Thursday, December 13, 2007

some of life's essentials

1. My dressing gown. I have worn it 'most everyday since I arrived (in fact the only day I haven't worn it was the first day, and that was because it was in the suitcase that hadn't arrived yet). I don't think I've had a dressing gown since I was a kid, but it had gotten too big for Bekki so she said I could have it. So thank you Bekki, because I love it.

2. My MP3 player. I've never had one before, but I'm glad I got it, because I love being able to stick it on and listen to all my music from home. It's especially good for when we work out. Sometimes we listen to Rockapella, and I'm pretty sure they're a new favourite of mine, but sometimes I want the unpredictability of the shuffle function, just because you never know what you're gonna get next.

3. The Internet. Putting aside the fact that I wouldn't be here in Texas without the Internet, I love how easy it is to keep in touch with the folks back home, telling them and showing them what's going on here, and getting to hear their news (when they remember to email me or comment on my posts!)

4. Hugs. People need hugs. I need more than the average person. Benny and blest, in particular are great at giving hugs. As is Andrew who is sitting right next to me on the sofa and wants me to hug him. Unfortunately it's tricky to hug someone and type at the same time!


HP said...

yay hugs
hugs are great, especially Debbie ones.
I miss them, but it's great that you're sharing them around. and i'm sure i'll get some more one day. In the mean time i'll make do with mummy ones, which i dont get often anyway and are brill too

Elly said...

Yes hugs are good
very very tired so not making sense but big hugs to you lovely girl.

Sarah said...

I'm right there with you on the dressing gown / bath robe thing. I have 5 of them (4 long, 1 short) and I couldn't live without them! Hugs are also good and no one can live without them! Get lots from Benny & Blest! The best thing about hugs is that they are FREE!

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy that I now get to hug you!!!!

suz-pie said...

Debs!!!! You're alive! I was wondering if you had arrived in Texas. I know it's been about a month but still :-) Suz-pie xxx