Monday, October 05, 2015

31 days of money saving and stuff - day five

Steal ideas from other people

Some, ok, most of my money saving tips have come from other people. Most of the posts I've written so far on this subject haven't been original in the slightest.  Other people have said it before, and probably said it better, but hopefully you're still here reading anyway, and not just cos you're related to me (hi mum!)

My family will tell you I've always loved reading household hints and tips books, and absorbing random facts. One I learnt recently (from my sister Bekki's googling, in answer to a question from Hannah) is for those who want to know how much gas is left in their gas canister (say for a gas BBQ or camping stove)
Pour boiling water over it, the area filled with gas will cool immediately as the gas will absorb the best, whereas the empty area will stay hot

But anyway, I've wandered from the point, if I had one?

Feel free to take any of my ideas and implement, but equally feel free to laugh at me and say "really? She does that? What a waste of time!"

Join Facebook groups, read budget blogs, read books from the library or the charity shop (you can even buy them new, but consider collecting points on swagbucks and exchanging them for amazon gift cards and then using those to buy books (referral link included) (bonus tip for today)

Ask me questions. Is there anything you'd like my opinion on, with regards to money saving or anything really, since I threw the word 'stuff' in the title of this series!

I'll try to add some more links to useful resources in the next few posts. But blogger isn't fond of my having more than one link in this post, so I can't currently add them here without something crashing.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

31 days of money saving and stuff - day four

Today (well, it was actually during the August bank holiday weekend) we saw an ice cream van.

Classic quote from Sophia "I'm not going to be an ice cream lady (driving an ice cream van). I'm going to be a normal grown up like you, mummy"
A. No offence intended to those who do drive ice cream vans
B. No idea where she got the idea that I'm a normal grown up.

Anyway, we looked at the ice cream van, we admired the picture on the back and the tune it played, and we all agreed (Soph, JJ and I) that we didn't want to buy an ice cream cos we had lollies in our freezer at home. And that was that, no arguments, no complaints (and actually, by the time we got inside, they'd forgotten all about ice cream and didn't even remember to ask for lollies. I also forgot, so it wasn't an intention omission!)
I threw in the comment "we've got lollies in our freezer and they cost less than buying them at the ice cream van" and they both nodded agreement.

I guess I have two points/tips here.
First,  you don't have to do the big spend big treat every time. Don't get me wrong, sure, we've bought from an ice cream van, but as a general rule we don't. I buy cheap lollies or ice pops and we eat those and spend significantly less money

Second, it's ok to tell the kids "no, because that costs a lot of money" or "no, a different option is better value". I could rant about this for ages, and I'm not saying I'm totally right, but I'm so aware of living in an age of entitlement, where kids get everything they want, at the expense of other things. I think it's ok to say no, and explain its for financial reasons. It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, but it can be in a way that teaches value of money,  (not, woe is me, we can't afford that. But look, if we go for this option, it's cheaper/we save money, and we still feel satisfied)

Saturday, October 03, 2015

31 days of money saving and stuff - day three

This tip kind of comes before yesterday's post if you're starting to try to manage your money better
- know your income and outgoings
- have a budget

I'm going to focus on the second today.
We have a budget for household shopping. I have x amount of money for food, cleaning products, loo roll, and pretty much anything I might buy at the supermarket. Yesterday (by which I mean the yesterday to the day i wrote this, not actually october second, see confession in my first post) I bought JJ a packet of Fireman Sam stickers which cost a quid, this came out of my household budget.
It's a fairly realistic budget, as I said yesterday, we recently increased this by ten pounds a week (and now I'm having odds and ends to empty out into my jar at the end of the week, most weeks, so I think it's a slightly generous budget, but allows for the extra I was needing)
But it also does reign me in at times when I might be tempted to splurge for the sake of splurging.

There are a few ways to come up with a budget figure for your household
A. Trial and error. Pick a number and try to stick to it. Yeah, it's a simple method, but can be frustrating until you've got it fixed.

B. Keep your receipts for a few days/weeks/months and do a rough tally of what you're spending and average it for a figure for the week/month, whichever works for you. I do a week, cos I think I'd be in danger of splurging at the start of a month and running out halfway through if I had a months figure in cash in my purse at the start of the month.

