Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day, the photo version

A couple of parcels arrived from my family arrived on Christmas Eve and Blest sneaked them away without me knowing about them. She wrapped them up and labelled them as from Santa, so when I opened the present up it was a great surprise :-)

I just love the title of this book.
HP put these foam letters in as packaging and to spell out a message (this was taken before I had found the w, so it actually says 'Debbie e love you', but there was a w in the second package!)
A little taste of the chaos that ensued.
I met a German lady at the Cantata the other week - In fact I was sat next to her and as we were both there fairly early I thought I would say hello to her and we got chatting. She has invited me to go and stay with them for a weekend in January, and on Sunday she dropped off a big bag full of presents for me, and one for Blest as well.
Nothing says Christmas like weaponry, and the boys got lots!Benny got a new toy violin (to replace the same one he'd had before which got broken as a consequence of existing in a house with four boys). He was over the moon about it.
We had a great time opening presents, and I loved being able to witness the excitement and enthusiasm of the boys (and I wasn't far behind in my excitement levels!). I felt so loved by not only my family, but also by blest's. I was overwhelmed by the love and kindness of both Danny and blest's parents and blest's brother and his family. I guess I knew deep down that if you spend three months living with someone you become a part of their family, but Christmas Day this year really illustrated that to me. So thank you again to everyone that made it a really memorable and special day.

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lady laura said...

I love the pics, Debs. I am so glad you are enjoying your time here, and especially with Blest!

You are looking very slender, BTW. :)