Monday, July 20, 2009

The joys of third trimester grocery shopping

The bump is at the exact same level as the handle of the shopping trolley. Pushing the trolley with your belly works when you have a squishy fat belly, not so well when you have a firm pregnant belly.
(Incidentally, the bump is also at the same level as our bathroom sink. I've given up on trying to get any sort of lean in close-up look at my face for the rest of the duration)

Reaching up for items from the top shelf is increasingly difficult. Being a tall person, I've always been the one helping others out. I think I may have to start asking for help myself as these last couple of months progress.

Reaching for items off the bottom shelves is even worse. My left hip is hurting for some reason, and of course there's the back ache too. It's still just about possible to get down there, but I may soon just give up and cook meals according to what can be purchased from the middle shelves.

Going shopping while hungry is a huge mistake. This is a mistake when you're not pregnant, but I'm one of those "I'm hungry and I need to eat NOW" sort of pregnant people, and the resulting impulse buys are adding up.

Writing a list is always a good idea. There will always be impulse buys, but writing a list helps to eliminate some of those. And, more importantly, writing a list helps increase the likelihood that I will come home with that item. This is not totally fail-safe, for example last week I'd managed to lose the list before I'd even done have the shop. However, if you don't write something on the list, it's pretty certain that that item will be forgotten.


Pixie's Purpose said...

I always found it frustrating that my belly got in the way when doing dishes, I'm considerably shorter than you but I never felt like I was standing close enough to the kitchen sink while I was pregnant.

goodkarma said...

middle shelf meals made me laugh, debs.