Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September goals

Been thinking a lot about de cluttering and making our house less full of stuff lately. I also need to work on de-cluttering some of me, but I think that would easily take its own post.

I've been selling stuff on Facebook, in my local selling groups, and in my own Facebook group. Plus trying to give things to people who could use them, and of course sending things to charity shops.

I'm also considering starting a business venture, as a de-cluttering and organising consultant. Dunno if that's gonna work or not, but it's something I enjoy doing, so if you know anyone who needs help tackling a problem area, working on loosening emotional attachments to belongings, or just fancy a bit of help cleaning out the under stairs cupboard, just give me a shout!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Me: whatcha gonna be when you're older, JJ?
JJ: I be bigger and bigger and bigger
Me: ok, but what do you want to do when you're older?
JJ: I be a tiger
Me: um, ok, but what job do you want to do?
JJ: I be tiger who goes work.

Well, there you have it folks! He then proceeded to spend the rest of the car journey practicing his roar.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Awesome God!

Had a blogging  break? Uh, yeah, so I did a little bit. But there's been so much going on.

In March we moved from outer London to outta London! Not too far, still near enough to visit friends and relations, but far enough for it to have a totally different feel to the town. Yeah, it's a town. Don't think it's big enough to be a city, so that's different for a start. One of my best friends lives across town, and even at busy times, if I pick the right roads, I could get to her house probably in ten minutes.

Why did we move? Well, mostly because God told us to. We talked a bit about that  in a talk we did at church, which was recorded. I'm not going to link direct here, but if you know me in person, you could probably find it if you wanted to!

We, well firstly Menard, felt God's call to come and be a part of a church plant - a new church , still in the setting up phase. It took me a while to feel it too, but once I did, we went for it! I don't talk a huge amount about my faith on here, I proble ought to do it more! But this I will say, our lives for the past year read like an adventure book of how God has done stuff to get us here, and really just shown us that He wants us here, and  He's the one who's going to get the glory for making it happen.

I have more testimonies of God's faithfulness than I can really remember.  Some big ones include getting us a place to live. Getting us a place in a school which was our first choice, despite a phone call which showed us thst she definitely didn't have a place there initially. A preschool place for Jaiden. A new job for Menard. Enough food to eat and covering our bills and financial needs in the over two month period where we had no income coming in from Menard's job (he didn't have a job/it was the period inbetween jobs/during the first month of his new job, before he got paid)

I'm actually tearing up, Just writing about it. I am truly overwhelmed and humbled by how awesome God is, and how clear it's been that we are in the right place. We're getting stuck in at church, have made some friends who will be friends for life, and have generally thrown ourselves into life here in new town.

Monday, May 26, 2014

When I'm grown up... A peek at the world of adults from Sophie's viewpoint

The other day we had some biscuits and I let each of the children have one. Sophie asked for another, and I told her no. This caused her to become distraught with frustration and anger (not an unusual occurrence round here at the moment, unfortunately). She was so cross that I would deny her a second biscuit.   She finally choked out "when I'm a grown up, I'm going to go to the shop and buy all the chocolate biscuits and eat them all myself and not share with you".  There was a pause, and then she added, " but mummy, you will take me so I know how to get to the shop, won't you?"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The highest compliment Jaiden can bestow

Yesterday JJ and I popped to tesco to pick up a couple of things. (We came out with five bags full, but that's another story!).
On the way out we spotted a man in a high visability jacket standing in line at customer service. JJ was very excited "look mummy, bin lorry man! Bin lorry man!" (garbage truck guy, for our American readers). When we got outside he looked all around and said "oh no! Bin lorry gone. Bad man took non lorry, Bin lorry man sad".  He cannot comprehend the idea that someone in a fluorescent jacket could be anything but a bin man.

Case in point. As we got in the car, we spotted a guy who works for the store, also in a bright tabard, pushing trolleys to go away. JJ shouted with abundant glee " 'nother bin lorry man  mummy, 'nother one!".
Absolutely no persuading otherwise, that guy was clearly a bin man, moonlighting as a trolley pusher, or maybe just being helpful in a spare moment. He was a bin man, no doubt about it, and most importantly, as far a JJ was concerned, it was the best thing ever!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Happy happy

Auntie cuddles today!
Hannah and her baby are here for a few days. Staying at my mum's, but they all came over today. I got lots of cuddles, first time since Christmas! And was far too busy to take photos! Aunit
Soph took some on nana's camera though, so if I can get a hold of any of those, I'll share.

