Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision part 4

Janna and Mikka and some other woman who they took from the crowd. But you had a feeling she was a plant. Wasn't really watching that bitcos i was typing! (commercial break in Finland)

13. France (L'Amour a la Francaise )
I can't type. it's jsut too bizarre. Pink. Comic. 'Let's do it again, again again'. Peculiar mix of English and French. I love it. Totally Eurovision. 'I'm crazy, lost in Paris' - line that just sums up the song, totally crazy.

14. Latvia (Questa N
Song to be sung in Italian. Sounds like its from an opera. Three men in top hats and jackets, not exactly tails though. Big crescendo. Two more men appeared. All waving roases around. 'The love between us will never end'. Big crescendo again. Oh, now there's another one. Looks like the ending of a big west end show. Maybe they'll all take a bow in the end. No, they just waved.

15. Russia (Song #1)
Three girls singing anf some more in the background sort of pole dancing on their microphones. 'So come and check it, so come and check it...' Not really my type of song.

16. Germany (Frauen Regier'n die welt)
Means Women rule the world. Swing. Piano, double bass. Bloke in white suit at the front singing and they others all in darker suits. Saxophone, trumpet and drums too. It's the sort of song that sounds really familiar. All about how women rule the world. WOuld probably get it in my head if I knew any German. Oh, some lines in English to finish with. ANd the switch worked. I like it.

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