Monday, December 31, 2007

This goes out to anyone listening

On an English keyboard the @ is above the apostrophe ('), and the speech marks (") are above the 2. On an American keyboard the apostrophe and speech marks are both on the same key down by the Enter button, and the @ is above the 2.
(That's probably as clear as mud, but take and look and you'll see what I mean!)

Today is Blest and Danny's 12th Wedding Anniversary. They've been out this afternoonevening and I've been looking after the boys. I had something up my sleeve to occupy them though - Dance Praise 2. It's a one of those with a dance pad that you hook up to the computer, and it kept them (and me!) entertained for about an hour and a half. And during that length of time I think pretty much every other song that the danced to was a tobyMac song. But that's ok cos his songs are cool, and actually I bought myself one of his CDs in the sales the other day. His songs are very catchy, in fact I'm listening to them right now :-)

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Elly said...

yes it does help to have the key board in front of you. Hope you had a good evening and that Blest and Danny did too.