C. Make a list of things you buy regularly, and price them. I tend to remember a lot of prices in my head, just because that's the sort of brain I have, but sites like your supermarket online store, or 'my supermarket' is agood site for uk users to compare prices at different stores.
Then use that price list and make a realistic guess how much of each item you need in a week. Do the sums and come up with a total. I'd prob add on five to ten per cent to allow for anything you forgot to put on the list.

D. Use an online budget calculator. I've not got any links at my finger tips, but I'll try to find some later in the month.

Friday, October 02, 2015

31 days of money saving and stuff - day two

My tip for today

Use cash.

Each week we withdraw the shopping budget amount in cash and it goes in my purse. As the money decreases through the week (yeah, I'm one of those shop a few times, not do a big shop sort of girls most times), I start to think "do I actually need to buy this, or is it just a want". We did recently agree to slightly increase the weekly budget as I was regularly getting to day five or six and realising oh, we still need milk/bread/loo roll (the three most bought items in our house, probably) and the money was gone, or nearly gone. But if I'd been buying on the debit card all the time it would be a lot easier to go over budget/not keep track of what I was spending (and I'm talking from past experience)

The other thing I do is when I get the new money (usually crisp notes from the cash machine) I empty anything that is in my purse out into a jar. If I didn't already spend it, I clearly didn't need it that week. If I leave it in my purse, likihood is I will spend it the next week. But if it's out of the purse I can't spend it. Those dribs and drabs add up and can be used for treats, or, ad I often do, to go towards other money needs, like we pay our water bill by having a card scanned at the shop and giving them x amount to add on to our account, so having cash around to do that is a bonus.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

31 days of money saving and stuff - day one

I want to see if I can do 31days of posts in October, as many bloggers do. It's a 31 day thing. I think I've tried it before, but not sure if I've made it through.
I've been wanting to write some more posts about money saving and stuff like that, so I thought, hey, let's try to combine the two.

Confession, I'm starting writing posts on the 29th August, in the hope that I might manage to write enough posts by the end of October, but I will set it to auto post for October first. By the time the posts publish, I'll probably have forgotten what I wrote!

Every time I get in the shower I remember this one, and by the time I'm out and dressed, it's forgotten again, so let's see if I can actually blog it this time....
We went camping in the summer and I decanted my shampoo, conditioner and body wash into some of those little travel bottles, they're the ones with the lids that just click up a bit at the side and you squeeze out a bit of liquid. Well, at the time of writing this post, we've been back from camping 3 weeks and I'm still using those little bottles, I've showered almost every day. That's a lot of hair washes from little bottles I originally worried they wouldn't last the week. And then I realised, when I use my big bottles of shampoo etc, they have big holes and when I squirt it out on my hand, a lot comes out, and I just use it, but with the little bottles, you sort of have to apply a bit of force to squeeze the stuff out, and you automatically get a much smaller amount in your hand. But, and here's the important thing, the smaller amount of shampoo is enough to wash my hair. Sometimes I have to add a bit more water as I'm rubbing the shampoo in, to make it sud up and go all over, but it is enough. I'm using a significantly smaller amount at every hair wash, meaning the shampoo is going so much further. That sounds like a money saver to me.

I was going to take a photo of the little bottles, but I haven't, and I just remembered my tablet and blogger were not happy last time I tried to post pictures, so you'll have to use your imagination!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Charity shop shopping - be in it for the long haul

Today I popped to a local charity shop. It's one I've identified as a good place to buy school uniform. They have two big boxes in there at the back all year round and I've discovered it's worth having a look every few weeks. This time last week I managed to pick up several school dresses for soph, and several skirts. I had to buy her school grey pinafore dresses new from Tesco (but I used club card vouchers, which were on a double up scheme, as I used ten quid worth, doubled up to twenty, and got three dresses), but I didn't buy any of the skirts or summer dresses or the tshirts new, but got them all at fifty pence each mostly from that charity shop.

There's a drawer under my bed which is where I store out of season uniform (so currently, grey dresses and skirts, grey tights, and the cardigans which go with those dresses. Sophia has one drawer in her room for uniform, so currently she's got the summer dresses, lighter weight cardigans and white socks in there.  Additionally in my under bed drawer I have summer dresses in a bigger size, and some skirts in a bigger size, as well as the tshirts which are in a variety of sizes, and extra PE kit, all purchased in charity shops at fifty pence each.

