Sunday, December 30, 2007

An assortment of thoughts

I will have just trained my fingers to find the @ key on an American keyboard by the time I go home, and will then have to spend the next 3 months reteaching myself where to find it on an English keyboard.

I'm at home this morning (the van is still not fixed, so all the rest of the family have gone to church and I'm staying home to catch up on some emailing and blogging and listening to a sermon online from my church back home) and it's great to have some peace and quiet! I've also been listening to a couple of Christmas songs, even though it's past Christmas (shh, don't tell blest!) But they're on my new CD, and I really like them!

Possibly later this morning or this afternoon I will get around to taking pictures of some of the things I've bought in the Christmas sales over the last couple of days. To leave you hanging, I'll just tell you that one of the things I bought was a most unexpected thing for me to buy, but I really like it...

Maybe one day I will remember to carry a notebook around with me to write down all the things I think of to blog about when I'm out and about in the van or truck with blest, but then can never remember when I actually get a chance to be online!


Elly said...

Glad the internet came back for you. can't wait for the pictures. soon please.

Leann said...

Hey Debs... I am home sick with a sick little one, too, today. I got money for Christmas to buy clothes from Dan and my SIL in NC. I just have to get healed up and be able to go and try clothes on to use it. That will be some time I am afraid because I want to get back to exercise and lose a bit of weight before buying new a new wardrobe.

I cannot wait to see pics!!! :)

I feel bad that we have not had more time together since you have been here. I hope to be back to being able to get over and see you guys. You can always call, too. Everytime I think to call it is already past bedtime and I am afraid to wake anyone. My days are so full as I am sure your's are. Four kids are NOT easy! LOL You have your hands full girl... :)

Kathleen said...

Where is the @ sign on the English keyboard? Isn't it silly, the little things that are different for no reason at all?
I can only imagine the chaos there with four boys. But imagine I can, with two and a half of my own. Mine can't go five minutes without an argument or just some sort of meltdown, or a tumble and a torrent of tears.