Sunday, May 06, 2007

Traffic jam

I took this while sitting in a traffic jam on the M11 the other day. Although you're not really meant to use mobiles while driving, I figured that since I was bored of sitting in a huge line of traffic, and I was stopped and had the handbrake on, it wouldn't be the end of the world if I took a picture. What I'm wearing is actually one of those sunglasses things that you can put on and wear over normal glasses, since I don't actually own a pair of prescription glasses.

The funniest thing about sitting in this traffic jam was that I was convinced I could smell onions, but figured I must be imagining it. However, when we finally got the the cause of the jam I saw that a lorry had over turned on the other side of the motorway, and it had spilt some of it's load over onto our carriageway, most of which appeared to be onions. Obviously everytime someone drove over that patch of road the onions were getting more squished and letting out their aroma! I wasn't really imagining the onions smell, which was a relief.

What I've yet to figure out is what caused the 'wet dog' aroma I could smell all of a sudden last night in the kitchen, especially since we don't own a dog. Reassuringly my Mum could smell it too, so at least it wasn't just my nose!


Steve said...

ooh trafic jams are not fun,though i haven't been in many being and island boy,I am lucky if I see another car hehe.In regards to the wet dog smell maybe a dog had a swim and stowed itself away in a secret hiding place, possibly the loft.

HP said...

he is mad you know. but he just mgiht be right. you'd better check in the loft right away!!