Today I bought six items in the charity shop, one is a pair of shorts that will fit jj now, two pairs of bigger shorts, two trousers for JJ and a skirt that will fit soph in a couple of years. Because I'm willing to store some things,  and spend a little now, I am able to plan ahead and avoid big spends when my kids get bigger and need new clothes. I can shop in my drawer rather than the high street!

I'd really encourage you to do this if you can. (happy to share my shop location with local folk!). This principle can be applied to all children's clothing really, but school uniform is a biggy, in my opinion, cos they have to wear it. My other tip would be to buy the more expensive brands. Most all of JJ's trousers are from M&S or next, Soph has clothes from M&S too. I also made sure that I check the, over for wear - particularly at the crotch and knees for boys! And, I'd advise keeping a running list of what you've got already, so you don't end up with too much in one size. Final tip, if you do have too much, or your child outgrows an item before it's worn out, consider gifting to a friend with smaller children (not necessarily younger!), passing on to the school as spare stuff, which is particularly in demand in the younger years, or selling on your local Facebook group to make back your money.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I want to blog about some of the ways I save our family's money and some of the ways I spend it, but I don't want to come across as presumptuous or preaching. Knowing what you know about me (many of you will have seen my reduced meat and veg hauls on Facebook) what would you like me to write about? Give me some questions to answer to get me started!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Where we are

Life in our house is noisy. Soph is five now, obsessed with school and writing and cutting and drawing and generally covering six million pieces of paper in mostly unintelligible scribbles. Actually, to be fair to her, they are becoming more comprehensible, as she puts her knowledge of phonics and blends to piece together words and sentences, although she hasn't really mastered the art of putting spaces inbetween words.

JJ is all boy, climbing, running, jumping and generally doing all the things you never even thought of banning them from doing, until he had done them. He's three, and goes to the school nursery at soph's school, he's ever so proud that he has a big boy uniform to wear too.

I am still being a stay at home mummy. Enjoying my time with the kids (mostly!) but also my time without them - oh how I love my time in the morning without them, although it gets rapidly filled with all the usual mummy stuff, volunteering in soph's class, and church stuff.

M is still around too, working all the crazy shifts his job throws at him, meaning sometimes the kids and I have to do weekends without him, but other times we have to put up with him around the place for several days on end. We mostly survive both. He's also really getting involved in church stuff, which is great, as that's exactly why we moved here about 14 months ago.

We've settled in well, more than well, and really enjoying being a part of this community.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Freezer survey

I've just done my freezer survey, I have a lot of pork. It's portioned up. If I'm cooking I'd probably use one. M usually uses two of the marinated ones

M curry for work o o o
Meatballs o
Fancy sausage pack of six o
Stock O o o (that means one big and two small pots)
Bolognaise tiny pot, and rice, tiny pot. Clearly needs to be a lunch one day!
Lasagne o
Soup o o o o o
Pastry o o
Quorn chorizo o o (not really sure what to do with this, maybe on a tart made with some of the pastry!)
chicken tikka masala o
Beef mince o o
Stewing beef o o
Turkey mince o o o o
Marinated pork portions o o o o o o o o o o
Chicken portions (boneless thighs mostly) o o o
Pork ribs o
Pork ( joint or chops) o o o o o o o
Chicken (whole) o
Wraps (forgot to count)
Sausages pack of twenty o o
Puréed veg sauce (for use with mince to make lasagne etc) o o o o o
Quorn 'mince' o
Quorn 'chicken' o
Mixed frozen veg o
Peppered slice (m will prob take to work) o
Curry sauce??? O
Fish fingers pack of ten o o
Pot of cooked chicken o
Daal o
Mashed bananas o
Ice cream
Ice pops

And there you have it, the delights of my freezer! ( well, freezer and freezer shelf in fridge)
Coming soon. Contents of my cupboards!

Ten Ten Fourteen

Well, I appear to have failed to blog every day in October, but I am getting back into the swing of blogging, so that's gotta be good,right?  Assuming anyone is out there reading!

