Saturday, December 01, 2007

Here's the deal

Blest has a jewelry sale today so all this week we've been getting ready for it, add to that a doctor's appointment and all the usual time commitments (piano and drum lessons, AWANA, ladies bible study etc) we've been really really busy which is why I haven't blogged much this week. The sale is today, so hopefully thnigs may calm down soon, although there's still the Christmas Cantata and several more doctor's appointments in the near future.

Yesterday I got the chance to look after all four boys while blest was out running errands and stuff, and they were all pretty much still in one piece when she got home, so I don't think I did too bad a job. Actually, it seemed to be one of those days when children attract accidents unto themselves, and we had several bumps scrapes and tears, but they came out smiling in the end.

Last night we had a few more things to get and also went into Lane Bryant. I tried on lots of things (although no pictures this time) and although several were from the clearance rack, neither of the two things I likes best were from there. I decided to get a pretty purple patterned top and leave the turquoise zippy top behind (It was really pretty, so if anyone needed an idea for Christmas presents...)

Right, think it's time to go and get dressed and figure out what else I need to do before we leave.

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Pig wot flies said...

so, why are you getting into cars with strange men?