I'm blogging over at my other blog, as I try to get a hold of my eating and weight, so I'm hoping to be there most days, though it will be mostly food diary type stuff.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Missing you

We're in the process of packing up our world and moving a bit further out of London, to join a church there.
I will be back soon with more.
We have a fantastic testimony of God's faithfulness in finding our new house and many other things along the way...

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Sophia's Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

Before piped features
With features (excuse the shadow, it's funny light in my kitchen)
With candles

Soph blowing out candles will come later, cos Menard took those

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013


"Sophie, do you want crumpets for lunch?"
Sophie looks at crumpets...
"those aren't trumpets, they're drums"

heard just now...
"I'm dressing up to look like Jesus"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Soph Feeds Goats!

We went with a friend and her daughter to a local 'garden centre' which also has an animal area. 
('garden centre' cos it seemed to sell anything and everything)
The girls had a fantastic time feeding goats 
(food available for 20p a handful from a little machine)
And JJ missed all most of the fun by being fast asleep. 
Chicken photographed especially for Bren

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday midweek mayhem

Why hello there, have you all enjoyed your vacation?
You weren't on vacation? And I wasn't on vacation. So why the long blogging break? Yes, you there in the back? Any ideas? Nope. Ok, let's just move along now then.

Life is plodding along here. We had 3 babies born within my circle of friends last week, so I've been busy assembling rotas to feed them, thanks to my "Meals for New Mums (and dads)" scheme I decided to set up to bless them with food, knowing how blessed we were when folk brought food over when we had tiny small babies. Ok, so mine were never that small, but I grow 'em big apparently.

Jaiden has more and more words everyday. And his cheeky personality is just shining through. We'd had a couple of nights where he was awake for aged in the night, so last night Menard got him up abut 9 and changed his nappy, and both Soph and JJ slept through til half 6 this morning, so that was a success, I'd say.

We need to get dressed in a bit and head out to meet a friend this morning, and this afternoon I've got small group which a friend has set up for mums with littles. The 3 pregnant ladies were all a part of that group, and still are, except now they're mums with littles too!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Birthday...

... to ME!

Eurovision party tonight. Yay!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Words JJ has said so far today

Bah (Bath)
Dir-dir (dirty)
Hat & Head (patting the top of my head|)
Ooshed (finished)
Shoo (tissue)

And that's just the ones I remember. He has soooo many words now.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Horsie horsie don't you stop

Riding nappy packet horses!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jaiden - things I'd like to remember, but don't have time to make into a post of their own

Today's accessory of choice is one welly boot (Soph's old ladybird ones, so two sizes too big). Every so often it will fall off, and much is the gnashing of teeth before it's properly restored onto his foot.

JJ's started having a name for himself.  Especially if looking at a photo of himself, he gets very excited, pointing to the picture and then to his belly. He says "Ja-da" (Ja pronounced as in German for yes), or "Ja ja" - the variations of what we call him - Jaiden or JJ.

He's obsessed with Sophia's fluffy bear. Fluffy is the bear of the moment for Sophia, and consequently for JJ too. Fluffy has a nappy and soph often declares that he needs his nappy changed because he's done a poo-poo. Today I left JJ while I was in the bathroom, and I thought I heard him saying "poopoo". When I came back into the room he triumphantly waved bear's nappy above his head shouting "POOPOO!".

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Cake Pops

A lovely lady called Hazel (who happens to be the mum of Danielle, who has the honourary title of auntie to my kids) has a new venture in cake, and we all know how much I like cake.

I haven't actually tried any of her cake pops yet (hint hint), but my children have, and judging from their enthusiasm, it was good!

Go check out her facebook page and like it, and then come back and see my kids enjoying her work!

Here are some pics of them enjoying the amazing cake pops she sent them for Easter...
 Soph excited about a parcel with her name on it!
 "Look mummy, it's Peppa Pig"
 It went in his mouth all at once! (It was a hot air balloon)

In appreciation

My lovely friend Julia set up a group on facebook for people in our local area to share and request 'family' items. Soph and JJ are modelling the lovely welly boots that we got today from two of the women in the group. Thanks ladies!

Friday, March 29, 2013

He's Alive!

(now I may be giving you a spoiler here, given that today is Good Friday, but just wanted to share that it turns out ok!)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recipe book

Quick post written one handed as JJ's sleeping on the other!

I bought myself a recipe book yesterday and today I've been writing in recipes from random scraps of paper, most of which I found yesterday when I gave my 'baking stuff etc' cupboards a good tidy up and clear out.

I found one recipe, which originally Bekki found somewhere, written on four different bits of paper,meaning I'd rung one or other of the family to get it on four separate occasions!