Having done a couple of hops this week, preparing for Sophie's party tomorrow, I'm feeling that the bank account would appreciate a little less spending in the next week or two, so I'm having a minimal spend challenge for myself. And I welcome your support keeping me on track, or if anyone else wants to challenge themselves and comment or blog about it, that would be fantastic too.

I'm probably going to make the rules up as I go along, but so far I'm thinking
I'm allowed to buy
Bread (though I will be making my family eat wraps from the freezer, healthy muffins for breakfast instead of bread, and I may try to make some - I think I have some bread flour in the cupboard)
Loo roll. Nuff said!
Baby wipes/tissues if we need them. I have a fair number in the cupboard upstairs.
Any medication etc needs thst come up.

I need to do a freezer and cupboard survey,and I will post them here. So recipes/meal ideas welcomed! I know I have a lot of pork in the freezer, much of it marinated cuts like belly slices and chops.

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

October eighth

Blank mind.
Busy week
More busy to come - Sophie's party on Saturday, need to cook/decorate various things.
Ought to go to bed, but playing on iPad.
This is a nothing post, written cos I don't want to miss another post!

About October seventh

It was Sophia's birthday yesterday and then we had our first life group at our house which Menard and I are helping to lead. So it was a bit busy to post.

I did take photos from the day, but my iPad doesn't like talking to blogger, so it will have to wait until I can get on a computer.

Highlights of the day:
Sophia declaring it was the worsest birthday ever after being told off for hurting her brother a nd then daddy told her she had to put her shoes on to go to school (she really loves school, she just didn't want to stop playing with her presents!)

The hello kitty cake toppers I ordered late on Thursday, arriving on Saturday, meaning I could use them to put on top of cupcakes, which a) was like what Topsy and Tim had for their birthday, and b) softened the blow that the big hello kitty cake is being made for her party (so there are lots of people to eat it) and not for her birthday day.

Soph declaring it was the bestest birthday ever, after playing  with her hello kitty toy kitchen, play tent, and hoopla hoop all at once, and eating her hello kitty cupcakes!

Monday, October 06, 2014

October sixth

Tomorrow my Sophie baby turns five.those five years flew by! This time five years ago I was in labour, either on my way to hospital or sat on a birthing ball, or maybe the end of the bed, eating sausage and mash for the second time in a few hours. I hadn't eaten much all day, so they made me eat some more!

Tomorrow she'll go off to school as normal, and she's excited about taking sweets to give her friends at the end of the day. We'll do presents and cupcakes, and then on Saturday we're having her party with lots of friends coming over. She's very excited about the Hello Kitty cake I'll be making (I'm still working on my plans of exactly what I'm going to do!)

Sunday, October 05, 2014

October fifth

Had a lovely afternoon. Menard was at work, but Sophie was being my kitchen helper. She mashed up some bananas which were very ripe, so we could freeze them. She helped me wash up and put things away, and helped me peel onions and chop green tomatoes for making chutney. She and I both cried from the onions! But that's another job from the to-do list ticked off, and gets the bowls of green tomatoes off the counter, and possibly that will be a step forward in the fight against fruit flies, which are everywhere today. If anyone has any good ways to fight them, let me know!

About October fourth

Yesterday we went to visit my mum and dad and to do the 'jumble trail' around their local area - people could sign up on a site to say they would be putting out a stall to sell all sorts of things, aka jumble. Americans would probably call it a yard sale trail.

Unfortunately it rained and some of the folks obviously decided to call off their stalls, but the hard ones were out with gazebos or similar make-do shelters!

I picked up quite a few bargains...
Two kids scooters to live at nana's house (unless our current ones fall apart) £3 each
Books. Which will probably be Christmas presents £1.50
George pig top for JJ 50p
3 in one puzzle set 50p
Plastic divided kids plate 50p
In the night garden figures 25p for six!
Dressing up outfits 25p for fireman jacket and another outfit, can't remember what!
Duvet cover and pillow case with cars and trucks on for JJ £2
Wonderful tiger hat and mittens 30p
Christmas tin we'll use to put sweets in to give as a gift 10p
Another book-hardback collection of stories 30p
A shapes pairs game 20p
Foam sticky letters and foam smiley faces 40p
A make a doll kit with ribbons, buttons etc to make the clothes. Retailed £15, lady sold it to me for £3
Plus for free - carrier bag of clothes for Sophie, two pairs of shoes, cars for JJ, two clip on lights
And there may have been something else, I just can't remember what!

