Thursday, October 27, 2011

quick update

Life lately has been one big yawn. Not that it's been boring, but that it's been tiring. I'm reaching the end of the pregnancy now (about 6 weeks or so to go now) and I'm feeling it. Pregnant life with Miss 2 year old is more tiring than being pregnant with her! We're surviving by taking naps together when we can, and with the help of my in laws and my parents too.

I'm planning to be back soon, but if I'm not, don't worry. We're doing ok :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Yesterday Sophia discovered the lolly moulds for making lollies at home with squash or juice. Of course she recognised what they were and was asking for us to make some lollies. So she and Nana made some squash and put the lollies together and put them in the freezer.

Fast forward to this morning. I had to leave Sophia downstairs for a couple of minutes cos little bean had been bouncing on my bladder... when I came back down I started doing a few things in the kitchen, making our lunch for a picnic with some friends. I looked in the freezer for something and noticed that the lollies were missing. I thought well maybe Menard's eaten them, although how he could get through six in one evening, and where he'd put the left over moulds was confusing. So I called upstairs to him and he claimed no responsibility.

Sophia heard me talking about lollies and said "lollies!". She went over to her toy 'little tykes' kitchen and opened the cupboard she calls the fridge. Lo and behold, there were the lollies. She'd taken them out of the freezer and put them in her fridge!