Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision part 5 (?)

17. Serbia (Molitva)
Single voice soaring out over the background music. A ballad-y, but with something more. A woman dressed in a black trouser suit, seems to have a cause to sing about, putting loads of feeling into the song. Surronded by several other women dressed similarly, who have now turned into backing singers. They have red sashes on as well. 'Your name is my prayer'.

18. Ukraine (Dancing Lasha Tumbai)
Oh My!
All dressed in silver metal type things. Counting one two tree in German, and some ooh-oohing. 'Dance!' According to Terry it's the favourite. Goodness knows why! Glitter ball. It's like they are freaky licing glitter balls. And there's one in the background playing an accordian. The guy is wearing blusher. Some of them are wearing trousers that appear way too short for them. The lead singer has a weird star thing on his head.

19. UK (Flying the Flag)
All based on the idea of an airport and flying on a plane. 'We're flying the flag all over the world'. Personally think it sounds better if you can't actually see them dancing around in their costumes. Cool take on the UK flag on the background.
The chorus bit is very catchy. Strange, but true I'd say!

20. Romania (Luibi, Liubi, I love you)
Sung in every conceivible language to get votes, according to Terry. Singing in English to start off, in a bowler hat. And then to Italian. Group of blokes all dressed in different costumes, if you saw them in a pub you wouldn't think they were all there together. Ooh, missed a few languages, but now French, sung, of course by the man in the beret. 'you know what love is about, where-ever you are.. my heart tells me here is your home'.

21. Bulgaria (Water)
It's very dark, with a single voice calling out... and then the drums start, an unpredictable rhythm. SOrt of club scene meets, well something else. Just a woman singing and a man playing the drums behind her enthusiastically. Aaaaaaaa - that was what she just sang, rather than my response. She is able to make some interesting sounds with her voice. She's wearing a bright red top. Oh, the man's come out from behind the drums, and she got to play one at the end.

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