Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision, the event of the year part 1

This is the first tine the Eurovision has ever been held in Helsinki, Finland after they won last year with the song Hard Rock Hallelujah.

The evening starts with lots of scenes of snow, and clips of the 'monsters' who won last year, with Hard Rock Hallelujah palying in the background, and of course with Terry Wogan doing our commentry. Now we've entered the stadium and see HPH in person.

We have Jaana and Mikko are our hosts. Terry is counting how many times they say the word 'Helsinki'

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Riijeka Bez Imena)
Apparantly it's a sort of prayer for forgivness (according to TErry)
Very calm and soothing, almost like a scene under the sea, with the green and blue effects surrounding them. The lead singer is wearing a dress\skirt that looks like it's a cross between a grass skirt and something one of those toilet roll holding ladies would wear (with the skirt that hides your spare toilet roll). Oh, a man came in playing some sort of stringed instrument and I think she was begging him for forgiveness.

2. Spain (I love you Mi Vida)
Boy band dressed in white. Lots of dancing. All in Spanish. Mi Vida means My Life. Couple of ladies also dressed in white playing huge drums in the back. I don't really understand what the song is going on about. But it keeps saying come give me your love. I like the bits where they say 'oh-ey-oh' inbetween the others words.

3. Belarus (Work your magic)
To begin with sounds like a bond song. There are two ladies moving around in front of moving screens. The guy singer is dressed all in black and saying 'work your magic, baby you can put your spell on me'. The chorus is quite annoyingly catchy. ANd is in my head already.The panels are stil going from side to side while the women girate in front of them. Oh, some more people just appeared magically. And while I typed that they disappeared again. The women were all dressed in black too, and have their hair tied up in a bun.

(Oh, people dressed in only swimming costumes and playing accordians. That was the inbetween clip)

4. Ireland (They can't stop the spring)
Very strong accent. 'The curtain has been raised, and Europe's all one stage'. Very strange lyrics. Sounds quite typically irish, you could almost dance a jig to it, possibly. Big flowers at the back. Fiddle playing. Now the woman has a drum and is playing it. Long instrumental. She has a pretty flower in her hair. 'They may steal the honey, but they'll never steal the sting' huh?

5. Finland (Leave me alone)
Loads of cheers for this act as she starts.
Oh, woman looking a bit bad tempered, like maybe she just got out of bed? 'Leave me alone, I wanna go home' - what great rhymes!? Weird dress, sort of chain things on the side of it. Could imagine this as a Pink song, or similar in the charts. Lots of air being blown at her to make her hair do that sort of trembling thing. I actually like in a strange sort of way...

Jaana and Mikka chat for a bit, so i'll post this one to start us off...

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