Monday, September 22, 2014

More clear as mud conversations

JJ:  I am a nee-naw man.
Me: Are you a police nee-naw man, a fire nee-naw man, or an ambulance nee-naw man?
JJ: I am a nee-naw man, a nee-naw man like my puzzle.

Ah yes, that clears that up then (the puzzle is 'rescue squad' and has fire engine, ambulance, police car, tow truck, rescue helicopter and a life boat.  My bets are on fireman though, as he's pretty obsessed with fireman Sam at the moment)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September goals

Been thinking a lot about de cluttering and making our house less full of stuff lately. I also need to work on de-cluttering some of me, but I think that would easily take its own post.

I've been selling stuff on Facebook, in my local selling groups, and in my own Facebook group. Plus trying to give things to people who could use them, and of course sending things to charity shops.

I'm also considering starting a business venture, as a de-cluttering and organising consultant. Dunno if that's gonna work or not, but it's something I enjoy doing, so if you know anyone who needs help tackling a problem area, working on loosening emotional attachments to belongings, or just fancy a bit of help cleaning out the under stairs cupboard, just give me a shout!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Me: whatcha gonna be when you're older, JJ?
JJ: I be bigger and bigger and bigger
Me: ok, but what do you want to do when you're older?
JJ: I be a tiger
Me: um, ok, but what job do you want to do?
JJ: I be tiger who goes work.

Well, there you have it folks! He then proceeded to spend the rest of the car journey practicing his roar.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Awesome God!

Had a blogging  break? Uh, yeah, so I did a little bit. But there's been so much going on.

In March we moved from outer London to outta London! Not too far, still near enough to visit friends and relations, but far enough for it to have a totally different feel to the town. Yeah, it's a town. Don't think it's big enough to be a city, so that's different for a start. One of my best friends lives across town, and even at busy times, if I pick the right roads, I could get to her house probably in ten minutes.

Why did we move? Well, mostly because God told us to. We talked a bit about that  in a talk we did at church, which was recorded. I'm not going to link direct here, but if you know me in person, you could probably find it if you wanted to!

We, well firstly Menard, felt God's call to come and be a part of a church plant - a new church , still in the setting up phase. It took me a while to feel it too, but once I did, we went for it! I don't talk a huge amount about my faith on here, I proble ought to do it more! But this I will say, our lives for the past year read like an adventure book of how God has done stuff to get us here, and really just shown us that He wants us here, and  He's the one who's going to get the glory for making it happen.

I have more testimonies of God's faithfulness than I can really remember.  Some big ones include getting us a place to live. Getting us a place in a school which was our first choice, despite a phone call which showed us thst she definitely didn't have a place there initially. A preschool place for Jaiden. A new job for Menard. Enough food to eat and covering our bills and financial needs in the over two month period where we had no income coming in from Menard's job (he didn't have a job/it was the period inbetween jobs/during the first month of his new job, before he got paid)

I'm actually tearing up, Just writing about it. I am truly overwhelmed and humbled by how awesome God is, and how clear it's been that we are in the right place. We're getting stuck in at church, have made some friends who will be friends for life, and have generally thrown ourselves into life here in new town.