Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovison - last part including one line summary

22. Turkey. (Smile at me Shekerim)
Belly dancers all British according to Terry. Man singing, with 4 women dancing around him and doing a bit of belly dancing. 'Shake it up Shekerim tell me what you're feeling'. The women have extensions in their hair and it's made all crinkly and put up on the tops of their heads. The background screens say 'shake it, shake it'

23. Armenia (Anytime you need)
Sung in English. Pan pipes, drums, weird tree with strips of plastic bags(?)hanging from it. That great method of taking great big pauses in the middle of the lines. Man singing, wearing a white shirt and black trousers. 'I wanna be you friend, day by day, to the very end. If you ever call, crying with the blues, I'm here for you'.
Or maybe it's toilet paper hanging from the tree? It's blown by a wind machine so it's hard to tell. Maybe a torn up dress? He has a bleeding heart at the end.

24. Moldova (Fight)
Fiddle. Dramatic. People waving huge pieces of material. Looks like her trousers are falling down, or rather pretty much have fallen. Lots of head waving. 'Never let nobody in' - well, good advice. It's not worth opening the door if there's noone there. Lots of red and yellow flashing lights. Oh, now the one at the black has a really big black thing to wave around. And the singing woman sounded like she was screaming for a second.

And that's it, all 24 songs. Hmm, Let me think, which was my favourite?
Oh, hang on, Father Christmas is coming on for some reason. My favourite line he said 'this is a show, so it must go on'. Santa has given Jaana a bell, and she's given it back to him. He's going to ring the bell to start the voting.

1. toilet roll lady dress
2. white clothes boy band.
3. never wanna lost this feeling
4. Irish warble
5. scary lady wants to be left alone
6. nice background dancers, her dress is too short.
7. Hand in front of face and warbles
8. nasal voice.
9. shadows and guitar playing lady
10. belly dancers not wearing enough
11. red dress, shouting, spinning background dancers
12. sounds like an Elvis song, a little bit, maybe - silver
13. pink, lost l'amour
14. opera encore type thing. all holding out roses.
15. pole dancers, and that's the best thing i can say about them.
16. big band swing song
17. don't really know what she's saying ,but she's so wanting it that i want her to get her hearts desire.
18. dance and count in German
19. flying the flag, all over the world.
20. different costumes, all trying hard. line dancing.
21. Aahhahhahah, play the drums, shout,
22. shake it up. Oh no, these were the real belly dancers.
23. Tree\wind\rag combo. The bloke playing the drums had really weird hair.
24. screaming woman.

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