Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 months 2 days

About five seconds after taking these I realised JJ had done his favourite trick of pooing while sitting in his bouncy chair! (the blur on the left of the second picture is his big sister moving too fast to be caught by a simple camera!)

(This blog seems to have turned into a photo blog for a little while, but I'm sure noone's complaining!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sophia moments I want to remember

Old McDonald according to Miss Sophia "Farmer had a farm, ear ear oh! chick chick chick"

Yesterday she went swimming with Nana and Nana left her glasses in the shower afterwards and they had to go back to get them. Last night Sophia reenacted this event several time with her bear, and they also swam around the room.

Sophia's pronunciation of teddy bear "teh bear".

On Wednesday I bend down to pick something up and misjudged the distance and ended up wacking my head on the wall so hard that I saw stars and cried a bit. Sophia was very concerned and climbed into my lap to hug me. She said "shh shh shhh it's awlright mummy" (Which is pretty much what she and I both say to JJ at least ten times a day!)

Right now Sophia is sat on the floor with a bear in her lap watching 'Show Me Show Me'. When it comes to 'show me show me your groovy moves' she stands up and dances along with the presenters, and getting bear to dance too.

Oh, one more
"Grandad Jog, has some men. Couldn't put it together again. When they're up they're down"

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Sophia, once she got over her initial unsureness of Jaiden, has become a doting big sister, and JJ just loves getting his sister's attention.

As I type (on Monday morning) the two of them are on his play mat. Jaiden's lying down staring up at his big sister, and Sophia's got a pot and spoon from her play kitchen, and is pretending to feed him (I told her she mustn't actually put the spoon in his mouth but just 'tend).

Earlier this morning Jaiden was crying (I was changing his nappy and clothes). Sophia ran to get a tissue "sad eyes crying wet" she said, and wanted to mop up his tears.

I'm enjoying watching their relationship develop.

Photos to follow soon, once I've located the lead for the camera!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

one, two, three, all present and correct

Feeding Sophia vegetables!

Sophia loves fruit. On a daily basis she'll ask for 'suma (satsuma), pear, waisins (raisins!), apple, and more! She won't always get all of them (since I don't really want her pooing all the time), but she gets a fair amount. But she is not a good vegetable eater. She loves baked beans, but not much else, oh apart from potato and I'm not sure they really count.

A couple of recipes I've tried lately, which include a hidden vegetable serving have actually been a hit.

First, carrot and courgette muffins as seen on children's tv program 'I can cook'. We made them together, with even more carrot and courgette than the recipe asked for, and she enjoyed them. The first time I made them I used brown flour and both times I cut out most of the sugar. She actually seems to like the ones we made with brown flour better than with white! (the cooking instructions on there are a bit confused. I'd do mini muffins for about ten minutes at gas mark 4/180C/350F)

Next a breakfast bake. It's got egg, which we've recently discovered she's really into, and sausage and I was able to hide stir-fried onion, cabbage and leek in with the sausage layer and she wolfed it down.

Finally an invention of my own, or my own variation anyway. Take a tortilla, spread with tomato puree, grate on carrot and courgette and add grated cheese on top. Stick in the oven for a little while until cheese is melty and delicious. The cheese hides the fact that there's veggies on there!

Any more hidden veg suggestions gratefully received. (I know everyone does the classic blended veg in sauce thing, but she doesn't really like pasta or rice! Sometimes she'll eat soup, if I'm lucky!)

Monday, February 06, 2012