Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision part 2

6. FYR Macedonia (Mojet Svet)
Oooh, well we get to admire the Macedonian script on the subtitles. (not sure what it is exactly). Woman singing, sounds a bit desperate, need to look to see what she's actually singing about. 'Sun wakes me in my bed.. three memories that were hurtful i erased forever.. music is the only world for me.. in my world we'll live in harmony' I like that last line. But I think her dress is a bit short though, nice colout though. Firework at the end.

7. Slovenia (Cvet Z Juga)
Weird dress, look as bit like the skirt is made from strips of black sack (like we did at guides a long time ago). She has ribbons all round one arm, but the other is bare. She keeps holding her hand in front of her face and singing ar-ar-ar-arrr. But she is putting lots of effort into it, and has a big smile. Sound like it ought to be in some sort of west end show. My Mum commented that the key change was a mistake, and I would have to agree.

8. Hungary (Unsubstantial blues)
Obviously a blues song. She has a fairly nasal sounding voice, but she's trying hard. SOme nice guitar stuff going on in the background. She's gone for blue jeans and a sleaveless white top, and it suits the song. Nothing too OTT. 'So why did you leave me? And why should I believe it?'. Getting a bit shouty and angry sounding, but still staying in tune. 'I'm helpless and i'm lonely without you'. Ahh, I do feel sorry for her, sounds like she's had a rough deal in life.

9. Lithuania (Love or Leave)
Bongo drum ,guitars, everyone is in shadow (behind a screen?)Woman singing, she looks like a dark haired Sandy from 'As time goes by', but noone else can she that, maybe it's just me. The bongo player has a cool hat on. Quite bouncy flowing, not really a ballad, but not rocky. She's wearing a leather jacket. 'Love or leave, don't play with my heart again'. As Terry said, it didn't really seem to go anywhere.

10. Greece (yassou Maria)
Oh my. Man in the middle, four ladies, wearing very little wiggling around him. 'She's the bomb' apparently 'ai ai ai, there she goes... Maria'. Cheesy, what you'd expect from Eurovision really. Really reminds me of that annoying singer who sings living la vida loca, or whatever it's called. Yassou means 'hello'.

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