Thursday, May 31, 2007


My phone is totally full of pictures, so I can't take any more until I have transferred them to my computer. I really wanted to put up a picture of a beautiful little flower, but the computer and phone are not co-operating this morning, so it will have to wait until this evening when I have time to fiddle and make them talk.
So only an old picture again today. Here's the little one talking to a horse.
Updated to add: Kathleen I tried to look at your blog but it said that only authorised people could read it. Just wanted to check whether you'd done that intentionally or by mistake, and if on purpose whether I would be able to read it again? I'd miss catching up on you and your beautiful family. Love Debs xx

Update update: Ok, so now the link works perfectly. I wonder what was going on there?!


Kathleen said...

You must have just looked at it not too long ago! It's so funny that you can post messages to me on your blog!
Anyhow, the answer to your question is now posted on my blog... which, I hope, can now be viewed by the general public.
And now that I've read the last line of your post, I see that it has. GREAT!
Also, I love the little one talking to the horse!

Steve said...

I think talking to sheep is much more fun, or cats. Talking to the 2 cats along HP's road (which we have named blacky and panther) or the cats on the way to campus is fun.

Debs said...

Yes, but cats won't eat carrots out of your hand. Or at least not any cats I know.

The King and I said...

Debs, it was lovely to see you too the other night.Fun having dinner with you. Look forward to seeing the pictures of the little flower on your blog. See you soon. Love Ang x
PS I've updated my blog today