Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision - the explanation

Eurovision always falls at this time of year, and generally happens on the either the weekend before or the weekend after my birthday. (This year it's the weekend before as it's my birthday on Friday). Over the years it became a tradition to have some sort of Eurovision party to celebrate my birthday, and to give each person a score sheet to take notes on each act and give them our own scores.

Unfortunatly this year Eurovision crept up on me, and since my uni friends are now scattered over the countty, and there are a couple of events alreadt going on with my friends round here I decided that I would just have to sit and watch it on my own. Actually, to be fair, I was invited out to watch it with some other people, but by that point I'd decided to blog my thoughts and comments instead, so I stayed in. I know that's a bit sad, but I've had great fun blogging and sitting here watching with my Dad.

It wouldn't be the Eurovision without Terry Wogan commentating. I'm sitting watching\listening to the votes coming in at the moment, with Terry's usual comments on the location of the countries being more important than the quality of the act (how true!).

Anyway, if you're not all that interested you don't have to read all my Eurovision posts, but I just thought It'd be a good way to keep them for posterity. If you did watch\are watching you can read them and comment (if you wish!) on what you thought about them.

UPDATES: The UK finally recieves its first points (7) from Ireland at 22:46.
At least this year noone will go away with nil points.

Oh, and Malta just gave us 12 points. We may not end up at the bottom of the score board (although it could still happen!)

FINAL UPDATE: Serbia are the winners. The UK came 23rd out of 24th. Ireland came last.

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Jo said...

Hey Debs,

Was just thinking about you and remembering your Eurovision parties. I really enjoy reading your blog.

I saw Suz, Claire and Jo last week. It was good to catch up. Anyway, was just saying hi.

Take care,