Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bits and pieces

I'm going to a farm tomorrow. I'm very excited. Actually, it's a school trip with one of the classes I work with, but I'm probably just as excited, if not more excited than the kids!
For a start, it's a trip. To a farm. How could that not be exciting?
Secondly, it means that we get a day out of the school building and the normal routine. That's the second one of those we've had this week (including bank holiday Monday)
Thirdly, well, I may have run out of reasons, but I think the ones I've already stated were good ones.

Tomorrow I'll probably see pigs, but that thought didn't stop me enjoying the yummy roast pork that my hubby cooked me for dinner. (Yes, he cooks. And cleans. No, you can't have him, he's mine)

This weekend we're having lots of people from church over for lunch (well, it's a bring and share type thing,but based at and around our flat). I've been counting the plates and cutlery to see if we have anywhere near enough. I think I may ask a friend to bring some of hers over. We have some more plates and other exciting things arriving tomorrow, because our wedding gifts from our John Lewis list will be arriving. should be fun unpacking and finding homes for it all. We've spent the last month saying "well, there's one on the list so it's not really worth buying another one" and surviving with what we've got, such as our really tiny frying pan (Thanks Lousie for giving it to us, it's been used pretty much daily ever since!)

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Mary deB said...

Sounds exciting -- the pigs, the cooking hubby, the gifts arriving....