rest of us had ever heard it, but put the down to position of bedrooms in the house (mine is at the back of the house, my mum's ia at the front etc.).

Fast forward to this week, to about Wednesday or Thusday. I was sat at the computer in my parents bedroom when I realised that the computer was making an odd sound. Now if you've ever used our computer you'll know there's nothing strange about that. A friend of ours from church, James, has been very helpful at doing things to it and making suggestions as to things we could try (note my oh so technical language, computers and how they actually work has never been a strong point. So long as they do what I want them to, then it's ok!).

Anyway, back to my original point. I had noticed that our computer was making a sound like a fairly big and scary dog woofing! I mentioned this to my mum, and then suddenly had a brainwave. There never was a big noisy dog in our road, it was just the computer :-)