Had a lovely time anyway. And didn't get too wet, well, I dried out afterwards!

Friday, October 03, 2014

October third

All I can think of today is oh. I want to go to bed!
It's Friday, we made it to the end of the week!
Unfortunately, M is working various shifts this weekend, so I may be happy when it's got to Tuesday and he's off again!

Sophie and JJ make me laugh. When I collect JJ from preschool he tells me all about it, well, he says "i play SAND, CARS!". But then when we collect Sophie and she's telling me about her day, he will continually interrupt with "me talk 'bout my school too mummy, my school!"

Thursday, October 02, 2014

October second

Right now we are going through a terrible twos tantrum stage with JJ. He'll be three in December, so I hope they finish soon.

But the big thing around here this coming week is that my baby is going to be five. That teeny tiny baby grew and grew and grew and grew some more (seriously! She's in age 7-8 clothes, and many of her clothes are 9-10!).

My Sophia Louise is turning five on Tuesday. Wherever did that time go?! She started in proper school (rather than nursery or preschool) this September, she's learning to read! (still at learning sounds stage, but she's getting better and better), she loves books, playing schools, and a whole big bunch of imaginary play.

Over the years she's had an imaginary friend called Sophie (as confusing as you might expect it to be), she's had imaginary dogs, including one called pink dog, who was, you've guessed it, pink.
There's been Ollie, and he's still around. In fact the other day, Sophie's imaginary friend Ollie went to preschool with Jaiden. How's that for confusing?!  I love my Sophia and her imagination, although sometimes I wish she would stay in the real world a little more often when I'm asking her to put her shoes on or get dressed for school.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

October first

Today was the first day where Sophie was at school all day and Jaiden was at preschool all day.
I have to say, I think Wednesdays are shaping up to be good days!
I did some chilling, some cleaning, some tidying, some walking with friends, a meet and great with Sophie's school parents association (now known as friends of... To be more inclusive to all adults who want to get involved)
And collecting Sophie (M got JJ. Collection is the only potential tricky point of wednesdays - collecting them both from opposite directions, with only a few minutes to get from one to the other. But it will be fine if M is not on a shift!)
Now we're sitting watching fireman Sam - JJ's choice! And I'm being critical of all the silly reasons they're calling Sam out for!

Monday, September 22, 2014

More clear as mud conversations

JJ:  I am a nee-naw man.
Me: Are you a police nee-naw man, a fire nee-naw man, or an ambulance nee-naw man?
JJ: I am a nee-naw man, a nee-naw man like my puzzle.

Ah yes, that clears that up then (the puzzle is 'rescue squad' and has fire engine, ambulance, police car, tow truck, rescue helicopter and a life boat.  My bets are on fireman though, as he's pretty obsessed with fireman Sam at the moment)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September goals

Been thinking a lot about de cluttering and making our house less full of stuff lately. I also need to work on de-cluttering some of me, but I think that would easily take its own post.

I've been selling stuff on Facebook, in my local selling groups, and in my own Facebook group. Plus trying to give things to people who could use them, and of course sending things to charity shops.

I'm also considering starting a business venture, as a de-cluttering and organising consultant. Dunno if that's gonna work or not, but it's something I enjoy doing, so if you know anyone who needs help tackling a problem area, working on loosening emotional attachments to belongings, or just fancy a bit of help cleaning out the under stairs cupboard, just give me a shout!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Me: whatcha gonna be when you're older, JJ?
JJ: I be bigger and bigger and bigger
Me: ok, but what do you want to do when you're older?
JJ: I be a tiger
Me: um, ok, but what job do you want to do?
JJ: I be tiger who goes work.

Well, there you have it folks! He then proceeded to spend the rest of the car journey practicing his roar.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Awesome God!

Had a blogging  break? Uh, yeah, so I did a little bit. But there's been so much going on.

In March we moved from outer London to outta London! Not too far, still near enough to visit friends and relations, but far enough for it to have a totally different feel to the town. Yeah, it's a town. Don't think it's big enough to be a city, so that's different for a start. One of my best friends lives across town, and even at busy times, if I pick the right roads, I could get to her house probably in ten minutes.

