Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life According to a one year old - part two


When given the chance, regular household objects are much
more exciting to play with than toys specially designed
for children.

A small watering can makes a good trumpet\loud speaker.
Insert the spout into your mouth and make a 'hooo' sound.
Continue to be fascinated by the way the sound echos,
and continue for at least 10 minutes. Be extremely frustrated
when you try to walk around with the watering can in your
mouth and your minder removes it from your possession.

Be fascinated by the kitchen bin, and try to use it as a
drum at every opportunity.

If ever let into the bathroom immediately proceed to throw
everything within reach into the bath.

Chairs, especially those left in front of cupboards, boxes
or computers are for pushing round the room. Especially if
that then leaves access to a cupboard, box or computer that
needs to be investigated.

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