Sunday, December 09, 2007

Stranded at the drive-in

I am astounded by just how many things you can do at the drive-in here in VeggieTales which is Andrew's favorite video.

Hey, my blog post just got hijacked by a certain young man. I decided to leave what he wrote for its comedy value, and to go ahead and start again.

I am astounded by just how many things you can do at the drive-in here in Texas. So far I've seen that you can
Withdraw and deposit money
Drop off and collect your dry cleaning
Buy beverages (notably coffee!)
Buy food (we've been to Burger King)
Collect a prescription

To all you Americans reading this, what else can you do from the comfort of your car?


Elly said...

So is Andrew the eldest boy. I guess he likes veggie tales then.

Debs said...

Andrew is the second child actually, but yes he likes VeggieTales.

Debbie said...

Believe it or not, you can even buy beverages of the alcoholic persuasion in a drive-thru as well. Not that I've ever done that. Just saw it once.

And it doesn't necessarily count as a "drive-thru" but you can pay for you gasoline at the pump; don't have to go inside. Do they have that in England? I never had the honor of purchasing petrol while I was there.

Leann said...

In parts of this huge country you can pay to have your groceries selected for you and pick those up at a window. My mom drops her dry cleaning off and picks up prescriptions in the drive-thru. There are places where you can drive through to wash your car without getting out, too. We are a lazy lot here aren't we? LOL

Kathleen said...

When you said "Drive-in" I was thinking of movies. They don't have a lot of drive-in movie places left any more.

I think it depends on where you are in the country. I know there are no drive-thrus that sell alcohol here in NH. Even though you can buy beer at gas stations.

IN NJ all gas stations are full service - that's kind of like drive-through in that you can't leave your car.

I try to avoid the drive through whenever possible, but I do have to say it's worth it when you've got small kids in car seats.

Tami said...

My favorite thing is to go to the Drive In. It's where we watch a movie on a big outdoor screen while we sit in the car. You can also order Apple Bees, Ruby Tuesday's and the likes while sitting in your car and they'll bring it to you "curb side".

blest said...

And in Las Vegas you can even get MARRIED at a drive thru!