Monday, August 31, 2009


It's just struck home to me that after all these years reading Mum/Mom blogs, I am a blogger who's going to be a Mum! Ok, so talk about stating the obvious, but remember this is the girl who can freak herself out by forgetting that she's pregnant when she wakes up in the night, and then get a shock catching sight of the BUMP* in the mirror.

I'm still working on what exactly I'll be sharing on here. It's one thing blogging about myself, it's another blogging about others like Menard and Tiny. I don't think I've crossed the line yet, but I'd also rather stay the right side of the line, while also sharing with the many many friends I've made in the blogging and online world. It's a tough one, so bear with me!

* written not in capital letters just didn't convey the size of the bump well enough, hence BUMP!

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