Saturday, May 19, 2007

Life according to a one year old - part 3


Stretch up and grab anything left lying around within reach. If you find an important piece of paper belonging to your Mum this must go straight in your mouth.

If going on the slide you must never forget to take with you two small cars. These must fist be tossed down the slide, before you climb up the steps and carefully manouevre yourself into a postion to slide down. Once you reach the bottom you must locate your toys cars, pick them up and begin the routine all over again. Repeat until distracted by your older brother.

If your brother leaves the safety gate open, even for a second, make a run for it and practice your mountaineering skills on the stairs remarkibly quickly. Once you reach the summit disappear into a bedroom in an attempt to fox your pursueers.

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Steve said...

hehe.Little people are funny sometimes