Why did we move? Well, mostly because God told us to. We talked a bit about that  in a talk we did at church, which was recorded. I'm not going to link direct here, but if you know me in person, you could probably find it if you wanted to!

We, well firstly Menard, felt God's call to come and be a part of a church plant - a new church , still in the setting up phase. It took me a while to feel it too, but once I did, we went for it! I don't talk a huge amount about my faith on here, I proble ought to do it more! But this I will say, our lives for the past year read like an adventure book of how God has done stuff to get us here, and really just shown us that He wants us here, and  He's the one who's going to get the glory for making it happen.

I have more testimonies of God's faithfulness than I can really remember.  Some big ones include getting us a place to live. Getting us a place in a school which was our first choice, despite a phone call which showed us thst she definitely didn't have a place there initially. A preschool place for Jaiden. A new job for Menard. Enough food to eat and covering our bills and financial needs in the over two month period where we had no income coming in from Menard's job (he didn't have a job/it was the period inbetween jobs/during the first month of his new job, before he got paid)

I'm actually tearing up, Just writing about it. I am truly overwhelmed and humbled by how awesome God is, and how clear it's been that we are in the right place. We're getting stuck in at church, have made some friends who will be friends for life, and have generally thrown ourselves into life here in new town.

Monday, May 26, 2014

When I'm grown up... A peek at the world of adults from Sophie's viewpoint

The other day we had some biscuits and I let each of the children have one. Sophie asked for another, and I told her no. This caused her to become distraught with frustration and anger (not an unusual occurrence round here at the moment, unfortunately). She was so cross that I would deny her a second biscuit.   She finally choked out "when I'm a grown up, I'm going to go to the shop and buy all the chocolate biscuits and eat them all myself and not share with you".  There was a pause, and then she added, " but mummy, you will take me so I know how to get to the shop, won't you?"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The highest compliment Jaiden can bestow

Yesterday JJ and I popped to tesco to pick up a couple of things. (We came out with five bags full, but that's another story!).
On the way out we spotted a man in a high visability jacket standing in line at customer service. JJ was very excited "look mummy, bin lorry man! Bin lorry man!" (garbage truck guy, for our American readers). When we got outside he looked all around and said "oh no! Bin lorry gone. Bad man took non lorry, Bin lorry man sad".  He cannot comprehend the idea that someone in a fluorescent jacket could be anything but a bin man.

Case in point. As we got in the car, we spotted a guy who works for the store, also in a bright tabard, pushing trolleys to go away. JJ shouted with abundant glee " 'nother bin lorry man  mummy, 'nother one!".
Absolutely no persuading otherwise, that guy was clearly a bin man, moonlighting as a trolley pusher, or maybe just being helpful in a spare moment. He was a bin man, no doubt about it, and most importantly, as far a JJ was concerned, it was the best thing ever!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Happy happy

Auntie cuddles today!
Hannah and her baby are here for a few days. Staying at my mum's, but they all came over today. I got lots of cuddles, first time since Christmas! And was far too busy to take photos! Aunit
Soph took some on nana's camera though, so if I can get a hold of any of those, I'll share.

I'm blogging over at my other blog, as I try to get a hold of my eating and weight, so I'm hoping to be there most days, though it will be mostly food diary type stuff.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Missing you

We're in the process of packing up our world and moving a bit further out of London, to join a church there.
I will be back soon with more.
We have a fantastic testimony of God's faithfulness in finding our new house and many other things along the way...

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Sophia's Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

Before piped features
With features (excuse the shadow, it's funny light in my kitchen)
With candles

Soph blowing out candles will come later, cos Menard took those

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013


"Sophie, do you want crumpets for lunch?"
Sophie looks at crumpets...
"those aren't trumpets, they're drums"

heard just now...
"I'm dressing up to look like Jesus"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Soph Feeds Goats!

We went with a friend and her daughter to a local 'garden centre' which also has an animal area. 
('garden centre' cos it seemed to sell anything and everything)
The girls had a fantastic time feeding goats 
(food available for 20p a handful from a little machine)
And JJ missed all most of the fun by being fast asleep. 
Chicken photographed especially for Bren