Thursday, December 13, 2007

blah blah blah and the stay dog - part 2 (couldn't remember what the part one post was called, but anyway this is the continuation)

This afternoon, around 1.30 or 2pm blest was going to take the older two boys out with her and go to the store to pick up some essentials like toilet paper, meanwhile I was going to stay home with the younger two and make a batch of my favourite homemade baked beans. However, a stray dog had other plans. She was wandering around in the front garden and trying to say hello to blest, Daniel and Andrew. Andrew was scared and kept screaming, and in the end I went out (and so did Benny and Joshua) to see if I could help calm Andrew down and get the dog to stay still so that the boys could get in the van. Daniel seemed to like the dog, but the others were definitely not happy about her. We did eventually manage to get all four boys out the way in the van and tried to figure out what to do with the dog.

She wasn't wearing a collar, but looked too well cared for to have been a stray for long. We don't know if she's just run away from home, or whether she's been dumped or left by her previous owners. We decided to try to get her into the backyard so that we could look after her while we try to locate her owner, if any. She wasn't keen on going through the house, but Daniel was able to lead her through the side gate and into the garden. We got her a bowl of water to drink as she seemed pretty thirsty. Daniel decided to stay to play with the dog, and Benny got out of the van too, but Joshy and Andrew when with blest to Sam's (big big shop, sells things in bulk, similar to Costco).

I got my beans going and put on a movie for Benny to watch. Daniel was happy playing out in the yard. When the others got home from Sam's blest went out to say hello to the dog and I went too. Joshua came out to sit with blest and me on the garden seat and gradually got more open to the idea that the dog was merely trying to kiss or lick him rather than bite him. Over the course of the afternoon all four of the boys came out to play see the dog and gradually got more confident to pet her without being scared that she would bite them. By the time blest and I came in to get dinner ready they were all playing out there and trying to make her a dog house and stuff like that. I have to say that this dog seems to have a really gentle temperament and has put up with the boys going from screaming the place down (when they first met her) to all wanting to pet and love her.

We've made posters which blest and Danny were going to put up as they went out this evening I believe, so hopefully if someone is looking for her then we will be able to reunite her with them. If that doesn't happen then I'm not sure what will happen to her. The boys have fallen in love with her and already think that they'll be keeping her, so I'm sure there will be some tears to come if we don't keep her. In that case we'll either have to find someone else who wants a dog of send her to a shelter and hope that she gets adopted. She's such a lovely dog that I'm sure she will find a new home soon if that's the case.

Once again this post is very long, so I'll do another post with the pictures I took of the dog, otherwise I'll had to spend ages fiddling with them to get them to go in the right places! I know my posts seems to be like London buses at the moment (none for ages, but then several come along at once) but some days just have more blogging material than others!

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