Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to entertain small children

Open up the loft, which is where most of the toys have now been put. Go up to find toys. Instead child finds vacuum cleaner, and spends the rest of the afternoon playing with said machine. Sit by the loft hatch hole to avoid danger, and keep an eye on younger brother of forementioned child as he crawls around the loft and explores.

ps I'm going away this weekend, but I plan to leave a couple of draft posts for HP to put up for me. Probably not much content as I still have to finish (start) packing, but some pictures maybe.


Kathleen said...

Ooo! Have a good weekend!
I wonder why it is that kids always prefer the box to the toy. We have toys ALL OVER the house, but the kids still fight over who gets to play with the broom.

Steve said...

have a fun weekend debs. hehe who would have thought that a vacuum cleaner would entertain little people.