Monday, August 03, 2009

31 weeks and other ramblings

I'm 31 weeks pregnant. That's scary. It's gone so fast. I've been pregnant all year (literally), and so many things have been squeezed into that year. It's funny how time can do that - feel slow and yet fast all at once.
So far this year I've started a new job, got married, moved into a new flat, and lots of other more minor events too. In less than two weeks HP will be getting married, and within 12 months of my getting married, Bekki will be too. That's a lot of events for one family.

I have a master list for things that I want/need to do before the baby arrives. And I've even managed to tick off a few things (fix in tax return, finally request for our wedding gift vouchers to be posted to us..), but the problem is I keep thinking of other things that need to go on the list. I guess as long I keep tackling, and put some fun things on there too, it'll hopefully all get done in the end.

I'm so not ready for this baby to arrive, and yet at other times I feel I'm just ready for it to come out now. Tiny's been 'cooking' so long, surely it must be nearly ready?! I'm also looking forward to not having to empty my bladder so often at night time, and not needing six million pillows to get me even a little bit comfortable. I'm definitely looking forward to meeting Tiny in person.


HP said...

Can we swap? I'll do things on your list and you can sort out my wedding?

Kathleen said...

Try to keep it simple - do one thing a day or week. Pace yourself. Things will get done. And you need to rest. And I SO know what you mean about being ready when there's 8 weeks left before the baby is due.

Pig wot flies said...

We're all looking forward to meeting Tiny too!

Hugs! Love you! :-)

The Thrifty Stylist said...

the last month or so can get rough when you're like "Get it OUT OF ME already!" but it's still nice to still have some time to prepare! you'll be awesome, don't worry :D

Mrs Wibbs said...

You might not need to empty your bladder quite so often at night, but the need to empty your boobs will more than make up it, trust me...! Still, somehow, that does feel like a much more productive thing to do.
How exciting.
I can't wait to meet your cute little coffee-coloured person soon too!!!
Hang in there. You're on the home stretch.