Do you have a popular family recipe you'd share with me? Either in the comments or on your blog, with a link in the comments. Pretty please? And I'll share the banana cake recipe one day soon when I have two hands to type with!

(It amuses me every time that blogger's spell check fails to recognise the word 'blog')

Monday, March 25, 2013


When I was little my dad was diagnosed with coeliac disease, this means (very basically!) that his body can't tolerate gluten, and he needs a gluten-free diet. Twenty plus years ago, the availability of gluten-free products was very limited, and those that there were didn't always taste good. That meant that it was better for my parents to get gluten-free flour, and make things from scratch.

I don't really remember what it was like before my dad was diagnosed, but I'm pretty certain my mum did a fair amount of cooking from scratch anyway, but after, they cooked pretty much everything from scratch, and I grew up thinking that was normal.

I am sooooooo thankful that that's the case. I was just looking on facebook and one blog or other was asking people their essential freezer meals, and then attempting to re-create them from scratch. I had a think about that, and realised I don't really even think of buying any freezer meals*, cos I just think that fresh/home cooked would be better.

I'm not saying I don't buy junk. sure, everyone does. But I've never bought a cake mix in my life - it just wouldn't even occur to me to do so!

I think what I'm trying to say is thank you mummy and daddy for the way you raised me, teaching me to cook from scratch. Cos it seems that's a skill a lot of other people are attempting to learn later on in life!

* In the spirit of full disclosure, I do sometimes by ready meals off the reduced shelf for Menard to take to work for lunch. But I wouldn't dream of eating them myself! I'd much rather have homecooked lasagne than the stuff you buy as a ready meal. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jaiden's approach to eating

Jaiden's reacently got into using a spoon (or at least trying!)

But now he wants to use it for everything.

Sandwich? Bring on that spoon!

I *think* that's progress

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Morning conversations

Soph: I want more milk
Mum: There's still milk in your cup, you can drink that
Soph: It's too wet
Mum: What?!?!?!

 Mum: Jaiden, kiss Soph to say sorry
Jaiden: Mwah
Soph: *wiping slobber off her cheek* Jaiden, that's NOT a nice kiss

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pick me, pick me

I've just been promoting my blog facebook page a little to my friends and I got a couple of new 'likes'.
That made me think that maybe I ought to actually write something on my blog. Oh the pressure.

( If you're on facebook and want to like my page, it's here
While you're at it, you might as well also like our business page too, go on, you know you want to! )

Well, it's Mothers' day here in the UK, so whether you're in the UK or not, if you're a mummy, then I'm wishing you a happy mothers' day. And to any of you for whom Mothers' day is tinged with sadness, then I pray that God's peace and comfort will be you.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Muffins and Mush!

This morning I've been productive in the kitchen and at using up things from my freezer that are from before my big de-frosting session last weekend (by which I mean the one ten days ago, and not the one that's just gone).

I made 'Healthy pumpkin banana muffins' roughly from this recipe. It's the second time I've done them, and the recipe is definitely a keeper (well, a keeper to continually mess with!).

I used all wholemeal flour instead of a mix of white and wholemeal, a mix of wheatgerm and wheat bran instead of oat bran. I made applesauce from scratch. Last time I used a mix of pumpkin that mum and I had cooked (two different pumpkins, a pot of each!). This time I had no pumpkin, so I boiled and mashed sweet potato and that totally worked!  For the spices I did a good shake of mixed spice and a a bit more than that of cinnamon. Instead of nuts I put about 150g plain chocolate.

 I also made 'sausage and vegetable mush'. Which despite it's name, is actually yummy and not as weird looking as you might think!

I took out of the freezer the sausagemeat, home cooked black eye beans, and mashed banana. I'll be putting back in 5 pots of sausage stuff, some of 46 muffins (depending on how many we eat first!), and two pots each of applesauce and sweet potato. Result!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Easy food to give to new mums (and dads)

We have lots of pregnant ladies in church right now, and many of them are due in the next few days, weeks, months.

We were so blessed when people brought us food in those early days, so I'm setting up a rota of people to take food over to them in the first week or two.

I was going to make a list of foods that would be good to take, but then a friend of mine shared this website with me, and I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you know someone who'd appreciate a meal, whether it be new mum, or old!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Marching on

Ok, so, I blogged through January and pretty much took February off.

I'm back tomorrow with a bang. Well, hopefully more than a whimper, anyway.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

First time in the snow

(not more snow, just a photo from when we had the snow)0

Thursday, February 07, 2013