Wednesday, December 02, 2015

peek a boo

Not forgotten about blogging, not dead. Just busy!

This time of year always seems to stress me out slightly.  I think its just the sheer onslaught of things to do and places to be, especially with Soph and JJ now at school (well, school nursery for JJ). There are craft sessions, nativity plays, parties, and various other events to sign forms for and send money to. There was the car MOT which stressed me out way more than it should have, but it's passed for another year, thank you God! Christmas shopping, which is actually mostly done, and just generally darker earlier evenings and later in the mornings which are just somewhat depressing.
Although we did go on a wonderful adventure to the post box the other day at 5.30pm with the kids dressed in high vis jackets and JJ had his hard hat on too. You never know what you might meet between home and the post box in the dark!
So I'm treasuring the empty moments when they do occur, to be some precious me time, and that means blogging hasn't been a priority.
If i ever work out how to make my technology agree with bloggers, I have some lovely photos to share. Maybe if i can remember how to hack myself into my flickr account I might manage to do it that way. Pondering....
Ok, bye for now, short and sweet, typing in the local library, who are wonderful and friendly, but I really ought to get on with my day now.