Friday, December 30, 2005

My first comment

I expect I will get used to having a blog and people posting comments and all that, but in the meantime.... Hurrah! How exciting, my first comment. It means someone actually read my blog (even if only because I told them to).

I think I'm going to like having a blog. It seems a good way of telling lots of people (if they're interested) what exciting, or slightly less so, things I've been doing. And as we are almost into the new year it seems a good time to start.

I wonder what on earth I'll be doing this time next year. Knowing what last year was like, I'm sure I won't be doing whatever seems most likely at the moment - This time last year I was expecting to be a primary teacher by now, however things happened slightly differently.....

(sorry, I will try to cut down on my use of full stops like that, but just not this time because they're there now and I like them.)

My life

My life actually began 23 years and 7 and a bit months ago, but as a blogger I'm brand new.
He he, it's quite exciting really.
I've been thinking I ought to have a blog for ages, but it took a little bit of as-sister-ance to get going. Right, four sentences must be enough for a first post so I'm going to see what I have to do next...