Friday, May 04, 2007

tis past the season, but never mind

I finally got round to getting up to date with transferring my photos from my phone to the computer. You have to go into each photo and select to send it using bluetooth, and then it searches for the computer, and then you have to click on the computer to accept it. And some days the computer and phone don't want to be able to 'see' each other. So what with finding the time and having cooperative equipment, it's been a while since I did it.

As a result I found a few pictures that were actually now a bit unseasonal, but thought it would be fun to share then anyway. After all the posts I write in my head as I take the pictures and the posts I actually post must occasionally get to be the same thing.

Gluten free hot cross buns for my Dad. Made mostly by Bekki, but with a little bit of interference with the crosses by HP and myself.
Pink 'snow' as seen a couple of weeks ago on the pavement outside our house. There's a lot less of it now, but you still find bits of it that have managed to get inside the car's air vents and suddenly get blown at you at most unexpected moments.
Finally, the view out of the windscreen of my car whilst in the car wash with B and J one day during the Easter holiday.


Jana said...

Mmm, those buns look yummy!

Steve said...

what exciting snow how strange!!I hadn't been in a car wash for ages until i went with my mum and nan the day before i came back to uni.I used to love it.

HP said...

Typical boys eh, with their love of car washes!!! Thats my hand that is making crosses. That was fun. Has D eaten them all yet? OPr are they still in the freezer!!!