Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas is here, nearly

Today I got to go with blest and the rest of the family to the Danny's Office Christmas party on base. It was quite exciting to get to go on a military base as I don't think I've ever done that before. The party was great and we got to play a cool present game. Each person that wants to play brings a gift (which is worth X amount or less to make it fair). Numbers are put into a hat and everyone picks one out to discover the order they get to pick presents. The first person, who had the number one, picks a present from under the tree. The second person can either steal the present from number one or pick another present from under the tree. Each present can only be stolen 3 times (so if you get it the forth time then you are guaranteed to keep it). As the game goes on there are more and more presents that can be stolen, and if someone has stolen your present you can either steal from someone else or pick from under the tree. The game ends when the last present is picked from the tree. I'm sure I didn't explain that well, but trust me it's a fun game to play!

After the party we stopped at Goodwill on the way home. I found a couple of books and a pair of trousers which are purple and stripey which I will wear as pajamas, and then once they become too big I will probably cut them up and turn them into something else like a bag or cushion covers or something because the material is much too cool to just get rid of!

This evening most of the family are out at AWANA, and blest is also at church at a cantata rehearsal. I stayed home with Benjamin because he didn't want to go, and he's got a special treat coming tomorrow evening which will have him being out late with his Daddy, so it's probably good that he's had an early night tonight. I decided that I was pretty tired after being out most of the day and that a night in catching up on emails and doing a bit of Christmas shopping online would probably be more restful that being at AWANA with lots of lovely, yet noisy children!

Tomorrow the two oldest boys have piano lessons at 9am so I'll probably be staying home with the younger two, and then we'll have a fairly gentle time for the rest of the day, probably getting some cleaning and stuff done, but nothing too strenuous.

Since we had the snow Joshua and Benny have been constantly wishing all and sundry a happy Christmas. Things like watching Christmasy DVDs, singing Christmas songs and going to a Christmas party have only reinforced their belief that it is actually Christmas now. I'm guessing that from now until probably several days after Christmas they will continue to wish people a Happy Christmas!


steve said...

it sounds like a cool game.

Elly said...

I di that once at Youth for Christ choir when we had Phil that American guy leading it. It was fun when you got used to the idea.