Sunday, May 20, 2007

What to write?

I have several blog posts ticking over in my brain, the problem is I can't remember exactly what any of them were going to be about!

I have one more week of school, and then we have a week off for half-term. Next weekend we are going on a church weekend away to Ashburnham Place. My Mum and Dad will be staying in the house, but somehow I managed to volunteer myself to camp. Actually I have camped there several times before, and on one notable occasion the weather was terrible, and there was a mini-tornado which hit about 3 miles away! I'm pretty sure we won't get that again, and so long as I take lots of layers and prepare for all types of weather, I'm sure it'll be fine.

This week some wonderful friends of mine are going to be moving up to Scotland. I'm really going to miss them all, although I've already been promised a bed to sleep in anytime I want to go visit. J homeschools her four children, and I've had the pleasure of knowing them and doing things like babysitting and visiting them since before no. 3 and no. 4 were born. I love telling them things like how I remember cuddling them when they were really tiny, and how I've had the joy of changing 3 out of 4 of thems nappies over the years! More recently I've been able to take little one and J over to visit them, which has given C, the youngest, an opportunity to experience being the older child who gets to boss\look after a younger child!


HP said...

just give me anything with pictures and i'll love it.
plus its always fun to hear what you're getting up to back home!!

Kathleen said...

Ugh! No tornados! How awful. Somehow whenever I went camping (note oast tense) It always rained or dropped below 30 degrees, or else we forgot and pitched the tent on a pile of rocks. Visit your friends in Scotland! And post photos. Of your trip.