Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Names

So far it's safe to say that we don't really have a clue what we want to name this baby. If it's a boy he'll be given his Daddy's name as a middle name (since it's a family name which has been handed down a few generations), and we have a couple of vague girl name ideas, but other than that, we ain't got a clue!
Let's have a little reader poll...
(If you have children) How did you chose what to name your children? Did you look at things like meanings?
What's are your favourite names?
Do you think I'm having a boy or a girl? (Just thought I'd throw that out there, just for fun!)


Julie said...

Annie? (means grace/favour)

Mary deB said...

I guess if you work in a school you know kids aren't called John and Mary anymore!

We paid no attention to the meaning of names. We had a book called Beyond Jennifer and Jason, which looked at the fashion in names. Both our kids' names were on the Fashion Limbo page -- not So Far Out They're In -- and people said, when we introduced Arthur, "Oh, that's my dad's name!" He has never had to share his name with anyone in class etc. It is obviously a boy's name, unlike Jordan or Dakota or even Spencer!

Wait, what was the question....

Pick a name that doesn't rhyme with your surname. My friend's last name is Pugh, and her son has the dad's last name, but is called Hugh. Not really Hugh Pugh, but of course that's what we call him behind their backs.

I think you will have a girl named Gloria. (We couldn't have Gloria, because her last name would be Morris, and Gloria Morris would be a disaster.)

I love naming babies. Back in the dark ages of the twentieth century there were baby name webpages.... let's see now...

Ah, the top baby names in Canada:

Go wild!

Kathleen said...

I think that, whatever you name a baby, within a few hours that name is perfect and fits. You might want to meet him first.

Once we knew we were having a boy I started choosing names and Steve started vetoing them for me. He didn't like my brother's name. He didn't like any name that could possibly be French or Spanish or Latin American. But his first choice was "Patrick" and I didn't like that, either, so I think he was a bit sore to start off.

I'd say that, at first, I just wanted a name that wouldn't be made fun of. Also, in New England people talk funny, so I didn't want any important R's. (Steve's cousin Mark kept saying "Call him Maahk! Call him Maahk!") But then I just picked plain old names that I liked. Andrew happens to be my grandfather's name, but I never had the chance to meet him.

That was long and of no help.

I think you're having a boy, by the way. But I can't wait to find out for sure!

Pixie's Purpose said...

My son was named after his Grandfather on his dad's side and his middle name is for both of my Grandfathers, my dad and my brother.

I always liked the name Autumn Renee but if my husband and I would have had a daughter together her name would be Leslie Renee, combining his middle name and mine.

Sometimes the name just comes to you when you see the child, though. What every you pick, it will be fitting and your baby will be beautiful!

Right As Rain Creations said...

Our children's middle names are all after their grandparents. My daughter has my mom's name as her middle (it is also my middle name and has been passed down through my maternal side going on five generations now!).

So we picked names that went well with the middle names that were already set.

Then we narrowed it down by meaning/sound of entire name/possible nicknames, etc.

We struggled to conceive our first, so choosing Isaac, which means laughter and follows the Isaac in the Bible born to Abraham and Sarah (who had way more trouble conceiving than we ever did! LOL) seemed quite appropriate. After that, we stuck with Biblical names.

Let me tell you, trying to find Biblical names that you like, that sound good with the middle name you've already set, that have meaning, that don't elicit unfortunate nicknames, and that you both agree upon is QUITE HARD! lol - but we did it! Isaac James, Thaddeus David, and Miriam Ida (the Hebrew meaning of Miriam is "bitter" but the Egyptian meaning is "beloved." We figure since the Biblical Miriam was born while the Jews were Egyptian slaves, it is possible the Biblical Miriam was given the Egyptian name.)

Sorry for the novel there!

Stephine said...

So I'm reading this a few wks late, i hate computer crashes, really.

Anyway, I *think* it's a girl.(watch me be totally wrong, it's all 50/50 ya know?)

As for names, I stuck to biblical for boys and should i ever have a girl it comes down to sentimental. I have a Gabriel and Levi. I also like to try and stay out of the whole "top 20ish names" Nothing like your child walking into class with 3 other children of the same name right?

Whatever you choose, you know it'll be right for you guys, can't wait until the little bean is here and you post pictures.

hugs and love and best wishes,