Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Life according to a one year old - Part one"

Whilst Debs' internet is down, I have been scripted in to post stuff for her, though it is still true Debs workmanship! Here's the first:

Baked beans cannot possibly be eaten from a spoon, instead
they must be picked up one by one in your hands, and
preferably consumed with pieces of satsuma.

Grapes are always an acceptable food, and will be enjoyed
with gusto. Cheerios and crackers are alright, so long as
I have free rein to eat as much as I want to, and then
re-distribute the rest throughout the house and garden as
I wish.


1 comment:

Kathleen said...

When I first read this I got confused and missed the actual title of the post. I spent many hours wondering just why Debs would need to eat baked beans one at a time with her fingers, and why she felt the need to stash Cheerios in the garden. But now it all makes sense.